AAA in Xalapa, CMLL Friday night

AAA tapes tonight in Xalapa. Two of the Dream Team, Alberto el Patron & Myzteziz, face Mesias and Texano Jr. in the main event. Semimain continues the Hell Brothers/Demon/Parka issue with Aerostar as the third wheel. The undercard is full of promising matches, including Fenix/Psycho vs Fantasma/Pentagon. Belial and Gotita de Plata make appearances in the opener.

CMLL is main evented tonight by Volador, Thunder and Ultimo Guerrero vs Rush, Sombra and Negro Casas in an incredible partners trio main event. It seems like another match building towards Rush facing Thunder in a match at some point, but incredible partner matches are often used to set up matches which wouldn’t have come about otherwise. (Or, maybe they’re just going to end up with UG/Thunder vs Sombra/Rush because Thunder in a singles match is a rough idea.) There’s not much of ongoing storylines on this (or any other) CMLL show, with the closest being Maximo and Thunder facing off again in a semimain trios.

El Siglo de Torreon has a story on Perro Aguayo Jr. memorial on  Wednesday’s show in San Luis Potosi. They say 12,000 people were at the show. That’s a 7,000 seat venue, so I think they’re just picking a number. The tribute t-shirts, going for 100 to 150 pesos, were the hottest selling items. They note that even though it was suggested Rey Misterio Jr. would be at the show, he did not appear there. There’s another article where AAA luchadors dispute that list of prices put up by Univerasl last week, but also note you shouldn’t be in lucha libre for the money.

The subject of luchadors pay also comes up deep in a Forbes Mexico interview with Dorian Roldan; when asked, he says luchadors start off at about 200,000 and some are paid just under 1,000,000 Mexican Pesos. (That’s a $13K to $67.5K US.) The article says there are 92 luchadors under contract, though they may reduce to 80. The number of luchadors in AAA is my most favorite dumb stat, because it seems like it’s useful but the concept is so fuzzy to make it practically useless. (Is Belial in AAA? Counting appearing yes, probably not if you’re just including people who get that starting salary.)

The article is primarily another piece about their expansion into the US to get some of that sweet US money; with a lot of familiar info. The useful line is when Dorian says “Our idea is to be the next Mortal Kombat or Power Rangers” – it informs the product you’re seeing on Lucha Underground.

Rey Misterio Jr. and Konnan talked to the Baja California’s Attorney’s office, giving statements about Perro Aguayo Jr.’s death. (A third luchador went with them, but his name isn’t mentioned.) Not much is said about their statements, just they were as surprised by the events as everyone else. They’re still looking to talk to Manik, Extreme Tiger and the doctor. Not sure why it’s taken so long to talk to the doctor, that would seem to be one of the first things to do.

Daniel Aceves, an Olympic medalists who’s father was honored on a past Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, threw his support behind creating a new national commission to oversee lucha libre and boxing. He feels the CONADE (which governs sports in Mexico) already has the authority to do so, just needs the funding to make it happen.

LA Park calls Perro Aguayo Jr. a great human.

R de Rudo has a column wondering who will replace Perro Aguayo Jr. as the best rudo in Mexico.

WWE announced they’d return to Mexico again this October

  • 10/16 Merida (Coliseo Yucatan)
  • 10/17 Mexico City (Arena Ciudad de Mexico)
  • 10/18 Monterrey (Arena Monterrey)

Tickets go on sale 04/15, six months before the shows actually take place.

SuperLuchas looks back at past April 2nd shows, including the debut of Arena Coliseo and the Princesa Sugehit versus Dark Angel mask match.

If I’m reading Syrui’s blog entry correctly (iffy!), La Gitana is Mascara Dorada’s sister.

Olimpico is involved with a TV Azteca dancing show in some way.

Matt D at Segunda Caida reviews Nuevos Infernals at Padrismo.

DJ Spectro looks back to Gran Coloso vs Mascara 2000

LV reviews this week’s Lucha Underground. Rotten Tomatoes visited Lucha Underground, learned five things about the show that you probably already know. Good PR anyway.

Coliseo Papa Milo held a press conference for their 04/10 show.


CHILANGA MASK (SUN) 04/12/2015 Coliseo Coacalco, Coacalco, Estado de México
1) Impulso vs Keira
2) Justiciero & Magnifico vs Tigre Rojo & Tigre Rojo Jr.
3) Jeque vs Herodes Jr.
4) Virus vs Avisman
5) Arez & Belial vs Aramis & Iron Kid
6) Aero Boy vs Soberano Jr., Alas de Acero
7) Black Terry vs Psico Kid
8) Negro Navarro vs Dragon Lee (CMLL)

Full card for their first of two matches in Coacalco in April. Dragon Lee vs Negro Navarro in the main event is the latest announcement and a Different Style Battle – but I’d trust Dragon Lee more than most young flyers in that match. Virus vs Avisman is a sleeper excellent match.