Perro Aguayo Jr. has passed away

Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, Perro Aguayo Jr., passed away early this morning. He was 35. Perro suffered fatal injuries during Friday night’s match in Tijuana. Reports indicate a ring rope snapped into his throat or head, and he fell to the mat unconscious.  It was originally believed he was just selling, but he’d actually been knocked unconscious. Perro was rushed to the Del Padro hospital, and pronounced dead early Saturday morning.

There is video. I’m not going to be watching it or linking to it.

Perro is the second AAA employee to pass away tragically within days. Perro was a lynchpin of AAA, the led heel, the man all the big feuds for the future were built around and leader of the biggest heel group, a group that had spanned both CMLL and AAA. Perro was a person who had way too much life left for him to leave now – as a individual, as a family man.

This is a nightmare.

Update (11:48): MedioTiempo has an article with quotes from the Tijuana lucha commission doctor. Everyone watching the video, and watching live, observed there was no doctor’s aid right away and a makeshift stretcher. (In the video, Konnan appears to be the first to notice something’s horribly wrong.) The doctor explains there had been two other injuries on the card, including a spinal one, and the doctors were still treating them. The doctor says there were two ambulances present. It sounds like the spinal injury person was still on the stretcher, so the idea was to get Perro out of the ring as quick as possible with whatever they had. Perro was moved onto a stretcher before they got him into the ambulance.

Perro was worked on for an hour at the hospital, with a team of doctors trying to figure out what they could do, before they declared him dead. The official cause of death is “raíz de un golpe que tuvo en la región cervical”, which I believe translates to a spinal stroke.

Updated (2:00): Wrestling Observer says the doctor at the hospital called the injury as “cervical spine trauma”, believed to come from one of the two impacts of the rope into his throat. The doctor was unsure which one, though it appears it’s more likely the first.

Updated (3:30): A fan in attendance says he never saw someone taken to the back on a stretcher, which would dispute the commission’s claim about having adequate medical coverage. It’s still possible someone could’ve made it to the back and then put on a stretcher due to an injury.

This story has understandably gotten mainstream and worldwide attention, largely due to the videos of Perro’s death being available. There’s a lot of people looking into this; I think we’ll know the truth of the medical situation quickly.

Updated (4:00): Record reports the Baja California Attorney’s General has announced an investigation into the death. It’s exactly what you’d expect for this high profile of a death.

Updated (6:30): AAA’s TV show was preceded by a news report from Televisa Deportes, talking about Perro Aguayo Jr.’s life and death. Footage for the Tijuana was used. The show led off with a brief tribute to Irma. Perro Jr.’s match is still scheduled to air as the TV main event.

The Crash promoter says Perro Aguayo Sr. has not been informed of his son’s passing, for concerns of his own health. There has been a consistent rumor for months that Perro Aguayo Sr. is in bad physical and especially mental shape, and this would be the first time someone’s acknowledged the situation publicly.

The Crash also maintained that what happened an accident, and had nothing to do with the wrestlers. The promoters expect to be interviewed as part of the investigation, but believe everyone did their job properly.

The funeral will take place tomorrow in Guadalajara, by request of the mother. The Crash says they are paying all expenses to transport Perro’s body.

An ESPN medical doctor, observing the situation only from video, believes Perro died instantly on hitting the ropes, his vertebrae dislodged by the impact.

Updated (7:00): The Tijuana commission laid out a timeline claiming it Perro Aguayo Jr. was taken to the hospital within six minutes of the injury. The hospital is two streets away from the arena. That report says Perro technically died of cardiac arrest. I assume that came about because of his other injury, but I’m not a doctor.

The commission also says, previously on the show, three luchadors had previously been taken to the hospital.

Updated (9:10): MedioTiempo’s latest report includes the doctor stating Perro Jr. still had vital signs when he was taken to the hospitals. Theories from others about Perro being instantly dead when the rope hit him appear to be incorrect.

The confirms the commission report that the Perro Jr. officially died in the hospital of a cardiac arrest, likely brought on by the neck injury. (The article also mentions respiratory arrest. I’m unsure if there’s meant to be difference.)

The attorney general has ordered an autopsy, which includes standard drug tests. It’s unknown how this affects plans to transport his body back to Guadalajara ASAP.

Updated (Sunday 12:30): The funeral wake was held earlier this morning. Perro Sr. was in attendance. Contrary to earlier reports, luchador Medico Asesino Jr. says he tried to contact Perro Sr. to tell him about Perro Jr.’s injury during the hour he was being treated in the hospital, looking for advice on what they should do, but saying he only got as far as Perro’s secretary.

