Cavernario wins welterweight title from Titan, turtle warfare in Cara Lucha

Rafy versus Leo/photo by Black Terry Jr.

Cara Lucha (SAT) 05/02/2015 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Tercera Caida, The Gladiatores]
1) Magnifico II & Templario b Arceus & Tribal  (posted by +LuchaTV)
2) Leo b Mike, Rafy  (posted by +LuchaTV)
Teelo pulled out of this match after suffering a nose injury the previous weekend. All three ended up with ripped and masks. Leo won, and they all hugged after. Money thrown in.
3) Bárbaro Cavernario b Toscano, Herodes Jr.
Barbaro & Herdoes worked together to beat Toscano, then Cavernario beat Herodes. Cavernario claimed Herodes had betrayed Peste Negra by leaving CMLL and challenged him to a hair match.
4) Fly Star & Toxin Boy b Kilvan, Rey Lobo Jr., Yoruba and Andy Boy, Danger King, Guerrero Mixtico and Rayo Star & Sky Man
Faction match. Some factions have 2, some have 3 for whatever reason. Kriminal Boys beat Sky Stars after La Resistencia & Neza Kings were beat. Challenges set up a rematch as an apuest match on 05/30.
5) Atlantis & Último Guerrero b Fuerza Guerrera & Rey Hechicero
Atlantis & UG started hitting each other by mistake in the third fall. Fuerza tried to sneak in a foul, but was caught for the DQ. No one was happy: Fuerza wanted matches with Hechicero & UG, and Atlantis wanted UG.

Attendance looked way down for this show. Too many shows on this day? Match people weren’t interested in? Turtles match looked great in the clips.

CMLL (SAT) 05/02/2015 Arena Coliseo [CMLL]
1) Espanto Jr. b Bengala
2) Disturbio b Robin
3) Pequeño Olímpico b Último Dragoncito
Ultimo Dragoncito replaced Astral.
4) Marcela b Amapola
5) Boby Zavala b Esfinge
6) Rey Bucanero & Terrible b Máximo & Valiente
Bucanero beat Maximo, asked for a heavyweight title shot.
7) Bárbaro Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas b La Máscara, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr.
Mascara replaced Atlantis and accidentally kicked his partners a few time to cost them the match.

Cavernario was limping badly on Friday night, fought twice on Saturday. At least twice: there was a (secret) sponsored show on Saturday in Arena Mexico. No known full lineup, but the main was Mistico, Maximo, and Volador Jr. defeating Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, Niebla Roja.

new champ/photo by CMLL-Alexis Salazar

CMLL (SUN) 05/03/2015 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Leono & Sensei b Akuma & Inquisidor
2) Hombre Bala Jr., Oro Jr., Súper Halcón Jr. b Apocalipsis, Artillero, Súper Comando
Apocalipsis replaced Cholo on Monday.
3) Cancerbero, Okumura, Sangre Azteca b Esfinge, Starman, Stigma
Rudos took 1/3.
4) Delta, Fuego, Valiente b Kráneo, Luciferno, Vangellys
Kraneo replaced Ripper on Monday. Tecnicos took 2/3.
5) Bárbaro Cavernario b Titán © [MEX WELTER]
Cavernario took 1/3, the last with the cavernaria, to win the championship. Cavernario is the 73rd champion. Titan’s falls on his 8th defense, second straight against the Caveman.
6) Mr. Niebla, Shocker, Thunder b La Sombra, Marco Corleone, Rush
Rudos cheated when Tirantes was distracted and Thunder snuck in a foul on Rush.

Cavernario wraps up a (at least) four match weekend on a bad knee with a title win. Titan held the title for 17 months and hopefully will be challenging for it (or another title) again soon. Match will air on Claro Sports next weekend and maybe on LATV at some random time. It looks good – and it looks like it was Titan who did the big splash to the floor.

There was a good turnout for Myzteziz & Fenix defeating Pentagon & Averno in Arena Neza on Friday night.

