Lucha Underground 1×21: “Uno! Dos! Tres!”

Johnny Mundo trusts those railings

the matches

Johnny Mundo b Angelico (7:43, Fin de Mundo)
Drago [2] b Aerostar [2] (4:27, cradle)
Big Ryck, Killshot, the Mack b Pentagon Jr., Sexy Star, Super Fly in the Lucha Underground Trios Championship Tournament (10:57, Killshot top rope double stomp on Super Fly)

the developments

There’s a trios tournament. Dario announced it on Twitter earlier in the day. Striker said the tournament would go four weeks, and later said the winners of the main event would adavnce to a three week final in three weeks (04/22). So, six team tournament.

Teams we know:

Drago cradle for the win

1: Big Ryck, Killshot and the Mack – Ryck started the show by inviting himself into Dario’s office with his two new partners. The Mack is Ryck’s cousin, Killshot is Ryck’s friend. Ryck heard a (very correct) rumor that Dario ordered the Crew to take him out. Dario denied, then bought off Ryck by placing his trio in the tournament and (as strongly requested) paying off each member of the trio.

2: Dario wanted to reward Sexy Star for her recent performances by putting her in the trios tournament, but Mascarita and Pimpinela are still out hurt. Dario decided to pick new partners for her: Super Fly and a man who’s been destroying his competition, Pentagon. Sexy Star didn’t say anything (at least on the English version) but didn’t seem totally pleased.

3: Dario called in Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico to express his disappointment with all of them: Angelico lost earlier in the show and last week, Son of Havoc won last week but lost prior, and Ivelisse got dumped. (Ivelisse argued she actually dumped first.) Dario decided to salvage the whole thing by throwing them together as a trios team. They all hated the idea. Dario warned them they’d face a strong team next week.

Early in the show, Angelico impressed the announcers by coming close to beating Johnny Mundo, but lost in the end. Alberto happened upon Mundo after his match, and they had a fake nice conversation back and forth, clearly eyeing each other as potential roadblocks down the line.

getting close to ice dancing, but still cool

Black Lotus (writing in her diary), caught us up on her last month: she would’ve gotten killed by Matanza if not spirited away by the mystery man, the mystery man is Dragon Azteca, Dragon Azteca saw her family killed, and Dragon Azteca is now training her in the art of lucha libe so she can be ready for Matanza. Lucha libre training looked like martial arts training in a 70s film.

Drago fought more aggressive/desperately to stay alive in the best of five. Drago and Aerostar went head to head after the match, their friendship breaking down.

Pentagon addressed his maestro prior to the match, promising to win the trios titles despite his “weak” partners. He didn’t get along with Super Fly & Sexy Star at all, but they all wanted to win and worked together at the end. Still, newcomers The Mack & Killshot beat Super Fly in the end. Pentagon Jr., who had tried to break the Mack’s arm early in the match, tried the same with Super Fly. Sexy Star made the save in time, leaving Pentagon furious.

stray thoughts

A busy show, with a lot of stuff happening – a new title, a new tournament, two new people, and a few feuds teased.

This is the first of the shows I saw live. Angelico/Mundo was as good live (pretty good!) as it was on TV. Drago/Aerostar felt longer in person. The trios main event actually felt shorter live, stunned to see it went over 10 minutes. That was the match they retaped, and it was definitely the second one which ended up being used. The new guys looked good in their debuts, even their opponents kept up with them.

welcome the Mack and Killshot

It was a really good night for Angelico. The Son of Havoc match last week was good, but this was even better. Striekr mentioned his Toryumon (Mexico) background early in the match, and this did feel like a Dragon Gate come to Lucha Underground with the speed and the sequences. The reception to putting Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico back together is going to be interesting. It’d hard to say much when you know how it turns out already.

The Black Lotus thing was a lot of info dropped in a short time. She’s been so (purposefully) mysterious on this show so far that it’s tough to find a reason to get too invested in her plot, and it sticks out even more when she has a month’s worth of developments dropped into a 30 second vignette. The problem isn’t as much the story (though it’d be better if any of the events were happening on camera) but it’s disconnection from the rest of the plot.


Drago and Aerostar’s matches needed to evolve in some way, and having their friendship break down was the easiest way. This match seemed like a step back from the previous ones, but Lucha Underground like some it’s finales to be big…

The Mundo/Alberto bit didn’t mean a lot in the context of this show, but it was a great tense tease for an encounter down the road. There are still identifiable tecnicos and rudos on the show, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s going to get along when they all want the same thing.

