Aguayo notes, Lucha Underground tapings

No IWRG results this morning. Not much news.

AAA officially announced Alberto el Patron would appear on Wednesday’s TV taping, which will now honor Perro Aguayo Jr. Rey Misterio Jr. has said to be appearing previously. Update: an article on the press conference to announce the show says Alberto vs Cage will now take place in San Luis Potosi. Mesias will take Perro Aguayo Jr.’s spot in the main event; he figured to be the mystery guy in the main event, and they’re not saying who the mystery guy is. They also did not officially announce Rey Jr. as appearing on the show, but hinted he would be there.

El Sol del Toluca talks to Kahoz, who was in the ring with Oro when he suffered his fatal injury. Kahoz is Mephisto’s father, though that’s not mentioned here. They do say he’s driving a taxi now. Kahoz says Oro’s death was the beginning of the end of his career, as it hurt him mentally badly. He complains about luchador being under paid – even telling a story about being brought to Veracruz for a show and the luchadors going fishing since they had no breakfast – but also said he’d do it again.

Another version of the previous interview with Dr. Zavaleta of the Mexico City commission mentions Perro Aguayo Jr.’s license test specifically includes a EKG and laboratory tests. Those would check for heart conditions but not necessarily neck damage.

El Miktlan of el Pancracio observed that there was an increased medical presence at lucha libre shows in Mexico City this weekend.

Terrible took part in a moment honoring Perro Aguayo Jr. on a show Puebla this weekend.

Lucha Underground’s announced their April taping schedule: they’ll be filming the 11th & 12th, and the 17th and 18th. That will finish off the first 39 episode for the first season and take them thru August. It’s likely they won’t be taping again until September (assuming they get picked up again.)

Black Terry Jr. has a lot of photos of last night’s CaraLuchas show. He’s also got highlight of Rayo Star vs Skystar.

AULL has a video explaining who their champions are, which puts them one step ahead most every indy promotion.

Matt D of Segunda Caida watched the first Rey Hechicero/Charles Lucero singles match.