CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-03-07

Rey Escorpion & Dragon Lee are made for each other


taped 2015-03-03 @ Arena México

Leono crushed by dropkicks

Bengala & Leono vs Akuma & Espiritu Negro: [ok] mostly boring match that was only outright bad in few parts. Leono’s mustache is awful. Bengala looked like a professional wrestler. Akuma may be improving. The last couple of minutes were not so great, with Leono getting obvious help from Espiritu to land his elbow drop, then seemingly not kicking out on a near fall, then getting killed when Espiritu couldn’t powerslam him right. Thankfully Bengala put the match out of it’s misery.

this just seemed odd


my thoughts on CMLL at the moment

Astral, Eléctrico, Shockercito vs Mercurio, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico: [good] fun minis match. Mercurio is the best guy right now, so neat to see him actually get a win. He probably should be going for a title shot after being the champ, but I’d settle for the Shockercito/Mercurio match that keeps getting teased here. Rudo trio is really good at working together, and the técnicos got their own combination spots in the end. These matches would benefit from an actual direction but remain a pleasant diversion.

Mercurio crazy stomping
Mercurio had this coming


The Panther usual great tope

Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., The Panther vs Puma, Tiger, Virus: [great] exciting match which was really only missing more time; they got a lot done in thirteen minutes, but could’ve done incredible things with twenty. The ending of the first fall- with The Panther landing the big tope, getting blown up by a double superkick, and then submitted Virus anyway – alone could’ve used some more time just to let everything sink it. Everything they did get to do looked great. Tiger & Puma versus the Panther kids is a match CMLL can not do enough, and Virus and Blue Panther Sr. are also pretty good wrestlers. The third fall was the best for me, with the finish breakups feeling important and not just routine. Panther Jr. looked more comfortable in this match than he has in past matchups. Virus and The Panther countering each other’s spots was hopefully not just a cruel tease of a singles match to come.

Puma & Tiger dive prevention society
The Panther may want to vary it up
Dragon Lee’s required bad fall

Dragon Lee, Super Porky, Titán vs Luciferno, Rey Escorpión, Vangellys: [good] Rey Escorpion is back, hooray. Rey Escorpion made Brazo de Plata tolerable and made Dragon Lee look great. (He didn’t get to work much with Titan.) Dragon Lee’s flip fall off the apron in the first fall was as scary as anything of the other crazy things he’s done, and he and Escorpion pulled off the over the ropes headscissors well. There was a good semimain around the big spots too. Super Porky was moving even slower than ever in this match, but it still worked OK.

Rey Escorpion strong
big tope con giro
this went bad for Volador Jr. fast

Mistico, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Ripper: [OK] fine enough for a main event. Everyone was trying, it just felt like something I’d seen a lot before. This was probably better if you’re not watching everything or are just generally less cynical. Mephisto & Místico worked together a lot, which may just be a best working partners thing and not a tease, but who can say. Ripper turning around too soon but being unwilling to break up the powerbomb reversed into a huracanrana bit in the third fall was it’s own bit of amusing.

Mije in slow motion
random Mistico stage dive
headscissors everywhere



Tiffany vs Princesa Sugehit: decided to rush thru a lot of lightning matches, started with this one, immediately regretted the endeavor. It was not good and it was so boring. Tiffany tried to duck out of the way out the corner hip attack, didn’t work. Sugehit letting go of her finishing hold for no apparent reason was weird Giving this nearly nine minutes was very weird.