Gym Zeuz defeats FILL, Reyes del Aire, Carlos Maynez

IWRG FILL (THU) 04/30/2015Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Mano A Mano]
1) Canario & Vardeus b Skanda & Soldado De La Muerte
2) Argus, Borego, Chicanito bCharly Boy, Desgarrador,Guerrero 2000
3) Alas de Acero, Aramis, Black Dragon b Black Angel, Magnum 44, Vampiro Metálico
4) Galaxy, Kanon, Picudo Jr. bBlue Monsther, Fresero Jr.,Marduk Jr.
5) Atomic Fly, Espada de Plata, Fly Star, Kaiser Drago, Komachi,Mini Zumbido, Skiller, Toxin BoyDQ Araña de Plata, Atomic Star,Dragón Celestial, Dragon Fly, Electro Boy, Imposible, Power Bull, Shadow Boy [Copa High Power]
FILL (Black Terry) vs Gym Zeuz (Oficial 911), sort of rematch after the cage match on the last FILL show. Match came down to Toxin Boy catching Atomic Star with a chair shot on a dive. Atomic rallied back to take out Toxin Boy with a martinete when he though the ref was knocked out. Ref did see it and DQed Atomic Boy, giving Gym Zeuz the win. Toxin Boy was stretcherd out while Atomic Boy challenged him to a singles match. 911 angrily hit Atomic Boy with a chair, sparking a fight. Eterno got involved in this, wanting to challenge both gyms (Eterno has a training crew?), while Oficial 911 threatened to end Black Terry’s career.

Seems kind of wrong that Oficial 911 is training the Kriminal Boys (Toxin Boy, Fly Star), but 911 is not be the straight laced police officer.

Yesterday was Kid’s Day, but really the entire weekend is full of shows with discounted tickets and high flying tecnicos for youngsters. Tonight’s CMLL Arena Mexico show fits that bill, with the Sky Team defending the trios titles facing Hijos del Infierno and the annual Reyes del Aire.Tickets are marked down to 10 pesos for kids (10 or younger, from the 10th row back.)

Sky Team are almost certainly going to keep their titles, edit: because the title aren’t on the linethe match only taking place so they can get a spectacular win in front of children who might bug their parents to come back another time. (This would be a good time for a two fall win, actually.) Reyes del Aire is more up in the air:

No Chance

  • Delta
  • Guerrero Maya Jr.
  • Stuka Jr. – last year’s winner
  • Tritón
  • Fuego
  • Niebla Roja
  • Gran Guerrero
  • Misterioso Jr.
  • Virus
  • Tiger
  • Puma

Slight Chance

  • Ángel de Oro – a two time winner, for some reason
  • Bárbaro Cavernario – doesn’t fit the image, is very good
  • Kamaitachi – is very, probably belongs in previous category after being first out on Sunday’s cibernetico

Best Chance

  • Dragon Lee – would been an optimum time to continue his 2015 roll
  • La Sombra – is La Sombra.

Niebla Roja talks about his career in hyping this match in ESTO.

SuperLuchas has a great obit for Carlos Maynez. (The ‘z’ spelling appears to be the correct spelling.) Maynez promoted his first show at the age of 15 and would continue to do so for 56 years. While Flores was the one running the shows in Torero, Maynez was in charge of the loop of arenas supporting the shows, in Queretaro, Neza (both arenas he owned), Puebla and other locations. Flores died in 1989, and Maynez was put in charge – but so were Canek, Karloff Lagarde, and Flores’ cousin Esperanza Flores, and the combination was not successful. The promotion maintained it’s high level for a few more years, even as it’s talent agreements with NJPW and WWF went away, but CMLL getting on Televisa in 1991 turned it’s luchadors into celebrities and LLI/UWA couldn’t compete. Many wrestlers jumped ship, and the promotion left Toreo to only run Neza as it continued to spiral down. Maynez was kidnapped at one point, then later decided to sell Arena Neza, later sold the rights to name “UWA” to Ultimo Dragon, and was the promoter only in Queretaro from then on.

The whole piece is worth reading. There’s a great only in Mexico story about how what was then called Promociones Mora got the rights to run shows in Toreo de Cuatro Caminos (no contract was signed.) More so, it’s just rare to read long pieces about that promotion and period of time the farther in the past it goes. It’s even more distant without Maynez.

La Mascara & Canek talked about Maynez to +LuchaTV.

