2014 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

This is the usual match record listing, much later than usual. I’ve noted previous years results were heavily biased to shows that shows which get a lot of attention (major DF promotions) and had weird quirks where a small promotion could show up a lot if their lineups just happen to be some place I could easily find. It’s 2015, many (but not all) groups are on Facebook and sharing their posters, streamlining the process. For over a year, Kris Zellnar’s been collected posters from everywhere he can find them. I started transcribing them all into the database arond Feburary. It’s so much work, much of it focusing on luchadors I’ve never seen and will never see, and I’m likely to give up doing it at any point, but it’s provided a much larger data set for this time around.

Year (2009 on) Shows Matches
2009: 2359 shows, 10123 matches
2010: 2580 shows, 11216 matches
2011: 2704 shows, 11972 matches
2012: 2824 shows, 12885 matches
2013: 2699 shows, 12783 matches
2014: 5495 shows, 24998 matches

One problem is the show results has not increased with the amount of shows; it’s a smaller percentage than ever and you’ll see a lot of matches results listed as “unknown”. The other problem is I went thru every one of those matches and shows to correct obvious spelling errors, and that took the better part of a couple months. The data looks cleaner now, though there’s probably a lot still wrong in there.

I’ve put together a Google doc with a full list of win/loss/draw/unknown records. Each ‘promotion’ is given a different sheet but it’s only a sorting mechanism – we’re counting any match they had, no matter with what promotion. Only the 3,200 wrestlers I’m tracking closely are included, with 1,987 of those recording a match in the calendar year. That should include any name which came up at least 100 times. Names are listed based on the default (sometimes outdated) name I use inside the database, the numbers include any match they had under whatever name.

(I’m thinking I’ll do another report for CMLL and AAA for only shows which the promotion themselves booked, but that’ll be another day)

You can previous years on the records tag.

Most Matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)
2009: La Parka Jr. (211)
2010: Mistico (204)
2011: Último Guerrero & La Mascara (188)
2012: Último Guerrero (189)
2013: Último Guerrero (205)
2014: Atlantis (215)

top 10

Atlantis 215
Último Guerrero 214
Máximo 182
Volador Jr. 174
Valiente 168
Mr. Niebla 166
Shocker 165
La Máscara 164
Titán 164
Brazo de Plata 163

Ultimo Guerrero misses the top yet again by 1 match. Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, and Brazo de Plata have 50+ “unknown” matches – shows where the card was announced but no results were even found – indicating they were being farmed out to indy shows a lot. Volador, Valiente and La Mascara have less than 20, which suggests they were mostly being booked on main CMLL shows.

Number 11 is “Destello”, which looks to actually be multiple people in Jalisco, Veracruz, San Luis Potosi, Estado de Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Morelos, and probably other places. (I’d like to fix that, but I have to stop fixing things if I’m ever gong to get this done.)

top 10 in AAA

147 Averno
141 Psycho Clown
140 Eterno
133 Fénix (AAA)
127 Pentagón Jr.
125 Monsther Clown
125 Texano Jr.
118 Murder Clown
117 Mamba

Averno had a bunch prior to coming to AAA, and Eterno ended up with a lot after AAA. Eterno’s the leader of those on the IWRG roster. Guerrero Mixtico (120) is 2nd, but only because I’m not sure if he’s the same guy who’s listed as Guerrero Mistico. Negro Navarro (112) is the IWRG leader without caveats.

Asturiano is the most frequently appearing of the Puebla luchadors (36) and Rafaga is on the Guadalajara ones (62).

Most Wins

2008: Blue Panther (97)
2009: Mistico (110)
2010: Mistico (128)
2011: Ultimo Guerrero (90)
2012: Atlantis (93)
2013: La Mascara (102)
2014: Atlantis (99)

99 Atlantis
96 Volador Jr.
94 Valiente
88 Máximo
85 La Máscara
81 Brazo de Plata
79 Último Guerrero
78 La Sombra
78 Rush
74 Titán

The next few are a product of the amount of known results, as always. Ultimo Guerrero is the only rudo (or only one programmed on the rudo side) to crack the top 10. The leader in AAA tends to be a member of the Psycho Circus. It’s Psycho Clown this year, clocking in at 47 wins. It may not be him next year: Myzteziz reached 42 wins in only 75% of the time. Eterno is the leader in IWRG at 39, with Metaleon’s 37 wins highest among people who wrestled mainly in Naucalpan. Asturaino led with 21 in Puebla. Gallo picked up 25 wins in Guadalajara.

