04/11 Lucha Underground tapings results (shows for 06/24 & 07/15)

Taping order is a unusual: this night has the first and last episode of this block, with the middle two being taped Sunday. Increasingly vague match lineups are posted in the usual spot.

They’re so far ahead that you’re likely going to forget what happened by the time these matches air.

LU (SAT) 04/11/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Angélico, Drago, Son of Havoc b Bael, Hernandez, Jeff Cobb
Dark match. Ivelisse was with her partners. Havoc got the pin. In a segment for TV (start of 06/24, ep 33), Dario brought out Mil Muertes and Prince Puma and announced they’d face off at UltimaLucha for the title. Catrina and the Disciples of Death appeared with a casket. Puma attacked Muertes first, but was swarmed by the Disciples. Konnan made the save with his cane, but ended up attacked and stuffed in the casket by the rudos.
2) Bengala b Delavar Daivari [Azteca Medallion]
Bengala picked up the 4th Medallion, aided by Daviari’s second Big Ryck betraying him. In a seperate segment following, Vampiro appeared and (in sometimes coarse language) said Pentagon was a crazy, uh, person. Pentagon appeared to again demand the match one more time. Vampiro said Ian wouldn’t face Pentagon, but Vampiro would.
3) King Cuerno b Killshot [Azteca Medallion]
the fifth Medallion. Good match.
4) Sexy Star b Súper Fly [Azteca Medallion]
not as good as their mask match. Sexy Star has the sixth Medallion, leaving one more to be handed out? End of 06/24, ep 33.
5) Prince Puma b Johnny Mundo [iron man, LU CHAMP]
Taped for 07/15 (episode 36), skipping two episodes which will be taped on Sunday. No specific time announced for the Iron Man length, but it took up the entirety of the show. Said to be great match. Included Puma spearing Johnny Mundo off the band stage area and thru two tables. Mundo tried to escape at one point, but Alberto attacked him into returning. (A lot going on, possibly other stuff not mentioned here.) Puma won 5-4 with a 630 splash as time expired. Alberto told Mundo he would get revenge on him, and he was coming after Prince Puma after that.

For the live crowd, they played Ricochet’s PWG theme – “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie – to close out the show and to play off the match going all night long. Figuring Puma or Mundo must be busy today and that’s why it’s out of order.

Ultima Lucha working lineup

  • Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma (c) for the Lucha Underground Championship – definite
  • Pentagon Jr. vs Vampiro – definite, probably with some stipulation added
  • Johnny Mundo vs Alberto el Patron – likely
  • probably a trios title match
  • something with all these Medallions
  • something with Ryck and Daivari?

Deciding to go with Mil Muertes versus Prince Puma explains why they brought him back so strongly on the last set of tapings. Once they’ve decided to do Alberto/Mundo, Muertes is probably the best bet for a show ending title match.

It’s still not official that the season finale is 2 hours, but it’s obviously going to be with those matches. It seems like it’ll be the first show with a new color announcer, since Pentagon Jr. is going to destroy Vampiro and all.

The Aztec Medallion list

  1. Fenix (episode 27)
  2. Jack Evans (episode 29)
  3. Aerostar (episode 32)
  4. Bengala (episode 33)
  5. King Cuerno (episode 33)
  6. Sexy Star (episode 33)
  7. ????

The order is possibly unimportant. Again, we don’t know what these mean, but it’s possible there’s been some backstage skit with Dario explaining these already. All seven should be handed out by the end of Sunday’s taping, which may also give answers.

Pentagon, King Cuerno and Jack Evans all brought their own merchandise to sell at the shows. They’re going to sell so much of it.

Next taping is in a couple of hours.

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