Ultimo Guerrero out cheats Rey Escorpion, Sky Team versus Hijos del Infierno

CMLL (FRI) 04/24/2015 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Artillero & Súper Comando b Bengala & Robin
2) Astral, Eléctrico, Stukita b Demus 3:16, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito
3) Dalys, Narumiya, Tiffany b La Vaquerita, Marcela, Silueta
4) Felino b Stuka Jr. [lightning]
Stuka hurt a finger, leading to his loss.
5) La Sombra, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero b Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpión, Thunder [Relevos Increíbles]
UG won by getting a foul on Rey Escorpion.
6) Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr. DQ Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto
rudos were DQed for a foul and a mask pull, but felt they were in line for a trios title match. The tecnicos ignored them.

Main event is setting up for a title match. Semimain (and UG & Rey Escorpion’s new friendship) doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere for the moment.

There’s a facebook post with Lucha World Cup info, but they don’t source anything and they seem to have facts wrong. I don’t trust the info – they might be right, but it feels off. They have LA Park as the third member of the non-AAA Mexico team (which seems unlikely but not impossible.) They have a Lucha Underground team of Puma, Mundo and Jack Evans, where one hasn’t been announced. And they don’t have the Rest of The World Team or the Mexico 2 team. I’m skeptical.

While mentioning weird fake stuff, there was a fake Chilanga Mask poster with a Rush vs Alberto match floating around. That’s not happening and wasn’t ever advertised by the promotion.

A real Chilanga Mask show is this Sunday in Coacalco. Aeroboy says he’s ready for his match with Solar, the biggest match on the show. Others include the Indystrongibles facing each other in a triangle match and a exotico/turtle ninja vs exotico/turtle ninja tag.

AAA’s bumped to 7:15 pm CT today. They start the Xalapa taping, with Australian Suicide & Dinastia vs Super Fly & Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Fenix vs Fantasma, and Alberto, Myzteziz and Murder Clown vs Mesias, Texano Jr., and Pentagon Jr.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update from Thursday.

SuperLuchas looks back at the big 14th Arena Mexico anniversary show, with a Ray Mendoza title win and a double hair match.

CMLL has highlights of the 04/17 show and stellar moments from last week.

+LuchaTV has highlights of a DTU vs Lucha Boom trios and quick words with Rossy MorenoFuerza Guerrera and Psycko Kid.

Damian 666 spoke highly of Ciclope.


CMLL (FRI) 05/01/2015 Arena México
1) Stukita & Último Dragoncito vs Mercurio & Pequeño Olímpico
2) Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso, The Panther vs Boby Zavala, Pierroth, Sagrado
3) Marco Corleone, Máximo, Rush vs Euforia, Thunder, Último Guerrero
4) La Sombra vs Ángel de Oro, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Dragon Lee, Stuka Jr., Tritón, Fuego, Niebla Roja, Gran Guerrero, Bárbaro Cavernario, Kamaitachi, Misterioso Jr., Virus, Tiger, Puma [Reyes del Aire]
5) Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto

Another Kid’s Day themed show, with the Sky Team in the main event and a bunch of highspots in the semimain. Puma handles the video promo.

Rush! He’s back! He’s in a match with Thunder all over again.

Stuka Jr. won last year’s Reyes del Aire. I don’t like his change to repeat. No Titan is sad. Sombra, Dragon Lee, Cavernario and Kamiatachi seem like the best contenders, though I guess Angel de Oro still exists and could sadly win again. A fun subplot of the random Tuesday night teamings of Sombra & Dragon Lee is Dragon Lee is so focused on winning and craziness that he doesn’t seem to know that Sombra is evil. He may find that out here.

Setting the superkick under/over at 8.

Toyrumon X (SAT) 05/23/2015 Arena México
Dragonmania X
1) Fiero & Imposible vs Daisuke Hanaoka & Douki
15 minute time limit
2) Eddy French vs Keisuke Okuda
10 minute time limit
3) India Mazahua, India Sioux, Maligna, Xena vs Io Shirai, Kairi Hojo, Mayu Iwatani, Mima Shimoda
20 minute time limit
4) Super Ciudadano vs Magnus, Pantera I, Patan, J.c. Navarro, Hijo del Signo, O.T. Fernandez, Principe Orion, El Hijo del Medico Asesino, Hijo de Kendo, Piel Roja, Epydemius [dragon rumble]
5) Akebono & Máximo vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Skándalo
45 minute time limit
6) Atlantis, La Máscara, Marco Corleone vs Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero
45 minute time limit
7) Último Dragón vs Tiger Ali [mask, hair]
60 minute time limit

Main event is built off Ultimo Dragon beating Tiger Ali in last year’s tournament, as I’m sure you all remember.

Skandalo hasn’t been seen in CMLL since his knee injury. Working this show would suggest that Skandalo is healthy but CMLL has opted to stop booking a early match wrestler with family connections. That doesn’t sound like CMLL, so I guess he’s not actually healthy yet.

This is the day before the Lucha World Cup. So many random Japanese wrestlers in one weekend.

5 thoughts to “Ultimo Guerrero out cheats Rey Escorpion, Sky Team versus Hijos del Infierno”

  1. LWC: Maybe the Rest of the World team is Mesias, Angelico and Australian Suicide and someone thought it was UK because of the quasi Union Jack themed mask? Galloway could be in TNA team, from the Japanese teams, one can guess they’re gonna be 1 tall guy + 2 high flyers, to counter the AAA Dream Team. TNA: Drew, Matt and Manik? ROH would have guys el Patron has faced, Lethal, Strong and maybe Sydel, dunno, Victoria would want to stack the card with exWWE since they probably won’t know anyone else.

    The other AAA team would have HdFantasma, Averno and Texano, assuming they face the main AAA team right away. The LU team would fit with Evans and Mundo names thrown in when they announced the cup, but maybe there are gonna be extra matches where they could be involved. The MxIndy team would need a high flyer, assuming Alberto faces blue demon and Mysteziz works with Wagner, can’t really see Rey Jr going with LA Park, Maybe Hijo del Ninja, lol… no.

  2. Mex3 flyer: Flamita. Might as well treat him like a big deal if you want him to come work for you.

    They may not be adhering strongly to “promotion”, but they’re sticking strongly to “country” for the international purposes, which would explain why Galloway would be on Team Rest instead of TNA.

    Figuring on ACH from ROH based on past Alberto matches.

    Last Nuevo Laredo taping was 2006-09-17 with a main event of Gronda II, La Parka Jr., Octagón vs Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Konnan. Let’s pretend that never happened.

    Last Reynosa taping was 2002-10-18 with a main event of La Parka Jr., Latin Lover, Máscara Sagrada vs Abismo Negro, Electroshock, Héctor Garza

  3. Er, scratch that. Last Nuevo Laredo taping was 2001-05-07 w/ Jerry Estrada, Pirata Morgan, Texano vs La Parka Jr., Máscara Sagrada AAA, Zorro.

  4. 2006 is way before my time, much more 2001 :p But people will always say (in those endeless lucha talks “If NL is so great, why they never held a tv taping here”, maybe they mean a major Rey de Reyes or Verano or somethin.. Hope they actually run those shows OK, Last week, music performances for Reynosa and NL were canceled because cartel violence. We’ll see…

    I could totally see Laredo Kid working those shows (Dr Cantu has to be involved in some fashion) which could also mean Laredo Kid working the World Cup, filling the high flyer dude, and giving AAA some ammo for the “WWE is picking up AAA guys” shots…

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