03/21 Lucha Underground results (episodes airing 05/27 & 06/03)

If you’re going to the tapings today – or any time in the near future – put your phone in your car before the taping starts. Not bringing your phone has always been in the rules, it’s been treated like speeding in the past, but now they’re cracking down. If you’re not a VIP and they simply see a phone in your hand, you may be thrown out. They were on people for using their phones even during intermission, it’s that strict.

The show began with a tribute to Perro Aguayo Jr. Vampiro explained what had happened, and Konnan and Fantasma are mentioned as talking about Perro Aguayo Jr. Sexy Star led the ten bell salute. This segment was taped, and could air as part of this week’s TV show. The show asked the fans to not show their Perro Aguayo Jr. signs during the show. Wrestlers and fans were clearly shaken by what happened. It gave the show a weird atmosphere, though the luchadors still put forward strong efforts in the matches.

You can see the match listings, but these are tapings airing two months from the last episode you saw. It’s not even spoilers if you’re unsure how they got there, it’s just a bit confusing.

LU (SAT) 03/21/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Jeff Cobb b Killswitch
dark match
2) Johnny Mundo b Aerostar
Start of Episode 29 (May 27th) Mundo firmly established as a rudo.
3) Mil Muertes b Fénix
Mil is back with Catrina (?!?!), and has the white masked Disciples of Death with him. Fenix was demolished by Muertes.
4) Prince Puma © b Hernandez [LU CHAMP]
End of episode 29
5) Jack Evans b Argenis [Aztec Medallion]
Start of Episode 30 (June 3rd). Jack Evans is also a rudo! Winner got the medallion (vacant?)
6) Angélico, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc © b Big Ryck, Cage, Delavar Daivari [LU TRIOS]
Texano interfered against Daivari’s team.
7) Pentagón Jr. b Sexy Star [submissions]
End of Episode 30 (June 3rd). Great match. Pentagon Jr. tried to break Sexy Star’s arm after the match and Vampiro made the save.

Mundo alluded to putting Alberto thru the window looking into Dario’s office on the last taping, reminding people he had turned heel. That bit makes a lot of sense knowing now that Alberto was going to be in Australia all weekend – he’s out four weeks of TV.

Seeing Mil returning with Catrina was very strange for the people in attendance, given what episode just aired. It’s his first televised appearance – might be her’s as well – since that casket match. They’ve got two months of vignettes to get there. Not sure if the Disciples were the same as the last taping.

Puma/Hernandez is the end of a two month story that actually starts on next week’s TV. He’s got no clear next challenger. Mundo working his way into a rematch still seems likely, but maybe not next.

No real idea of Jack’s role here yet, though it surprised me to see he was a rudo. Not sure what’s going on with those Medallions. The 05/13 show has a 7 way match for a Medallion with neither those two wrestlers involved. I’d assumed it was a secondary title, but maybe Dario’s giving out multiple ones for some unclear plan? Maybe some of these results are wrong? This another one which won’t make sense for a while.

Texano has issues with Daivari. Daivari is also rich, so Ryck & Cage may be with him just for the money.

Vampiro teased making the save during a previous Pentagon attack. Actually making it to the ring makes it seem like we’ll see him in a match by the end of this season.

No Bengala yet, but he’s said to be in Los Angeles. Blue Demon Jr. had said he wouldn’t be there until Friday. Drago, who was banished on the last set of the tapings, was spotted around the building.

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