Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, ChilangaMask

Today is Homenaje a Dos Leyendas. (It’s the usual 8:30 start, but remember it’s a hour later than usual if you’re in the US.) It may very well be that a week of Rey de Reyes and the great Lucha Underground episode has just burnt me out on lucha libre for the moment, but there doesn’t feel like any excitement or buzz going into tonight’s show. Every match has a chance to be good and one match has a chance to be as good as anything on those other shows, but I’d rate my interest as a 3 of 10.

Kamaitachi & Dragon Lee will be great and the four men in the main event tag match will be working very hard, but there’s little intrigue in the outcomes for that those matches. It’s been clear who’s going to win since the feuds began – and it’s the right people winning, but there needs to be some balance with matches with mystery outcomes, and there’s no matches like that on this show.

CMLL’s focus has primarily been on El Faraon and his appearance on the show. CMLL drawing well tonight will depend on a lot of older fans coming back to see him one (last?) time. I’m unsure if he’s that level of a star, but CMLL’s been successful doing the same in previous years.

The other problem here is the current dismal TV situation. This show to me if I was sure I could actually see it (and it’ll be interesting to hear how the Ciniepolis airings go.) It’d be appealing if CMLL was still airing on Terra or on a new iPPV outlet; knowing that we’re likely to only see edited versions of matches when three matches get compressed into one Fox Sports 2 airing is annoying. CMLL generally backsliding is a depressing thing.

The best thing about H2L is that Draogn Lee/Kamaitachi match. The second best thing is it ends those feuds and we might possibly get something new after H2L. There’s been talk of a national trios title tournament. There’s been talk of another En Busca de un Idolo soon. That Guerreros/Ingobernables match is probably setting up a singles match for next week. Hopefully something happens to give the company a spark.


This show seems more exciting.

Hechicero wants to fight Black Terry, only Aeroboy and Guerrero Maya Jr. happen to be in the match. So, his plan is to work with Terry to sweep them aside, and then take on Terry one on one. He’s still annoyed with Maya for messing up their last match by running in. Hechicero notes this is the first time he’s been in a four way, so maybe this won’t be as easy as he thinks.

All the foreigners (and Tijuana natives) part of Sunday’s show are in Mexico. Foreigners attending the show are still on the way.

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2 thoughts to “Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, ChilangaMask”

  1. El Faraon was a big star in his day. There was a long stretch where he was on par with the likes of Perry Aguayo, Sangre Chicana, Satanico, and others. He just happened to leave wrestling when he was still capable of giving a decent match. I like seeing lucha legends be recognized on a big show like Homenaje A Dos Leyendas, I just wish that they’d honor more at a time. How long will it take before other guys like Lizmark, Ringo Mendoza, Dr. Wagner (original), etc, but also earlier legends ,get their do at Arena Mexico? How about Homenaje a Tres Leyendas instead? And you’re right about this card, the big matches are way too predictable. Hopefully, there’s a big surprise on this show. Kamaitachi vs. Dragon Lee should be awesome.

  2. I always thought it would be good if the had a legends trios match with a legend on each side like 2013, though I guess there’s not a lot active to choose from

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