Miguel Fonesca, while explaining that the Crash was an independent show which had nothing to do with AAA outside of using two of it’s wrestlers, said there will be a tribute show to Perro Aguayo Jr. at some point. It’s too soon to say when that’ll happen.

Universal has a story with Perro Sr.’s half brother, Juan. He talks about the death, and says Perro Jr. wanted to be a luchador since he was seven. His father tried to push Perro Jr. in other directions, but he was set on it.

Lawyers are trying to get involved. Even regional politics at this point; the Tijuana newspaper is carrying the word of the commission that everything was done as it should, and the Guadalajara papers are bringing in experts to talk about all the things which were done wrong in Tijuana.

There are various infographics and pictorials of Perro’s death, with so many people weighing in on what happened. It’s reached the point of diminishing returns.

28 thoughts to “Perro Aguayo Jr. has passed away”

  1. And now the little stuff I didn’t have the heart to put in that post…

    There probably will be a public wake in the next few days. AAA just had one on Friday. I can’t even begin to understand what they’re going thru. I just heard the grief in Enrique & Oscar’s voices on their last podcast, and the joy with a job well done from Konnan and Perro when they made a run-in and now Perro’s gone too.

    I’m 100% sure there will be some sort of investigation about the doctor at ringside for the match, who did not react to what happen quick enough. There’s enough lucha comission bureaucracy in Tijuana to make that happen. It’ll probably just be a routine check, because it seems like a freak accident that could not have been prevented, but it does look horrible when Konnan’s the only one who noticed something was wrong. (Man, poor Konnan.)

    I’d guess this weekend’s Lucha Underground tapings are going on, just like the Rey de Reyes went on. However, If you have tickets, you should keep an eye on their Twitter just to be sure. Just like Rey de Reyes, going on with those shows or canceling those shows are both correct options.

    I’d assume most other shows will go on, but with very heavy hearts and maybe more precautions than usual.

    The Perros del Mal need to stay together, and that insignia needs to be seen on AAA TV for some time. It’ll need to be retired at some point, but it would hurt too much to disappear right now.

    There’s no one who can replace Perro. They’ll have to try anyway, because it’s too big of a hole. Mesias and Texano Jr. will have to be shifted into bigger spots for the time being. They may have to turn Alberto or Myzteziz. There’s a decent chance of one of those guys who’ve annoyed their way out of the company may be brought back one more time just to get a TripleMania main event. Maybe they go all the way with Pentagon. I dunno.

    People in the US are going to compare this to Owen Hart, people who follow Japan are going to compare it to Misawa, people in Mexico might with Oro (or even Sangre India), but to me this as big than all of them in the moment. Misawa had a greater career and NOAH’s struggled without him, but NOAH was struggling prior to him. The others were more midlevel players. Perro was the axis of a company doing well. He was the MVP. He can not be replaced, AAA can simply try something else.

    CMLL has acknowledged the passing. That’s the magnitude, that CMLL would actually acknowledge an AAA death.

  2. Cronicas y Leyendas made the Solitario comparison. I think that’s the right one.

    The next 3 weeks of AAA TV are built around Perro. I have no idea what you do.

  3. This is horrible, just horrible and another horrible thing stacked on what has already happened this week – such a dark dark. I for one am not going to even look at the video of what happened. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Aguayo Family and Rey Mysterio as well, he must be heartbroken to be involved in such a tragic accident.

  4. Sad thing, the headlines are already coming out in various forms about Rey killing Perrito, mostly from American websites and blogs. Stupid shit. Disgusting. Very disrespectful to Perrito’s family and Rey with no idea of how the Lucha world works.

    Watching a few different videos and angles, it looked like a work and then Konnan caught on. It was probably already too late. He had no movement at all.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Perrito’s close family and friends. We all suffer in this loss, though. Another tragedy showing how dangerous professional wresting really is.

  5. Triple AAA has a difficult time ahead of itself as it will be hard to promote Rey for a while and with Perrito gone. I just don’t see how they can promote Rey strongly and be respectful of what went on. Rey may even want to think of “retiring” the 619 in honor of Perrito because that has forever changed it.

    I really feel for Rey in all of this too. Some will try to blame it on his ring rust and the like. This is the last thing Rey would ever want in any way.

