04/12 Lucha Underground taping results (07/01 & 07/08)

These go before and after the ones taped on Saturday. There’s no obvious reason they did it in that order.

Increasingly vague match lineups are posted in the usual spot.

LU (SUN) 04/12/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Sexy Star b Súper Fly [Aztec Medallion]
appeared to be a retape for episode 36. Shorter match, Sexy Star still winning. Marty the Moth Martinez believed the Medallion looked like a moth and wanted it, so another match was on
2) Sexy Star b Marty Martinez [Aztec Medallion]
another short match
3) Angélico b Jeff Cobb, Killshot, King Cuerno
dark match
4) Texano Jr. b Delavar Davari
Big Ryck tried to attack Texano, instead got Davari.
5) Drago DQ Hernandez
start of 07/01, ep 34. Hernandez took a belt from a fan in the crowd and choked out Drago, declaring Drago not to be a real dragon because there is no such thing as dragons.
6) Alberto el Patrón b Marty Martinez
squash. Patron talked up his match with Johnny Mundo at Ultima Lucha
7) Prince Puma b Chavo Guerrero Jr. [no DQ, Lucha Underground Championship]
stipulation was Puma would forfeit the title to Chavo if Konnan interfered. Cisco & Castro were with Chavo. (Bael was not.) Puma was outnumbered, but Konnan called in Texano for the save (?!?) and Puma won. Chavo was injured during the match, was apologetic about it, and had to be helped to the back. End of episode 34.
8) Hernandez, Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, Súper Fly b Aerostar, Alberto el Patrón, Drago, Sexy Star
Start of Episode 35 (07/08). All star atomicos with lots of action and the rudos getting the win.
9) the Mack b Cage
great match. In a separate segment which followed, Texano Jr. came to the ring to call out Chavo Guerrero Jr. He was instead attacked by the Crew – who were now with Blue Demon Junior! Demon taunted Texano and made him bleed. Demon/Texano is set for Ultima Lucha
10) Mil Muertes b Son of Havoc
Good match. Catrina tried to seduce Angelico, which caused an argument with Ivelisse. Ivelisse got a hold of the stone. The Disciples appeared from nowhere to attack Angelico & Ivelisse. Havoc dove onto them, but ended up getting beat by Mil. In a separate show ending segment, Pentagon Jr. attacked Vampiro and poured gasoline on him. Pentagon took out a lighter, teasing fire and cutting a promo on Vampiro. Pentagon brought Vamp to the center of the ring before Vamp make a comeback. They exchanged insults, with Pentagon walking out (and the crowd calling him scared.) End of Episode 35.

Judging from what I was told and from what I’ve read, Chavo’s injury was not only legit, but serious enough that they had to rebook things during the intermission. Blue Demon probably wasn’t intended to turn rudo when the night started (maybe the Ultima Lucha match would’ve been something like Chavo/Cisco/Cortez vs Texano/Demon/? (Bael?)) and instead Demon did them a favor by doing the surprise turn. He hasn’t been a rudo in Mexico since 2007. Lucha Underground seems like it’s been pretty fortunate with injuries so far – Ivelisse has obviously been unable to wrestle much the last few tapings, but they’ve been able to work around it – but having someone go down during a taping when they’re needed to set up a big match a week later is pretty unlucky.

In the “I’m slow” department, Lucha Underground wanted Jim Ross because they really do need someone else to co-host Ultima Lucha with Vampiro having a match. (It’s possible they might have even taken Vampiro out before the show if they had JR all weekend.) I’d assume that means someone else is going to sit in for a few episodes. Hugo doing English would be OK, but it’s understandable why they’d have JR for that spot. Wonder what they’ll do with the UniMas version – assuming my theory of their being two different Vampiros is incorrect.

Hernandez versus the fourth wall is an interesting feud. Aerostar, not really from the cosmos! Super Fly, not actually Super? Prince Puma, not actually a Mexi-ah, maybe not that one.

updated working Ultima Lucha lineup

  • Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma (c) for the Lucha Underground Championship
  • Pentagon Jr. vs Vampiro – definite, maybe some stip (could Lucha Underground try for the first ever good Inferno Match?)
  • Johnny Mundo vs Alberto el Patron
  • Disciples of Death vs Angelico, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship
  • Texano Jr. vs Blue Demon Jr.
  • something with all these Medallions (Fenix, Jack, Aerostar, Bengala, Sexy Star, King Cuerno, maybe one more)
  • something with Black Lotus and Matanza – not official but it’s got to be.

People without matches: Drago, Cage, Hernandez, Big Ryck, Chavo Guerrero Jr. (injured), Davari, The Mack, Kill Shot, Super Fly, Martinez, Cisco, Castro, Bael, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, Famous B, Vinny Massaro, Jeff Cobb, probably other people I’ve forgot

Seven matches (or encounters with supernatural creatures, whateva’) is a lot; people who aren’t on that card may just end up finishing on Saturday outside of Ultima Lucha cameos. We’ll find out in a few days.


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  1. typical: “I know there’s something else I wanted to write but I can’t recall, oh I guess I’ll remember it as soon as I hit post.”

    Rey Misterio Jr. was backstage. There’s a photo of him on Goyito’s instagram. They must be saving him for the season finale if they haven’t put him on air yet.

  2. I can’t wait for the next set of tapings, when Drago calls his cousin Smaug to prove that dragons are real. Or alternatively, transforms into a dragon before Hernandez’s eyes in Drago’s cave, aka the Temple bathroom.

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