Most Losses

2008: Averno (84)
2009: Negro Casas (86)
2010: Negro Casas (75)
2011: La Mascara (72)
2012: Ultimo Guerrero (79)
2013: Ultimo Guerrero (84)
2014: Ultimo Guerrero (82)

82 Último Guerrero
73 Rey Bucanero
71 Terrible
68 Averno
67 Negro Casas
66 Shocker
66 Mephisto
65 La Máscara
64 Felino
63 Atlantis

Have the most matches + be a CMLL rudo = get the most loses, every year. It’s still not as bad as it could be, since UG finished at a 49% winning percentage. CMLL rudos usually come in around 30-40%. Shocker spent parts of the year on both sides and finished perfectly 50%.

If you don’t consider Averno (or Eterno) for, Texano Jr. had the most losses at 46. It didn’t feel like Texano was doing so great in the record book on TV, but even less so off it. Hip Hop Man surprisingly had the most losses in IWRG (43). Probably the fault of those Ninja Turtles (who only debuted late in the year and aren’t matched up with any old names.) Toro Bill Jr. had 22 loses in Puebla, but we got to see almost none of them so it’s ok. Gallo had 32 losses – he had the most wins and most loses but not the most matches because there’s a lot of other Rafaga’s probably being counted with the one we know.

Best Win % (with at least 10 known results)

2008: Psycho Clown & Zombie Clown (100%)
2009: Psycho Circus (100%)
2010: Tondar (GDL) (100%)
2011: Mini Monster Clown (90%)
2012: Rayo de Oro (Guatemala) (97%)
2013: Tinieblas Jr. (90%)
2014: William Rock/Pequeno Violencia (92%)

573 wrestlers of the 1987 (28.8%) tracked had at least 10 matches

92% William Rock (13-1)
92% Pequeño Violencia (13-1)
90% Huracan Ramirez 
87% Mike
87% Teelo
86% Octagoncito
86% Rafy
84% Ángel Metálico
84% Spider Boy (06)
83% Místico (Myzteziz)

William Rock was a Arena Coliseo Guadalajara regular who won every single main show match he worked, until losing his last match in August and never being seen again. That disappearance could’ve been related to the turnover in management, but there’s plenty of indies in Guadalajara and he hasn’t turned up there either. Has to be a name change.

Pequeno Violencia being up top is shocking. CMLL rudos, minis rudos especially, aren’t meant to be winning that much. Maybe it would’ve balanced out if he wasn’t sidelined with a knee injury, but Pequeno Warrior and Pierrothito have high win percentages too. Maybe the influx of younger tecnico minis meant the older rudos were getting more wins.

Huracan Ramirez is an amalgam of all Huracan Ramirez past present and future. Keeping track of the Octagoncito’s is just about as tough.

Ninja Turtle Leo “only” won at a 81% clip.

Angel Metalico is a Baja California luchador. Spider Boy is an AULL undercarder who also may be getting mixed up with other people. You may be familiar with Myzteziz.

Arkalis finished 10-6 in Puebla (CMLL and indy), leading there with 62%.

Worst loss %
2008: Carrona (0%)
2009: Espectrito (0%)
2010: Metailk II (GDL) (11%)
2011: Akron (13%)
2012: Mini Talisman (8%)
2013: Estrella De Fuego (5%)
2014: Psicosis I/Nicho el Millionario (0%)

0% Psicosis I
7% Zayco
10% Sexy Lady
13% Príncipe Azteca
14% Universo 2000
16% Black Warrior
16% Scorpio Jr.
16% Mini Murder Clown
17% Gran Apache
17% Fly Warrior

I don’t believe the numbers. Nicho had to win somewhere, I refuse to believe otherwise. He definitely didn’t win on AAA TV, but he must’ve beat Pagano at some point. That just makes me sad.

Zayco disappeared from CMLL and may have quit lucha libre. Same thing for Black Warrior, come to think of it.

Sexy Lady, Reina de AAA B-Shows, had an astounding 43 matches with no result. That’s about 70% of all her matches.

Universo, Scorpio and Gran Apache are old veterans not being used in programs much and seemingly content to just continue being part of a show on occasion. Apache has better matches. Mini Psycho Clown improved and got some wins, leaving his partner Mini Murder Clown behind a little bit. Fly Warrior continues to make this list, may be in too many multiman matches for his own health.

Angelito (21% – 3-11) is the worst in CMLL.

Tomorrow (and Saturday and Sunday): more of this