New trios champions, Marco wins on heavily attended Arena Mexico Anniversary show

photo by Alexis Salazar

CMLL (SUN) 04/26/2015 Arena México [CMLL]
Arena Mexico 59th Anniversary
1) Molotov & Sensei b Apocalipsis & Cholo
2) Acero, Fantasy, Shockercito b Mercurio, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Violencia
Pequeno Violencia’s return from a knee injury (the third time it’s been advertised)
3) Nitro, Okumura, Virus b Pegasso, Stigma, Stuka Jr.
Okumura replaced Arkangel on Monday
4) Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. b Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas © [MEX TRIOS]
Tecnicos took falls 2/3 to win the titles for the 3rd time as a team (Atlantis’ fourth time overall.) Peste Negra falls on their fourth defense.
5) Marco Corleone b La Sombra, Pólvora, Bárbaro Cavernario, Dragon Lee, Kamaitachi, La Máscara, Ripper, Titán, Morphosis [cibernetico]
Polvora replaced Mr. Aguila on Monday. Battle royal set teams. Order of elimination: Dragon Lee (Kamitachi), Morphosis (Barbaro Cavernario), Kamiatachi (La Mascara), Ripper (Titan), Titan & La Mascara DDQ, Polvora (Sombra), Barbaro (Marco Corleone), Sombra (Marco Corleone) leaving Marco as the winner

Huge crowd, the kind of show where CMLL cameraman are allowed to pan around the building (so they can use the footage for all the other shows.) 10K easy, maybe 13K? I dunno. It’s a huge number.

I kept thinking Marco won Reyes del Aire, which would’ve been great, only this is just another random cibernetico on a week where they’re running another big cibernetico because no one really plans these things too well. Hooray for Marco. Hooray for the new trios champs, who may have been in the right place at the right time when CMLL wanted to get the titles off another team at least two times now.

There’s no reported tension between Marco & Sombra over the result, but it seems like something to watch.

CMLL’s Facebook picked the five biggest Arena Mexico Anniversary matches:
5: April 22, 1966 – Mil Mascaras vs Benny Galant in mask vs hair.
4: April 19, 1996 – Rambo vs Humberto Garza in hair vs hair.
3: April 26, 1974 – Rene Guajardo & Tigre Colombiano vs Anibal & Steve Wright in hair/mask vs hair/mask
2: April 29, 1988 – Kung Fu vs Kato Kung Lee, mask vs hair.
1: April 26, 1968 – Huracan Ramirez vs El Enfermero, mask vs mask
Extra: April 23, 1976 – Fishman vs El Faraon, mask vs mask

Not sure how they got six. Should be concerning that there’s not an entrant in this list from the last 20 years (though much of that is all the Mistico I main events no longer existing.) SuperLuchas has more detailed articles about the 1970 show and the 1963 one that don’t even make the list.

No Saturday show due to boxing.

LA Park says he’s not working the Lucha World Cup.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and the newest edition of the podcast with no singing.

AAA posted their show for this week. I hear it’s a strong show for Hijo del Tirantes fans.

The Last Real Heels interviewed Eric Van Wagenen, Lucha Underground executive producer. I haven’t listened to it yet but I’m sure it’s good.

Fuerza Guerrera and Lady Apache talk about the Octagon situation, vaguely or not so. Fuerza blames AAA, Lady Apache says luchador (and luchadoras) need to look out for themselves better.

Segunda Caida watched Black Terry vs Psycho Kid.

Cronicas y Leyendas looks back at UWA champion El Dandy, circa 1987


CMLL (SUN) 05/03/2015 Arena México
1) Leono & Sensei vs Akuma & Inquisidor
2) Hombre Bala Jr., Oro Jr., Súper Halcón Jr. vs Artillero, Cholo, Súper Comando
3) Esfinge, Starman, Stigma vs Cancerbero, Okumura, Sangre Azteca
4) Delta, Fuego, Valiente vs Luciferno, Ripper, Vangellys
5) Titán © vs Bárbaro Cavernario [MEX WELTER]
Titan’s 8th defense, second straight against the caveman
6) La Sombra, Marco Corleone, Rush vs Mr. Niebla, Shocker, Thunder

I have no idea why this match is happening here – they actually seemed to be building towards it in Puebla instead – but not complaining (except for fretting over the ClaroSports feed being down forever and having no sure way of getting this.) Titan and Cavernario didn’t even eliminate each other in the cibernetico. It should be La Mascara vs Titan, but no one’s complaining about missing that.

Marco teaming with Sombra (and Rush) one week after beating Sombra is interesting. CMLL doing interesting things on Sundays about a month in front of AAA’s World Cup on a Sunday is interesting. Would they do a cage match with just about everyone in that match plus a few extras as counter programming? Would they just do a Morphosis main event? Who can say.

I’ll post the Guadalajara lineup tomorrow because who cares, but Esfinge is booked on both shows. GOOD WORK.

Chilanga Mask (SAT) 05/30/2015 Gimnasio GFL, San Mateo Atenco, Estado de México
1) Casanova vs Meteoro, Puereza Guerrera
2) Alas de Acero & Aramis vs Dragon De Fuego & Resplandor Negro
3) Arez, Belial, Impulso vs Iron Kid, Principe Pantera, Voltail
4) Fulgor I © vs Psycko Kid, Astro Rey Jr. [MEX WELTER]
5) Black Terry & El Resplandor vs Boomerang & Negro Navarro
6) Trauma I & Trauma II vs Gemelo Fantastico I & Gemelo Fantastico II

Another Chilanga Mask card, though this is more the style of the Arena Coliseo San Ramon shows – some of the regulars and a lot of locals. Probably mostly Gemelo trainees.