Thunder, Keira, Bestiario I

Thunder says he got into Mexican wrestling by watching videos on the internet. Judging from his style, he was definitely not watching RobViper’s music videos. I’d like to apologize to the world. (This is not the story he’s told previous times.) Thunder, who was most definitely feuding with Rush last time and suddenly disappeared the week they seemed to be setting up the singles match, totally downplays his feud with Rush, says his goal is to end Atlantis’ career and praises Ultimo Guerrero for changing his career.

Keira says her AAA appearance on 05/02 is a one-off for the moment – she hasn’t signed anything, so this is a tryout like the other new names appearing in opening matches this year. She does say this means she won’t be able to feud with Vaquerita after this AAA appearance, so their last battle for now will be at an Ichiban show on 04/25.

SuperLuchas has pictures of the lucha libre themed cans and caps for Victoria beer this summer. That’s the mat sponsor for both shows, and the sponsor of the international trios tournament next month. The art is mostly AAA, but do include Mr. Niebla, Ultimo Guerrero and Hijo del Santo, which may point towards who Victoria (and AAA) wanted to be on the non-AAA Mexican team. On the other hand, there are women and AAA wrestlers who weren’t ever going to be in this tournament.

CaraLuchas released the people chosen for it’s Bestiario I contest. The rules stated it’d be 16 people cut down to 8 by trainers. It’s 18.

Shaman Jr.: Estado de Mexico wrestler, has wrestled the Sky Stars a few times

Wasson: long time Arena el Angel (Reynosa) luchador who popped up on the March XMW hsow

Centella Atomica: only a handful of Estado de Mexico appearances, show up on last August’s XMW show in a random title match.

Goskart: Arena Neza regular last year, probably shows up more places where they can’t spell his name.

Pegasus: same AULL guy who made an appearance in an AAA opener (and didn’t really impress.)

Trasher: maybe from the WFS promotion? There’s people (or random appearances) in Oaxaca & Baja California but it’s mostly a EdM name. Actually wrestled on the 10/18/2014 CaraLucha show.

Heredero Maya: only three known appearanes in openers or early matches; possibly a recent name switch?

Rey Fenix: name showing up in Jalisco, Puebla, Estado de Mexico, Nuevo Leon, and Veracruz. Most likely the Puebla(/EdM) one, who worked the ChilangaMask show in Arena Coliseo San Ramon. That Rey Fenix is strongly belived to DTU Nerd Tony in his original identity – he was still doing both gimmicks last I heard.

Power Bull: IWRT trainee who’s mostly been on FILL shows but has popped up on openers.

Venganza Inmortal: that name only shows up once, a June Gimnasio Gloria show last June.

Principe Aereo: probably a Mexico City tecnico from the last year (and not a Acapulco guy who goes back longer.)

Infinity: Neza luchador from the last few years.

Hellboy: a name with so many different people using it’s tough to figure, but probably the guy who’s been working semimains on indy shows in Puebla.

Genex: I have no info on this one!

Aramis: long time Coacalco luchador – they’ve got a banner of him hanging in the building – who had a strong match on the last ChilangaMask show.

Calibus: There’s a Coacalco luchador, and there’s a Veracruz one who seems to have joined up with DTU (or maybe that’s actually the guy from Veracruz)

Puma Galactico: wrestled as part of the Radical promotion in 2013-2014, hasn’t shown up much in the last year.

Jimmy Madrid: another one who’s based in Neza (which means a lot of Arena 2 de Junio appearances and occasional Arena Neza matches.)

A story about lucha libre training and shows in Leon. It includes Bobby Lee complaining that the commission gets bought off and doesn’t license people correctly. Wasn’t Bobby Lee commissioner in Leon? (I probably should be able to look this up, and I don’t mean on the wiki.)

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Segunda Caida has recaps of episode 20 and episode 21 of Lucha Underground, as well as Matt D on Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero vs Hijo del Santo & Negro Casas (the 12/15/2000)

Voices of Wrestling has a recap of last night’s Lucha Underground

AAA has an audio interview with Texano Jr.

CMLL has highlights of the 04/10/2015 show.

+LuchaTV has Justiciero & Magnifico and Los Tigre Rojos talking about their match, plus highlights of Jeque & Herodes Jr. with words from both Jeque and Herodes and the same for Psycho Kid & Black Terry with interviews with Terry and Psycko.

SuperLuchas looks back at Negro Casas celebrating 25 years of wrestling, 10 years ago yesterday.

LV has a recap of this past week’s AAA show and rates Silueta’s title match in REINA as ****.

El Sable won the CMMLL (Texas) Light Heavyweight Championship from Psicosis Jr. (who is apparently not Psicosis II/Ripper)

WWS’s Vaneli is heading to France as part of a talent exchange. WWS announced a bunch of tie ups with European promotions last week and started to announce luchadoras heading out to shows.

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  1. I dunno cubs, for all the lucha news, the database, the luchawiki, videos, the animated gifs, and numerous other things you do for the fans visiting your site, I don’t know if we can forgive you for Thunder…

    Its gonna take some time.

  2. I know this isn’t a story in here, but there is something from the new Observer that I am curious about. The was a story that Laredo Kid said he will be undergoing WWE’s testing process soon and should be starting with NXT in June. When and where did he say this? Also, if he really did reveal this info shouldn’t it be a concern? WWE seems to want all prospective signees to keep quiet about going there.

  3. I don’t know this for sure, but my assumption is that he communicated that only his friends/family (possibly using Facebook’s privacy settings), but it just didn’t stay there.

  4. Perhaps an indy promoter tried to book Laredo and was told those reasons as why Laredo is unavailable and word spread like that.

  5. Seeing how bad reporters have been with covering the Briscoes and Samoa Joe stories in the past month I would not believe this Laredo Kid story right now. Laredo only had his tryout a week or so ago. How does he receive word that WWE plans on hiring him so quickly? WWE usually waits 4-5 weeks after tryout camps to inform people if they are going to be hired or not.

  6. Laredo only had his tryout a week or so ago. I find it hard to believe they told him so quickly that he’s going to be hired. I know after the NXT tryout camps attendees are informed after 4-5 weeks on whether they will be hired or not. I would be skeptical of any WWE signing stories right now seeing how bad of a job reporters did with covering the Briscoes and Samoa Joe stories for the past several weeks.

  7. Cubs, can’t you block Australia from seeing your youtube videos as a precaution for any future Thunders thinking of going to Mexico to learn lucha libre?

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