AAA on Televisa: 2015-02-14


taped 2015-01-30 @ Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca, Estado de México

All this recaps are done (usually) within a week of airing, even though they turn up on here months later (and the captions don’t get written until now.) I want to leave my thoughts of the matches as they were at the time, but obviously that means there’s going to be some weirdness when it comes to Perro Aguayo Jr.  I’m going to leave my comments as they are for all these matches, but pull me back if I’ve missed something inappropriate.

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great match roundup, week of 2015-02-14

Good/Great/Excellent matches

AAA on Televisa: 2015-02-14
taped 2015-01-30 @ Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca, Estado de México
Mascarita Sagrada, Mini Drago, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Charly Manson, Mini Psycho Clown: [good]

Bengala, Drago, Faby Apache vs Joe Lider, Súper Fly, Taya Valkyrie: [good]

Fénix, Myzteziz, Psycho Clown vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hijo del Fantasma, Pentagón Jr.: [good]

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2015-02-14
taped 2015-02-03 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
Dragon Lee, Esfinge, Stigma vs Cancerbero, Okumura, Raziel: [good]

CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2015-02-14
taped 2015-02-06 @ Arena México
Negro Casas & Shocker © vs La Máscara & La Sombra for the CMLL World Tag Team Championship: [great]

CMLL Titanes del Ring: 2015-02-14
taped 2015-02-08 @ Arena México
Delta, Dragon Lee (CMLL), Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Kamaitachi, Puma (CMLL), Virus: [good]

Shows Watched But Nothing Worthwhile
CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-02-14
Lucha Underground: 2015-02-18
Leyendas Inmortales: 2015-02-15

Matches To Watch Later

I haven’t watched the actually good All Elite matches.

CMLL Tuesday results, Lucha Underground, AAA in SLP

CMLL (TUE) 03/31/2015 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Aéreo & Angelito b Pequeño Nitro & Pequeño Universo 2000
2) Goya Kong, Marcela, Syuri b La Comandante, La Seductora, Tiffany
3) Pegasso, Soberano Jr., Starman b Boby Zavala, Okumura, Sangre Azteca
4) Titán b Misterioso Jr. [lightning]  (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Titan won in 7:40.
5) Kamaitachi, Puma, Tiger b Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Tritón
Guerrero Maya Jr. replaced Dragon Lee on Monday.
6) Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, La Máscara b Hechicero, Negro Casas, Vangellys
La Mascara replaced Dragon Rojo on Monday.

Alexis has another view of Titan’s moonsault. A distressing lack of issues going on here (and no sign of any sort of tournament to distract from the usual issues.)

CMLL (TUE) 03/31/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [CMLL]
1) Bengala & Robin b Furia Roja & Mr. Trueno
2) Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus b Esfinge, Gallo, Omar Brunetti
3) Sagrado b Blue Panther Jr. [lightning]
Blue Panther Jr. replaced the Panther
4) Rey Bucanero, Shocker, Terrible DQ Blue Panther, Marco Corleone, Máximo
Terrible fouled Marco Corleone for the DQ.
5) Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto DQ Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr.
Mephisto pulled off Mistico’s mask for the DQ.

Straight falls DQ and changing the lightning match is one way to go.

This past weekend’s Toryumon Mexico setup an Ultimo Dragon vs Tiger Ali match for their May show.

Just like two weeks ago, this Wednesday is another big AAA day. Only one show is airing tonight, but two are taking place

Lucha Underground has three matches

There’s also early video of a Mundo & Alberto segment which will air, and of Big Ryck introducing some new friends to Dario Cueto. There was also a bonus post show interview with Son of Havoc on his new status quo.

Dario makes an announcement that sets up match three, and a whole bunch of matches for the next month. The last few shows were knocking down the pins, the next couple is about setting those pins back up (while having good matches.)

This is the first episode I saw live and, given this show’s tendency to break normal patterns, I went into the Aerostar/Drago match thinking there was a chance it could actually end without going all five matches.

Meanwhile, in San Luis Potosi, AAA holds it’s first TV taping since the death of Perro Aguayo Junior. The show is being billed as Hijo del Perro Aguayo tribute, with fans encouraged to bring and wear their Perros del Mal shirts. Rey Misterio Jr. is unofficially officially scheduled to appear to be part of a tribute, and the tribute is the important thing. They’ll be having matches because that’s what they do and that’s what they’ll eventually need on TV, but this is more a celebration of Perro Aguayo Jr.

