03/28-29 Lucha Times


Normally, this would be the first week of Rey de Reyes. (They aired the missing segunda match from DF on UTDN; the only match not to air is the one where Mesias turned, which is very strange.) AAA’s already said this show will be dedicated to Perro Aguayo Jr., which may mean the whole show on him. AAA will have more info on their website tomorrow.

CMLL Fox Sports 2 is listed as one hour, so lots of editing will need to be done if they plan on airing three matches. Maybe even with two. There’s also a small chance something strange happens and expected matches don’t air because of the Cinepolis deal.


Perro Aguayo autopsy, Rey Misterio possible retirement

Perro Aguayo Jr. fractured three vertebrae and died on the way to the hospital. They tried to revive him for 90 minutes. That’s according to the autopsy report from the Baja California Attorney General’s office. They’re still investigating the death and have said they plan on talking with everyone in the match, the lucha commission members on hand, and the medics who worked on Perro. A longer (and Spanish) version of the same article specifies it was the first, second and third vertebrae fracturedThe report believes it was a combination of the two different impacts which caused the fracture and no level or speed of medical treatment would’ve changed the outcomes

Dr. Gustavo Zavelta, of the Mexican City lucha libre commission, says Perro Aguayo Jr. was examined “15 days” prior to his death and checked out fine. I’m unsure what those tests actually include, but it’s likely to have taken place on or around the March 6th taping in Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera. Both Zavelta and head of the commission Fantasma backed the Tijuana’s commission’s actions after the injury. Zavelta noted Konnan moving Perro was not medically sound, but understandable under the circumstances, and theorized the referee might have simply believed Perro was selling (not using that word.) Zavelta said it was impossible to be sure exactly when the injury occurred.

A survey conducted by El Universal said 26% of Mexican people consider themselves lucha libre fans, and 98% of all Mexicans had heard about the death of Perro Aguayo Jr.

Universal also has an article of various luchadors being interviewed about medical conditions for a luchador, with those in the front offices of the promoters insisted that injured luchadors are always taken care of, and luchadors saying different. The complaint about no health insurance for luchadors is brought up, but they find an insurance company which insurances bullfighters and race car drivers who say they’er open to anyone. (It’s not cheap.) El Hijo del Santo deplores how promoters treats wrestlers and urges more active oversight by commission and luchador uniting together. (It’d be pretty powerful if he explained how things were different when he was running Todo x el Todo, but he suspiciously never makes those claims.) Tirantes sums it up: “If I start pointing at someone, I’ll just uncover a sewer, because we’re all culpable.”

Rey Bucanero told La Aficion that he’s talked to Rey Misterio Jr., and Misterio Jr. does not want to fight anymore and is leaning towards retirement. People who know Misterio have indicated the same things to me.

UPDATE: Rey Misterio Jr. has said he will not retire. More tomorrow.

As of last notice, Rey and Konnan were still supposed to be part of tonight’s WaleMania event near the site of WrestleMania. The original idea included Rey talking about his departure from WWE and future plans. I don’t know what’s going to happen, don’t think anyone can be 100% sure, but it’d be both men’s first public statements after Perro’s death (outside a few posts on Twitter.) Rey Misterio Jr. is still also billed as signing autographs at WrestleCon.

Apolo Valdes has a good column about the reaction to the death, in Mexico and the world: “everyone talks about lucha libre, but few seem to understand it.

Rey Misterio Sr. talked about his nephew Rey Misterio Jr. and the death of Perro Aguayo Jr. on TV Azteca Baja California. Marco Corleone talked about Perro Aguayo Jr. on PRI radio.

CMLL Informa started out with a tribute to Perro Aguayo Junior.  They still had the Leyenda de Plata plaque he broke, starting his rudo turn, and displayed on the show as a way of memorializing Perro.

There are rumors all shows in Tijuana have been canceled for the time being, but CMLL’s Mistico was still flying out there today for a press conference. He’s scheduled to wrestle on show Friday, in the same building where Perro died but for a different promotion.

The 04/03 AAA TV taping in Xalapa is now billed as honoring Perro Aguayo Jr. He was scheduled to be in the main event, and will be replaced by a mystery man from the US. Given Alberto is on the the tecnico side, this would make sense for another Brian Cage appearance.

On Twitter, Octagon alleged multiple people from AAA staff bus accident are still hospitalized, with some in comas and one person who lost a limb. Octagon does not come off as the most trustworthy source – it’s simply his vehicle take shots at AAA whenever possible, even if it’s not true or sensible – but there’s been very little information about the other injuries on staff and he cares about them. I hope everyone is okay or gets there.

All Elite has announced Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Rush on 04/19 in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. That match would do 10K+ if promoted halfway decent in Arena Mexico. They’ve also announced a 05/03 show in Monterrey, with no venue attached.

Super Nova says he’s getting surgery next week, so he’s off the AAA TV tapings. This was mentioned before, but Nova agreeing to take that Spanish Fly thru a table to the floor when he’s just finally gotten a foothold in AAA seems a very poor decision. It’s not that you have to take it easy, but maybe not put yourself at great risk. (Laredo Kid doing crazy stuff while being in line for a WWE tryout also seems dumb.)

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La Sombra doesn’t care if you go to the CaraLucha show this Sunday, he’s going to humiliate people either way. Trauma II suggested the Ingobernables try to learn a hold besides the campana.

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A column wonders what adding Marco Corleone will do to the overall make up of the Ingobernables, since he’s not as annoying as the other three. (That’s not how they write it.)