  6. Horrible, really horrible, i was never a fan of Perro jr, but upon learning about the tragedy, it hurts. Can’t even imagine the pain his family and friends are going through. My best wishes to all of them. Not to forget, Oscar is surely devastated, it was the freakiest of accidents, but it should be very hard to get over it. It wouldn’t be surprising if Rey Jr is done as well :(

    I don’t agree on keeping Perros del Mal, Garza and Aguayo are gone, they could bring Damian or Halloween to act as owner(s) carrying the torch or something, but it would be better to let it go. Maybe AAA needs to reboot after all. They’ll probably have a show or two with Aguayo jr’s career highlights on TV… but I don’t know what they will do with the Juan de la Barrera and Rey de Reyes footage. Maybe they need to retreat and forget about the “distracted referee” and the referee bumps and have two referee 100% into making their best effort to that everything is going alright. Of course, it was not a AAA show, but if the leading lucha promotion is increasing its security measures others might have to follow, especially considering last night’s show was pretty big, some people are saying there were no EMTs around and that they had to use a board as an improvised stretcher, there’s not excuse for that if true (couldn’t bring myself to watch the videos .( )

    So I think they should reboot, forget old feuds and drop la Sociedad as well. Have San Luis and Xalapa as Perrito’s memorial just worked straight without any “hate grudge matches”, maybe even dropping the rudos and tecnicos format, start working new stables and feuds a couple of months later. Remove Rey de Reyes and make Heroes Inmortales in March (for Aguayo and Abismo Negro and the others), hold Triplemania mid June so it serves as a Peña memorial show (around his birthday).

  7. Chui makes a good point about the show; there didn’t seem to be adequate medical staff and that could be a requirement to work non-AAA or non-CMLL shows.

    What would be nice is for Damian, Bestia, Halloween, Nicho, Joe, X-Fly, and any one else to come out, take their PDM jerseys off, as a tribute to Perrito, and put PDM to rest.

  8. Rest in peace, Perro Aguayo Jr! I was/am a big fan of the top rudo of AAA and his former work in CMLL. His feud with the original Mistico being displayed in Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine was the main reason for me to start to watch lucha libre years ago. He is a big presence in lucha libre and had a great personality outside of the ring. God bless his legacy, his family and friends!

  9. Terrible and devastating news. You’ll be missed Perro. Just like you, just yesterday during Muertes/Fenix match I was thinking how insanely over Perro would be at the Temple.

    Shit man, he was basically in his prime. He was supposed to headline this year’s TripleMania with Myzteziz in a mask vs. hair match, it was supposed to be a blow-off to the 10 year long feud. Perro was charisma personified, one of those rare heels who always stayed credible despite losing and goofing around all the time. One of the biggest stars in Mexico too, this is a really hard hit to the scene.

    He was wrestling since he was 15, he literally lived and died pro-wrestling.

    When it comes to AAA, they stll have a plethora of big stars to build stories around, at least for a short while. Just go full throttle with Demon/Villano and give Texano the top rudo role. There’s Pentagon too. Mesias just turned. Bring back Wagner and give him all the money he wants for a mask match with Park. Options are everywhere.

  10. Seven years ago tonight I made my first trip to Arena Mexico to see the Perro vs. Garza hair match. It was as electric of a crowd as I’ve ever been part of. I can’t believe they are both gone.

    Perro became my favorite luchador during the two and a half years in Mexico. My first comment on this blog was after attending the Perro’s del Mal promotion’s first show. I went to their first “TV taping” in Ecatapec and the first of the Masked Republic PPV tapings. I never left one of his shows feeling like I hadn’t gotten my money’s worth.

    Gracias Perro! Descansa en paz!

  11. I think with Oro it was more of the “What If” because he died at such a young age. Misawa had already had a legendary career. Perro Jr. at 35 is in his prime years for lucha and to think he had injuries/issues for a few years and at one point several were concerned about him. AAA was really pushing him as the top rudo. Sad day.

  12. I watched the video. The death is disturbing enough, but seeing as to how he was never given oxygen and it took so long to get him out of there turned my stomach. There was no excuse for that at all.

  13. It is disgusting to watch the unprofessionalism by all those involved. Perro went limb instantly, I don’t want to hear about the other two injuries the had CONSIOUS wrestlers! Turn on the house lights and divert all medical attention to the guy who isn’t moving and most likely not breathing, it’s basic triage.

    I don’t know Perro personally but watching what went down hurts.

    RIP Perrito

  14. I hope the criminal investigation doesn’t gain traction, at least against Rey. Med staff maybe, but not Rey. They all assume risks. The throat is such a vulnerable area. I’ve been choked out in BJJ before and my throat was sore for a week along with my voice being messed up and that wasn’t from an impact like Perrito suffered.

    Hindsight it always 20/20. I bet if Konnan and the others knew what they know now, it would all be different. But they don’t get that chance.

    I am sorry most for Perrito’s family who will always have that video(s) out there to remind them. Terrible.

  15. This is like a recurring nightmare, Abismo Negro, Hector Garza, Irma Orsono & now Perro Aguayo Jr.

    I remember watching Perro break into AAA when he was 15, put into a bloody feud that he won with El Picudo.

