03/22 Lucha Underground results (episodes airing 06/10 & 06/17)

These are episodes 31 and 32.

There’s some big, slightly spoiler news: episode 39, the last of the original order, appears to be named “Ultima Lucha.” It comes off as the first season finale. It’s not clear if that means there will be a hiatus, but they are moving to a big event at the end. That end isn’t until August 5th, you’ve got this show for a lot longer.

You can see the match listings. Tomorrow’s episode is 20, so this is now about 3 months away from what you’re seeing on screen.

Someone new popped up in a dark match.

LU (SUN) 03/22/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Black Lotus, Killshot, Prince Puma b Big Ryck, Cheerleader Melissa, Jeff Cobb
dark match
2) Chavo Guerrero Jr. b Blue Demon Jr. [no dq]
Start of Episode 31. (June 10th) Dario did a bunch of talking prior to this match. In eight weeks (season finale), there will be a show called Ultima Lucha. Some people will get Unique Opportunities. Some people will fight in the Temple for the final time. Dario said that show will also have a Lucha Underground title match, with the four previous title challengers – listed as Hernandez, Cage, Cuerno and Fenix – competing to see who would fight again. Dario then corrected himself, noting Fenix was “”put in an early grave” by Mil Muertes on the lost, so it’d have to be a three way. Dario then welcomed Blue Demon back to the Temple and told him he wanted to make sure Demon didn’t have any ring rust. Dario brought out Chavo (w/Cisco & Cortez) as his opponent. Chavo won the no DQ match.
3) Súper Fly b Famous B
Super Fly reappeared on Saturday’s second taping (June 3), costing Sexy Star her match.
4) Disciple Of Death I, Disciple Of Death II, Disciple Of Death III b Bengala, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata
this did not get strong reviews.
5) Drago b Hernandez, Cage, King Cuerno [#1 Contenders, LU CHAMP]
winner gets a title match at Ultima Lucha. By offering all former challengers a title match, Drago was eligible to compete – but Dario demanded Drago put his mask on the line as well. Drago won, kept his mask. End of Episode 31.
6) Súper Fly b Sexy Star
Start of episode 32 (June 17th). Didn’t seem like an angle here, simply Super Fly getting his win back from the mask match. In a separate segment, Pentagon Jr. appeared in the ring as if for a match, but instead challenged Vampiro. Vampiro teased confronting him, but did not.
7) Aerostar b Cage, the Mack, Marty Martinez [Azteca Medallion]
Aerostar picked up the 3rd medallion (Fenix and Jack have won them previously.)
8) Mil Muertes b Drago [#1 Contenders, LU CHAMP]
Catrina with Mil. Mil beat Drago to take the title shot against Prince Puma. End of episode 32.

Cheerleader Melissa was one of the original names rumors for the show. Tryout? Extra woman brought in for the day to give Lotus an opponent while saving Ivelisse from wrestling on her bad foot for a dark match? Matanza???? The answer is always Matanza.

Chavo’s biggest victory of the day was not beating Blue Demon, but forging a peace between former Twitter enemies Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Konnan.

Super Fly’s probably a rudo now (completely matching up to his AAA character), but I didn’t get a mention of any other tweak.

The Disciples may have names or they may simply be Uno Dos and Tres. I’m not sure. People were thinking they were the same guys as the last set of tapings.

Drago getting back in by using Dario’s own words against him seems like it may be fair play. It’s a tough think to do on the same show where Dario is hyping a future show by promising to similarly banish other people, but Dario also may be crazy.

I forgot the Azteca Medallion set up from the last set of tapings: Dario’s giving out seven of them. Three down. There’s no details of what they mean. Given this whole series, my guess is it’s working under Dragon Ball Rules – anyone who gets a hold of all seven of them gets a wish granted. But that’s a blind guess, and it could just as well be that all seven get into one match at Ultima Lucha or something else completely different.

Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma is currently set for Ultima Lucha, but that can change again. Vampiro versus Pentagon Jr. seems sure to happen in the next few weeks, and that show would also make the most sense. (I can’t believe they’re going to have me excited for a Vampiro match in 2015, but anything is possible here.) Whatever’s going on with the Aztec Medallion figures to be settled there. That’s a lot of stuff. Dario’s proclamation alone implies more than the usual 3/4 match taping. It’s tough to fit in a lot of people getting Unique Opportunities and Final Matches Ever on a one hour show – but it’s always been strange they’ve had an odd number of episodes scheduled. As currently set up, they’d have just a single hour to tape on that last Sunday – unless perhaps the final is two hour (or more) special? Maybe? That would sort of fit with the WON “they got additional episodes picked up” story, even if it’s just one extra hour.

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  1. Appreciate you providing these! I don’t know if anyone from Lucha Underground reads the site but if they do – these spoilers only make me anticipate the shows more. I would never not tune in just because I know who’s going to win.

  2. Thing I forgot to write, but was just reminded:

    Prior to the show, at least a couple fans got the Lucha Underground logo shaved into their hair. The haircuts were done as a promotion for “Cutting Crew”, a show that was originally supposed to launch on El Rey along side Lucha Underground but hadn’t been mentioned much since. I’d assume they timed this to promote the show and it’ll debut around the time these episodes air in mid June.

  3. Maybe they’ll air or have aired the Aguayo memorial footage in their Univision news programming?

    There’s a different podcast with Eric von W. Says much of the same things as usual, but he did talk about the initial meeting the (AAA?) project people as was asked first: “what do you know about Lucha Libre?” :p´It seems the producers don’t know if they’ll be back for a second season -in a AAA sound podcast they mentioned about “phase II”-, but LU people might be thinking of resolving everything for Ultima Lucha in case it’s a series finale.

    Not sure if Eric or Chris but someone said something about wanting to do a “AAA vs LU” event/show. Maybe Ultima Lucha ends with AAA guys casted away, but then they run an “invaders” angle?

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