Johnny Mundo, Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Eric Van Wagenen appeared on Roddy Piper’s podcast, talking about Lucha Underground among other things. Chavo claimed the original plan was for Unimas just to air a subtitled Lucha Underground on Saturday mornings, but the Unimas people were so blown away after attending the first taping that they insisted on getting a Spanish language version and they had to go back to retape things. (That could explain why the show was suddenly delayed three weeks.) Erik, who again said a second season is not confirmed but felt good about the possibility, described the show this way:

We’re not trying to be a wrestling promotion, we’re trying to be a television show first and foremost […] We’re not building to PPVs, we’re not building to tours, we don’t have to fill 20,000 seat arenas, we’re a TV show, and our attitude is every week you’ve got to give them something.

Chavo added on

Our show is not trying to upsell you – just watch next week, watch next week, that’s all we’re doing.

You can see that come thru with the pacing of the show; there’s no holding back matches because it has to take place on the monthly major show or repeating match ups with slightly different stips because they’ve got 12 shows to fill up. Matches happen when they happen.

Erik also described the brief meeting with the El Rey Standards and Practices officials, something that’s usually a lengthy and detailed meeting with networks

[It was a] 30 second call, where the guy basically says ‘well, just let us know if you want to say ‘fuck”

Everyone laughed about El Rey not saying it was banned, but just wanting a heads up if they were going to use it.

Masked Republic is selling an official licensed Hijo del Perro Aguayo tribute t-shirt thru Pro Wrestling Tees. Hope they can get the standard Perros del Mal t-shirt too. Masked Republic seems like the only ones who’ve figured out how to get official lucha libre t-shirts to sell international on the internet; their own store has Rey Horus, LA Park and Familia de Tijuana merchandise.

CMLL’s subbed out the women’s match on Tuesday for a minis match.

It looks like Vice Mexico is doing a lucha libre series as a tie up with Victoria ad campaign this summer. It uses the same hashtag.

Teelo seems to be off the Cara Lucha show after suffering a nose injury on the Chilanga Mask show last weekend.

+LuchaTV talked to Guerrero Maya & Delta about winning the national trios titles again.

Segunda Caida reviews 04/25 PWR and the Infernales vs Infernales cage match.

LV has a recap of this week’s Lucha Underground.

SuperLuchas looks back at shows 20 years ago yesterday, including Perro Aguayo Jr.’s first appearance.

Seattle Globalist has a story on the local Lucha Libre Volcanica wrestling promotion.

AJPW’s site has a quick note on Kenso in the Lucha World Cup.

DJ Spectro has a obit for Rudy Reyna.

04/30 AAA TV Results (Tapachula)

AAA TV (THU) 04/30/2015 Palenque de la Feria Mesoamericana, Tapachula, Chiapas [AAA]
1) Apache, Carta Brava Jr., Mini Psycho Clown b Dinastía, Ludxor, Venum
Mini Psycho Clown beat Dinastia for the second time, asked for a title match.
2) Hijo del Fantasma b Fénix and Electroshock [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
Fantasma defeated Electroshock to earn the first spot on the team.
3) Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria b Angélico & Jack Evans
4) Texano Jr. b La Parka, Cibernético [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
Fantasma interfered, and Tirantes and Cibernetico helped give Texano the second spoto n the team.
5) Drago & Myzteziz b Joe Lider & Pentagón Jr.
Fenix replaced Drago. Mistica on Joe Lider for the win. Fenix & Myzteziz want another shot at the tag titles.
6) Angélico, El Patrón Alberto, Jack Evans b Brian Cage, Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria
Made no DQ. Cuervo & Scoria (randomly?) decided to help Cage, causing Angelico & Jack to even the odds and the match turned into a trios. Alberto beat Cage.

Air Date: 05/09 & 05/16

Building looked pretty full.

The last member of the Mexico Team 2 will be determined on Saturday. They really need a better name than Mexico Team 2, and perhaps that’s also coming on Saturday. Averno advancing would make the trio an authentic Team (ex)-CMLL. They could just bring back the Consejo shirts for one last night, and Victoria gets a team ‘representing’ the promotion that didn’t want to take part.

(The other participants in Saturday’s qualifier, Zorro and Psycho Crown – as Brazo de Plata Jr. & Kronoz – were both in CMLL during the early parts of their career, but are far more known as AAA luchadors.)

If they’re going to do it that way, the Lucha World Cup almost has a Team (ex-)NJPW as well, with Kenzo & Tiger Mask III.

AAA’s setting up Verano de Escandalo as they’re setting up the World Cup. The minis and tag title matches should join Cage/Alberto as matches for the June 15th show. Angelico & Jack vs Cuervo & Scoria is still on track to happen, making four of a seven or eight match card.

Drago missing this show after he was banned from the Temple the previous night on Lucha Underground was amusing. It may have been a designed absence since it set up the tag title match. Tecnicos specifically said they wanted to do it at Verano de Escandalo.

Next taping is Saturday back in Pachuca.