Yesterday’s AAA podcast cleared up the changes in the card (and there’s an updated poster to match it):

  • main event is now Alberto el Patron vs Cage, in a make up for Rey de Reyes
  • semimain is Blue Demon Jr. & Myzteziz vs El Mesias & Hijo del Fantasma
  • Fenix drops down to the tercera to replace Super Nova

Mesias replaces Perro Aguayo Jr. on the Xalapa show this Friday.

Perros del Mal rep Kahn (who is Perro Aguayo Jr.’s cousin) says the Perros del Mal concept will continue on to keep Perro’s legacy strong.

Cruz de Silencio, a deaf luchador from Morelia who’s appeared on DTU shows, says he’s been invited to wrestle in Japan as a show featuring wrestlers with disabilities, and and is looking to raise money for air fare.

All Elite announced Negro Casas & Octagon vs Blue Panther & Fuerza Guerrera for their 04/19 show in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara.

Syuri talks about coming to Mexico again, suggests facing Marcela. The always entertaining thing about the Japanese women coming to CMLL is there are suddenly very detailed reports of inconsequential Puebla matches available in kanji.

LuchaWorld has a recap of this week’s +LuchaTV and today’s KrisZ news update.

LuchaTV has highlights of Black Fire & Slayer Pack vs Los Malkariados, Drastick Boy vs Hormiga vs Lokillo vs Lanzelot vs Articuz vs Rocky Lobo, Los Nerds vs Super Boy (not that one), El Flaco and Guerrero InfernalCrazy Boy vs Super Mega, Los Porros vs Los Masizos vs Ursus & Dance Boy, Los Tortugas Ninjas vs a Neza Boys/exoticos team, Impulso vs Danger, and Skyman vs Rayo Star. There’s also interviews with Crazy Boy (challenging for a titlenoting he never gets a title shot), Impulso and Danger talking about a hair match and CaraLucha honoring Hijo del Perro Aguayo.

Segunda Caida reviews 09/21/14 CMLL and Guerreros in Japan

LV reviews this week’s CMLL 52MX, this week’s C3, and a very positive review of Rey de Reyes.

Recent Mascara Dorada action in trios and atomicos. His title match is coming up this weekend.

SuperLuchas writes about a magazine article talking about the problems of luchadors. Ray Mendoza Jr. says he’s still not been paid what was promised to him for his mask loss; he’s brought this up before.

The Mexican national broadcasters association honored Magico, Lady Apache, Cassandra, Lady Sensacion, El Pantera, El Signo, Fantasma and Dr. Gustavo Zavaelta.

Fuego en el Ring looks back at Acertijo (the one from the mid 90s.)

Union Jalisco has a short bio of Apolo Dantes.

DJ Spectro looks back Villano III vs Estrellas del Sur.


CMLL (TUE) 04/07/2015 Arena México
1) Stukita & Último Dragoncito vs Pequeño Nitro & Pequeño Violencia
2) Flyer, Magnus, Robin vs Artillero, Disturbio, Súper Comando
3) Oro Jr., Soberano Jr., Star Jr. vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Sangre Azteca
4) The Panther vs Virus [lightning]
5) Blue Panther, Titán, Valiente vs Ephesto, Hechicero, Luciferno
6) Dragon Lee, Dragón Rojo Jr., La Máscara vs Euforia, Kamaitachi, Negro Casas

Will Dragon Rojo be back this week? Maybe, it’s in the window. Nice to see Dragon Lee & Kamaitachi rewarded in with a main event.

Panther vs Virus is an exciting match. Hopefully a title match if Virus is still champion at this part.

All the matches on this show have a chance of being good.

CMLL (TUE) 04/07/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Brazo De Oro Jr., Leono, Magnum vs Espanto Jr., Furia Roja, Jocker
2) Dark Angel, Goya Kong, Syuri vs Amapola, Dalys, La Comandante
3) Brazo de Oro, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Misterioso Jr., Pierroth, Sagrado
4) Mistico vs Mephisto
5) Atlantis, Máximo, Super Porky vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Felino, Mr. Niebla

Brazo de Oro returns to the ring yet again to face off against Pierroth and introduce a new son, both of which are frightening prospects. (On the other hand, if you’re hoping CMLL is going to ran a tournament featuring new luchadors, one’s finally debuting.) This Brazo de Oro Jr. has been working on the (likely Brazo run) CMLL Arena Aficion shows.