Leyendas Inmortales: 2015-02-22


taped 2015-01-31 @ Deportivo Jose Maria Pino Suarez, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal

esto es lucha

one person double drop toe hold

Dama Divina & Yuca La Potranquita vs Miss Janeth & Tania: [bad] Second fall ending featured either Janeth & Tania coming up with a new double submission or being on completely different pages on what they were going to do. That was bad. This match was bad. Recapping this show is tough because Yuca did not look nearly as good this week, taking weird bumps all match. They didn’t trust Divina to do anything, but it’s not like anyone else in this match was earing the trust. (Then again, Divina about killed herself on her missed dive, so maybe they let her do too much) Third fall crowd brawling did wake everything up. Not sure how Tania using a crutch was legal, but did it turned to some bad stuff, including a ludicrous ref bump.

she was ok
most Solar/Navarro spot possible

Bryan, Hijo del Solar, Solar I vs Histeria II, Negro Navarro, Rambo: [good] The day I wrote this recap, I spent a chunk of of my day shooting seven year olds in a dark room. (Laser tag. Birthday. Not mine!) They kept the inside of the building very dark to help make the lasers stand out a bit more. At the same time, it’s never more bright around these parts than in the dead of winter. The sun shine thru the clouds and reflects off the omnipresent snow cover. There’s no color to the light, because there’s no color to February here, but it’s very white and it’s very bright. Going out of dark building and back into the world was a stark difference; we stood outside the building for a minute, covering our hurting eyes while our pupils desperately tried to adjust. Going from the dark disaster that was the last match to Negro Navarro & Solar was just as big adjustment. It was really hard to even process the match, and it appeared to be brillance compared to what we had seen. I have no idea how to rate this; it really was no thing more than a normal midcard match featuring two long time opponents, but it was also innumerable itmes better thant he last match.

devastating hip attack

Byron, explained to be a trainee of Solar and looking like a shorter Vangelis without a buzz cut or hair dye, did not even get to tag in the first fall and may have spent less than two minutes int his match entirely. Histeria at least managed to get in the ring to argue something or other, but it was really the other four guy’s show and mostly Navarro & Solar Sr. Rambo looks so old and is hard to take seriously, but he sells everything and it’s believable he’s getting killed every time he takes a move. He made Hijo del Signo look like a star, while Navarro really just didn’t want much to do with him. That’s the weird thing about these two stars; Navarro’s in IWRG all the time, so we’re used to seeing him face people besides his forever rival, but Solar was far more interested in fighting everyone on the opposing team. Maybe Navarro has just decided that everyone who knows them expects a certain match out of them at this point, and so he’s going to do and nothing like that, but it had me wishing both for Navarro to take an interest in Hijo del Solar to see what he could do (which really wasn’t determined) or for Solar to be the IWRG regular just to see what he’d come up with.

devastating hip attack misses