Ricky Ricon took Super Brazo’s hair in Arean Azteca Budokan on Saturday.

Rey Trueno, Furia Roja & Mr. Trueno won the Occidente Trios championship.

A new episode of +LuchaTV aired with highlights from the last month. There’s also highlights of the last CaraLuchas show with Leo vs Rafy vs Mike and Magnifico II & Tribal vs Templario & Arceus, and Black Terry talking about Carlos Maynez.

Ohtani’s Jacket reviews Negro Casas, Emilio Charles Jr., Mano Negra vs El Brazo, Ultimo Dragon, Oro

Chris Parks’ lucha libre art work will be exhibited in St. Petersburg (the Florida one) on Tuesday.

RobViper has a music video of CMLL 01/06/15.

SuperLuchas looks back at a UWA Japan vs Mexico main event and Perro Aguayo Sr. losing a title due to massive blood lose – only for Villano III to refuse it.

Segunda Caida reviews 05/02 PWR.

The Princesa Sugeith/Narumiya match on Tuesday is now a title match.

Close up of a Valiente Special.

Conde Bartock talks about Arena Coliseo San Luis Potosi, which looks like it’s being slowly disassembled.

The usual Cholita story.

05/02 AAA TV Results (Pachuca)

AAA TV (SAT) 05/02/2015 Lienzo Charro, Pachuca, Hidalgo [AAA]
1) Mary Apache & Taya Valkyrie b Faby Apache & Keira
Taya beat the debuting Keira with a Northern Lights Suplex and a double stomp.
2) Angélico & Jack Evans DQ Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
Tecnicos won via DQ (Scoria foul on Angelico) and were attacked after the match. Cuervo & Scoria dropped them with martinetes, then attacked them again as the doctors were trying to load them into the ambulance.
3) Electroshock, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Kronos b El Elegido, Monsther Clown, Murder Clown
New (unnamed?) trio won with a triple team cutter on Elegido.
4) Psycho Clown b Zorro, Averno [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
Psycho took the last spot on Team Mexico 2 with a Canadian Destroyer. Electroshock’s group attacked Psycho after the match.
5) Chessman © DQ Blue Demon Jr. [AAA LA]
Seconds were Parka & Cibernetico. At the start of the show, Blue Demon came out for a promo where he insisted his title match with Chessman be called using normal rules – no chairs, no fire. That happened, but (of course) Demon looked like a fool in the end when Chessman framed him for a chair shot at Hijo del Tirantes called the DQ. Chessman defense #1. Sociedad attacked after the match, with Fenix & Alberto making the save. That led into the main event.
6) Brian Cage & El Mesías b El Patrón Alberto & Fénix
Brian Cage beat Fenix with the Weapon X. Cage attacked Alberto post match and demanded a title match.

Air Date: 05/23 & 05/30

A lot of rudo wins, with only Psycho Clown getting his hand raised as a tecnico without being low blowed – and that one just sets up some more rudo victories down the line. Lucha Underground just had a story where a trio that didn’t like each other put aside their differences just enough to win an important trios tournament. The chance of Psycho, Texano and Fantasma repeating that seem to be about 5%.

The Chessman/Demon story is open ended enough that they could come back to it again for a rematch if they need one on Verano de Escandalo or TripleMania, or they can say Demon got his match and just move on to whatever.

Psycho Circus vs Electroshock/Pirata/Kronos (no ‘z ‘now) also seems like a match that might happen on one of the two big shows in the next few months or might be forgotten about entirely.

Building up Escoria & Cuervo feels like a big priority here; they got a bunch of TV time yesterday to explain their motivations and lay out their opponents again. (Weirdly, Mesias has gotten about no TV time for the same purpose, but then he also doesn’t appear to have a match coming up soon.) My guess is it’s only about trying to make this feud work, since Escoria & Cuervo have been very minor characters for quite a while.

The next show is the 05/24 World Cup, but there’s likely to be a press conference or two before that. I’d guess the other teams start getting announced in the next week.