2014 CMLL appearances by day of the week/arena

Let’s cut up the numbers another way: how many main CMLL shows did everyone work? No double counting for working tournaments, this is just how many times people had to show up for works, and which days. It’s a better to work on Fridays, though maybe the difference isn’t as big as it used to be. These decisions are not random.

(full chart is here)

Friday Mexico (% of all DF)
79% Ultimo Guerrero
69% Princesa Blanca
68% Shocker
68% Thunder
65% Rush
65% La Sombra
63% Marcela
60% Mr. Aguila
59% Volador Jr.

This post might have started because I had this impression Ultimo Guerrero was pretty much only working Fridays DF cards. Numbers say that’s a fair impression.

45 Friday Arena Mexico
04 Tuesday Arena Mexico
01 Saturday Coliseo
06 Sunday Arena Mexico
02 Sunday Coliseo
(13 non-Friday non-DF)

He’s still got a big overall total because he’s working so many Fridays (the most) and he’s either in Puebla or Tuesday Guadalajara every week (51 total.)

Princesa Blanca’s numbers are probably inflated by having the big hair feud and then retiring instead of taking other shows that’d balance it out. The best thing about CMLL’s Tuesday Arena Mexico shows is Thunder was only on 1 of them. Mr. Aguila is up there because he’s hardly ever used in Mexico City.

Tuesday Mexico (% of all DF)
100% Fresbee (CMLL) (2 matches)
100% Mima Shimoda (1 match)
83% Gallo
71% Esfinge (Guadalajara)
69% Herodes Jr.
69% Camorra
67% Arkángel de la Muerte
64% Angelito
63% Apocalipsis
62% Aéreo

No wonder Herodes quit. Tuesday seems to be the dumping round of the guest bookings and unwanted on any other show (either veterans who never escaped the opening match, or rookies still looking to get there.)

Guadalajara (% of all CMLL)
89% Gallo
86% Esfinge (Guadalajara)
64% Mr. Águila
53% Olímpico
47% Metatrón
40% Nosferatu
36% Pequeño Violencia
35% Gran Guerrero
35% Camorra
33% Bárbaro Cavernario

First two don’t really count, but Mr. Aguila (originally from Guadalajara) and Olimpico were noticeable as only being booked here. I forgot Nosferatu was still around in 2014, but he wasn’t around long. Camorra had the hair feud which put him here a lot.

Regulars who didn’t make a Guadalajara appearance in 2014: Nitro, Sensei, Espiritu Negro, Acero, Flyer, Pequeño Halcón, Aéreo, Bengala, Leono, Molotov, Morphosis, Apocalipsis, Zayco, Pequeño Universo 2000, Camaleon, Ramstein, Fresbee (CMLL)

Puebla (% of all CMLL)
62% Morphosis
43% Stigma
40% Camaleon
39% Pequeño Warrior
34% Psicosis II
29% Robin
26% Espiritu Negro
26% Pólvora
26% Electrico
25% Olímpico

Stigma makes sense. Camaleon was barely around before his injury. I have no idea why Morphosis is #1. He just teamed with Kraneo a lot, only Kraneo got booked a lot more in other places. There was one Invasors vs tecnicos cibernetico back in January, but otherwise he was just around.

Regulars who didn’t make a Puebla appearance: Gallo, Esfinge, Nosferatu, Silueta, Herodes Jr., Skadi, Angelito, Fantasy, Acero, Pequeño Halcón, Aéreo, Apocalipsis, Zayco, Pequeño Universo 2000, Ramstein, Fresbee

CMLL Friday preview, Lucha World Cup Rest of the World team

CMLL has the Sky Team versus Hijos del Infierno as the main event. Luciferno says his trio is better than the Sky Team. That does not appear to be true, but I guess we’ll find out tonight. The match of more obvious interest is the semimain, with a incredible trios match of La Sombra, Niebla Roja, Ultimo Guerrero vs Dragon Rojo, Rey Escorpion, and Thunder. (Super) Rey Escorpion spent about 15 minutes of CMLL Informa buttering up Ultimo Guerrero, so he’s clearly up to something.

JCR mentioned there’s a press conference next week. There’s fill items to talk about: Naito coming in, possible new champions (Sugehit, Reyes del Atlantida), but a press conference usually means a match or tournament to build up and there’s no real sign of either. That semimain seems like the best bet to set up an apuesta match in the near future, but which one it’d be is not very clear. Rey Escorpion versus Ultimo Guerrero would be the slight favorite at this point.

enuhito’s post on the Lucha World Cup mentions the Rest of the World team will have members from South Africa, Puerto Rico and the UK. (NOAH’s post on the tournament says the same.) That likely means Angelico and Mesias, with the UK wrestler a bit more of a mystery. A strong candidate is Drew Galloway, the ex-WWE Drew McIntyre, who is a friend of Alberto el Patron. Both Galloway and Alberto have talked about bringing Galloway getting to AAA and this as good as a chance as any. Enuhito’s post also says there’s no announcement yet for PPV, but the hope is iPPV.

Lucha World Cup also announced Shuichi Nishinaga from NOAH will be part of the show as referee. I presume Maya & Tirantes will have to bring him up to speed on being chaotically evil.

DragonMania appears to be May 23rd, the day before Lucha World Cup. That’ll make for an eclectic group of wrestlers in Mexico City, and possibly some people working (or at least attending) both shows.

Milenio checks up on the local lucha libre commissions in La Laguna. It kind of goes how you’d expect. The Torreon one does some work, authorized some (but not all) of the shows and occasionally fine promoters, but isn’t doing all of the things it’s supposed to be doing. That’s better than the Gomez Palacio one, who’s alleged to be run by a man with no interest in wrestling, no interest in doing anything, and who lists the commission office as his home. They also mention there’s a man who was put on top of Arena Olimpico Laguna within six months of starting wrestling, because he’s basically paying for the spot. (They don’t give his wrestling name, and it’s not clear who this is based on the lineups.) The Torreon sports authority met with promoter last week about overhauling everything.

Segunda Caida has reviews of some good early January 2015 and Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero vs Satanico & Shocker.

SuperLuchas looks back at shows of April 23, 1989, including Rayo de Jalisco Jr. taking Super Halcon’s mask.

+LuchaTV has highlights of Porros vs Compadres Extremos vs Familia de Tijuana, Los Nerds vs Tortugas Ninjas, Lokillo vs Angel Jr. vs Psique, Black Fire y Slayer Pack vs Articuz & Lanzelot vs Chicano & Alas de Acero, Jonathan Greshman vs Rocky Lobo vs Septimo Dragon vs Drastick Boy, and Crazy Boy & Rey Capricornio vs Ciclope & Meido Extremo.

LV has reviews 04/18 AAA, IWRG 04/14, IWRG 04/20, and 04/22 Lucha Underground.

Aeroboy & Violento Jack talk about winning the X-LAW championship.

Dr. Cerbero wants a hair vs mask match with Brazo Jr.

Claro Sports has a video of Syuri as part of a series with Japanese wrestlers. Hope that means Kamatiachi next week.

The Cauldron has a What Is Luche Libre story. Arena Mexico is said to be in a “seedy part of Mexico City.” Nah. Seen worse.

An interview with Reina Dorada & Felina Metalica.

Jhonny Gonzalez’s next bout may be in Arena Mexico. If it happens, I hope he brings Sexy Star, Pentagon Jr., Konnan, Rey Misterio Jr., and every other AAA person who’s not busy that night to walk him to the ring.