04/18 Lucha Underground Results (07/22 & 07/29 episodes)

Don’t read this, Dan. Don’t ready this, anyone.

Actual News Piece: Ultima Lucha, the season ending finale, starts with the July 29th episode and continues on a special two hour finale to air on August 5th.

Match listing is here.

LU (SAT) 04/18/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Jack Evans b Cheerleader Melissa
dark match, Jack cheating and using the ropes to win
2) Texano DQ Johnny Mundo
Start of episode 37 (07/22) Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco ran in for the DQ. Alberto made the save for his old rival
3) the Mack b Cage
quick match, surprise sunset flip roll up in the corner. Cage & Mack brawled after the match with referee and security pulling them apart. Dario announced a falls count anywhere rematch for Ultima Lucha. After this segment, Dario explained the Aztec Medallions that had been on the line previously: the seven medallions all make up a part of a title called the Gift of the Gods. The Gift of the Gods holder can challenge for the Lucha Underground Championship whenever he’d like – however, they must tell Dario in advance so he has proper time to promote it, and it can’t just be cashed in whenever. Medallion winners Jack Evans, Aerostar, King Cuerno, Bengala, Sexy Star and Big Ryck (missed that one!) came to the ring to place their medallion into the title. Dario declared Fenix, the missing medallion holder, was unable to compete, so they’d have a battle royal with the final two going down to pinfall or submission. Fenix then arrived, and was forced to compete in the battle royal to keep his medallion.
4) Fénix b Marty Martinez, Famous B, Ricky Mandell, Killshot, Vinny Massaro, Argenis, Delavar Daivari, Mascarita Sagrada, Super Fly [Aztec Medallion]
Fenix’s late arrival was not explained for the live crowd, but he kept his medallion, defeating Marty with a headscisosrs into a cradle for the win. In the following segment, Prince Puma came to the ring for a promo but was interrupted by Mil Muertes and Cartina before he could speak. Puma stared at them, the Disciples attacked Puma, Puma cleared them out and landed the 630 senton on Muertes to end the show. End of episode 37.
5) Cage b the Mack [falls count anywhere]
Start of episode 38 (07/29), and start of Ultma Lucha – 2 shows, 3 hours. Crazy brawl around the building, including a spear thru a door and a powerbomb off the apron onto a table. Cage won with a curb stomp onto a cinder block on top of Dario’s office.
6) Barrio Negro, El Sinestro De La Muerte, Trece b Angélico, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc © [LU TRIOS]
The Disciples of Death win the trios titles. Finish saw Angelico & Havoc taken out of the ring, and a hobbled Ivelisse defeated.
7) Drago b Hernandez [Lumberjack strap]
Mexican style lumberjack match, with the lumberjacks holding straps. The lumberjacks here were selected fans, who backed Drago and only hit Hernandez with the straps. Hernandez gave Drago a Border Toss onto three fans at one point, but Drago ultimately won with a top rope splash. End of episode 38.

They mostly had their Ultima Lucha card set on the previous show (and even before then since the last show of that block was the Iron Man match), so these two shows are explaining a bit and taking care of the other guys.

Biggest question mark for me is when Big Ryck got his Medallion. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t had a singles match since they started handing them out. Perhaps I have my records wrong, or maybe there’s a backstage segment explaining it. (Maybe something with the Davairi/Texano/Ryck storyline, since it hasn’t quite come together from what we’ve seen.) Fenix showing up late is a clear reference to something we haven’t seen. We haven’t seen him much with Mil Muertes and Catrina since their return, but that seems like the most likely distraction.

I’m just thrilled that my “dragon ball rules” guess was correct. Ryck isn’t the crazy flyer of some other guys, but he’ll clothesline people very hard and that’ll look good.

Mack might ended up beat by Cage, but he did one better than that group of guys by getting the singles match with Cage. And it’s probably a good match too.

Barrio Negro, Siniestro de la Muerte and Trece are the names of Disciples of Death. Ivelisse’s ankle injury must’ve been really bad, since it’s two months later and she’s still struggling with it. That sucks.

Pimpinela (presumably still injured) and Super Fly are the only regular roster people who didn’t make that “everyone who doesn’t have anything to do” battle royal. Super Fly said he was in LA, so perhaps he’ll be making life difficult for someone on Sunday’s taping. Update: Super Fly was in the match, we just missed it.

Not sure if there’s something to Bael not showing up with Castro & Cisco, but it’s been happening for a while now on TV.

Official name of the lumberjack strap match, an AAA staple, is “Believer’s Backlash”

That’s the second Cheerleader Melissa appearance; she worked a dark trios match on a previous show.

Prince Puma does some outstanding moves, but the biggest reaction he might ever get is when he finally speaks.

No introduction of a replacement announcer, though I’ve heard names mentioned.

Your Ultima Lucha lineup

  • Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma (c) for the Lucha Underground Championship
  • Pentagon Jr. vs Vampiro
  • Johnny Mundo vs Alberto el Patron
  • Texano Jr. vs Blue Demon Jr. (w/the Crew – or at least part of it)
  • Fenix vs Jack vs Aerostar vs Bengala vs Sexy Star vs King Cuerno vs Big Ryck for the Gift of the Gods
  • something with Black Lotus, Dragon Azteca and Matanza
  • maybe the Rey Misterio Jr. debut?

The only Ultima Lucha predictions anyone will bother to do:

Normal WWE 50/50 booking says Muertes is winning the title because Puma got the best of him. Lucha Underground has made a point of ignoring normal WWE booking. Puma retains.

I really don’t want to consider a world where Pentagon Jr. loses. This should give us mentor information, which could be tied in with the Matanza/Black Lotus story.

Winner of the title match and winner of Mundo/Patron should be the next title match, Mundo just did the Iron Man match, it’s probably Patron’s turn.

Texano Jr. surely was going to win when he was facing Chavo. Thinking Demon’s going to win now, but it’s one where both guys just turned and need to look good.

King Cuerno vs Fenix take 1 didn’t go so well, but Cuerno is the guy the fans clearly want to see again. I’d love to see Aerostar win, I’d be very interested in Bengala going for the title, Jack and Fenix would make for good matches, the internet breaking in half on a Sexy Star win would be a thing, but I’m thinking Cuerno.

The best possible thing that could happen on this show is someone ending the taping by announcing “we’ll see you back here on September 19th for Season 2!” Kind of want to hear it even it it’s not true yet (or at all), just so the next 17 hours can be watched without a Sword of Damocles over our heads.