04/19 Lucha Underground Results (Ultima Lucha season finale, 08/05)

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LU (SUN) 04/19/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Mariachi Loco b Everyone Who Did Not Otherwise Have A Match [battle royal]
Start of episode 39 (August 5) Dario noted the first show began with him handing out $100,000 and so would Ultima Lucha – it’d go to the winner of this battle royal. No complete list, but this would include those who wrestled the first hour of the show taped the previous day. Mariachi Loco surprised by eliminating Cage last. Dario had long ago introduced Mariachi Loco by saying ML would sing a song when he won his first match. Mariachi Loco made good on it by going up to the band platform and helping perform the song Mariachi Loco.
2) Johnny Mundo b Alberto el Patrón
Mundo tried to evade Alberto, but eventually got caught. Mundo tapped while the ref was down. Melina Perez debuted to help Mundo win. The two made out after the match. Alberto attacked Mundo, threw him thru a window, and spanked Melina.
3) Pentagón Jr. b Vampiro [hardcore]
right out of a Mexican deathmatch promotion, with tacks, tables, fire and light tubes used. Pentagon came off as ruthless. Vampiro was put on a stretcher but got off it to conftinue before losing. Pentagon revealed his mentor was Vampiro all along and Vampiro told Pentagon he was now ready.
4) Fénix b King Cuerno, Big Ryck, Aerostar, Sexy Star, Jack Evans, Bengala [Gift of the Gods]
Sexy Star came off well, Big Ryck struggled. Aerostar jumped off a high object. Fenix gets to right to a title shot whenever he wants (though he has to announce it ahead of time.) King Cuerno indicated he’d like to have a shot at Fenix and the title.
5) Blue Demon b Texano Jr. [no DQ]
made no DQ by Dario right before the match, as requested by Demon. Texano was winning until Cisco & Cortez ran in. Chavo did the swerve run-in, as if he was going to help Texano but instead sided with Blue Demon to cost Texano the match. Demon, Cortez, and Castro stood together (as a new group?) at the end of the match.
6) Mil Muertes b Prince Puma © [Lucha Underground Championship]
Neither Konnan nor the Disciples were involved. Great match fought all around the building with Mil winning in the end. Show & season ends with Muertes and the Disciples celebrating with all their belts.

MMA/combat sports announcer Michael Schiavello, who had quietly been around on Saturday, joined Matt Striker as announcer for these two hours for Ultima Lucha. There were posters for all the major Ultima Lucha matches hanging around the building.

As people were leaving after the show, it was noticed that the Lucha Underground sign on top of the arena had a big green question mark painted on it. That appears to have been done during the taping itself; I believe I saw pictures earlier in the day with the sign looking normal (and no one noticed it until after the show.)

There was no Rey Misterio Jr. on the show. He was spotted in the parking lot before the show and he was seen at the wrap party (in the Temple, taking place as soon as they cleared the fans out), but never officially introduced to the crowd. It’s possible, maybe even likely, a short kicker segment with Rey (similar to Alberto el Patron’s debut) will end up as part of the show, but it doesn’t appear Rey has actually signed with the promotion at this point.

There’s no sign of the Black Lotus/Dragon Azteca/Matanza storyline. That’s mostly progressed in pretaped vignettes and will probably continue to progress in that format.

Other storylines more clearly peaked at Ultima Lucha: Pentagon’s mentor, the Medallions, the Mil Muertes title challenge. They set up matches for the future at the same time – Fenix winning the title shot was a big hint about the main event outcome, since Mil Muertes/Fenix is definitely a match which will happen in a big way again. Fenix probably has to get by Cuerno first, Muertes probably will have to deal with a rematch from Puma, Pentagon Jr. passing his final test sets him up for everyone and sets up the Vampiro/Konnan protege feud. They have plenty of big matches for a season two, and that’s not even figuring Mundo & Alberto or anyone new.

Pentagon actually asked Vampiro to be his mentor back on the October 18th taping (episode 13), but it was cut out from the broadcast. Turns out there were getting to the same end location, but in a much different way. The way it’s done seems to leave it open for Vampiro to go back to the announce desk (though probably as more of a heel than before) or have a role more similar to Konnan where he’s mostly only seen in backstage vignettes.

No announcement of a next taping. The wrestlers and staff were reassured there’d be a season two, but I don’t think they were told any specific date either.

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  1. Well, I read it, I just couldn’t fucking resist. And it looks fantastic. Well, I AM disappointed a little bit for Rey-Rey not debuting and the (apparent) lack of Matanza/Lotus/Azteca resolution, but fuck me, it seems we’ll get THREE brawls on the show, with one of them being a deathmatch. Brawling is my business, brawling is awesome.

    Season 2 looks super promising, Mil Muertes, Fenix, Pentagon, Alberto, Puma, Mundo, Texano in title picture, mmmm…

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