    Aguayo just got better over the years, and this tragedy hurts because how over he was with the crowd and us marks. Don’t see how the PdM’s go on, although I think AAA should still broadcast the Rey de Reyes show.

    None of this should be blamed on Rey Misterio.

    Really, really depressing.

  16. Heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been impacted by this horrible tragedy. So much death lately… so very sad :(

  17. They’re saying the heart attack killed him. I’m not sure if that means the heart attack happens first. Again, I’m not a doctor, but I’d guess that the injury to the neck could’ve caused the heart attack – if your brain is not connected to the rest of your body, disastrous things will begin to happen.

  18. Hard to blame medical staff when given the injury Perro was already dead and whether they got to him one second after it happened or not, there was literally nothing they could do for him. It could have happened with a team of 100 doctors standing next to him and they couldn’t do anything for him.

    I don’t see how a criminal investigation will help outside of possibly having a better response for injuries that they can help with.

    It’s very sad.

  19. I had to come back and leave a comment on this awful day for Lucha the best rudo in aaa and overall Mr charisma gone in a freak accident bad week and this is so sad I still can’t belive it when I read it this moring feel sorry for rey as well and how he coping rip perro the charisma of Lucha libre.

  20. I was there last night and first off let me thank you as all the info posted on here is as close to as how i recall it going down. So many outlets are reporting such BS that it makes me sad as to how irresponsible they are.

    I have never in my life witnessed something so tragic. I will say at first i thought it was a work, but after a few seconds his face went pale, and we all knew something was wrong.

    After this whole situation Rey got on the mic, and since the audio in the arena wasn’t the greatest i assume tried to keep the crowd calm in telling them to keep Perro in their prayers. The promotion even brought out Rey’s whole family and also Damian 666 and Psicosis (Nicho) as some sort of surprise, but Rey’s mind was somewhere else.

    I think there was negligence on so many levels last night, but also i ask myself what indy promotion in Mexico is really capacitated to deal with a situation such as the one last night. I truly in my heart of hearts beleive it was just a freak accident.

  21. My condolences to Hijo del Perro Aguayo’s family and fellow co-workers/friends. It’s still very sad news. R.I.P.

  22. I had no intention of watching the videos, but they’re been all over the place on TV as well :( Regional Azteca7 guy seems to have worked with the Solidaridad shows in Mty and he was very clear saying it was an accident and it makes no sense to seek criminal charges. Same in Multimedios, with Roberto Figueroa.

    They aired Juan de la Barrera show with the main event. Maybe they had no time to come up with something different, or they thought that having Perro performing and being cheered was OK. Rey de Reyes might still be un-airable, no one wants to remember last Aguayo’s TV match with “Chingas a tu madre” chants, and there was also Dorian being set to the ropes for the 619, better not to air that.

  23. I’ve seen some of the most irresponsible reporting on this by American wrestling sites that absolutely should be ashamed of themselves. So much so, that I will never read them again. This was a true tragedy for all involved. We all want Perrito back, none more than his family, and secondly Rey and his family. This should all remind us that the “sport” was love so much is extremely dangerous. Unless you know a luchador or wrestler personally, you really have no idea what they go through: working for free just to wrestle; working two jobs outside; many have no insurance; and much more. Then injuries come, as they are bound to. All for the love of it.

    Rest in Peace Perrito, you will be missed. Rest in peace Abismo, you are missed. Rest in peace Hector…..and list goes on.

  24. Milton – not just in Mexico. I think of all the indie shows I’ve gone to in the US there usually isn’t even 1 paramedic at the show. Promoter and wrestlers usually have to help the guy who gets hurt out. Sometimes, if they are lucky there is someone in the audience who has some sort of medical experience whether its a doctor or nurse, but usually its the wrestlers, promoter or staff handling the situation and calling emergency services.

  25. Milton & Alfredo – I spent a good chunk of my in-ring career working in Pennsylvania, a state that requires a doctor to be present at ringside. However, the MD is only required to be present, and to sign a state document – they aren’t required to administer care or act as a first responder. Essentially, the requirement is a joke, the promoter is just required to pay an MD to sit ringside. I worked shows with some docs that helped stitch guys up, and so forth, but I also worked shows where the doc wouldn’t do anything, as they didn’t want to be liable. All the doc is really obligated to do, once they sign the paper, is to be there the entire event, and to stop a match if it gets out of hand (think of an MMA doc stopping the fight). The only time I ever saw a doc get involved like that, was after Super Hentai dove off a balcony three times because a table wouldn’t break.

    Also in the PA rules is the requirement that an ambulance be present unless the venue is within a mile of a trauma ER. However, that requirement is NEVER enforced.

    So basically, you have to have a legit doc at ringside for the purpose of keeping kayfabe, but they let the requirement for actual EMTS slide.

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