CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-01-31

Dark Angel attempts to dropkick a hole in Zeuxis


taped 2015-01-27 @ Arena México

no idea if this was the planned spot

Flyer, Magnus, Sensei vs Akuma, Disturbio, Espiritu Negro: [good] pretty high impact match for a CMLL segunda; there was a tracking shot of body strewn all over the floor after the finish, and it was exactly that kind of match. Magnus, disallowed from doing dives, still managed to do crazy high flying moves to the floor (though I’m not sure what the actual point of the dive ban is if Spanish Flys to the floor are fine.) That’s normally a contrived spot, but the set up to it really was smooth. (Also, they saved it for their last spot in the match! Flyer looked really off here. He’s definitely still a novato, especially if he’s decided to take that Destroyer in every match, and was definitely had the worst match of those here. Espiritu Negro still seems good and still seems to need more TV time. Disturbio is Sensei’s greatest possible opponent, they were fun as usual.

Flyer has a graceful springboard moonsault
Magnus diving headscissors
this thing keeps happening to poor Flyer
Akuma was up for pretty much anything
Zeuxis, on a different level

Dark Angel, Estrellita, Princesa Sugehit vs La Seductora, Tiffany, Zeuxis: [OK] Had some good sections in it. The beatdown always is pretty uneventful when 2015 Tiffany is leading the action, but the action was good in the first fall and the third fall. The first one went smoother with some noticeable problems in the third. Cameras totally pulled an AYM on Dark Angel’s neat looking tope, but caught Estrellita slowly climbing the ropes for her armdrag perfectly. Zeuxis ran in to make the save way too soon in the third fall, then wait too long to make up for it. It didn’t really make up for it, but the Dark Angel/Zeuxis exchange to end it was good and a surprise finish given how the match had just turned the other way. Announcers kept saying Estrellita & Dark Angel were part of the “Dream Team”, so maybe they changed Sexy Team or maybe the announcers just forgot.

Hombre Bala tornillo

Hombre Bala Jr. vs Raziel: [OK] better than Raziel/Super Halcón match though it didn’t quite make it to good for me. Hombre Bala works his spots around the match, rather than Halcon’s strategy of just making sure he gets his spots in. Bala’s just generally a better luchador, but the big difference is Raziel seeming far more into this match than the one against Halcón. Hombre Bala has a lot of great little touches on his mask which don’t really come across unless you’re seeing him up close or in HD. Nice create finish. Great work by the audio guy, who played Hombre Bala’s music after he lost.

Conjuro is just the start

Fuego, Stuka Jr., Tritón vs Hechicero, Hombre sin Nombre, Pólvora: [OK] Hechicero tried to do different things but this was a routine match that didn’t get to finish it’s routine. Stuka leaves this match in the second fall and it’s not really clear what happened, if anything happened. He doesn’t even really take a bump prior to it, but is moving slowly an opening exchange with Hombre Sin Nombre before going to the floor and calling it a night. Match held together fine for a fall but then was not much in the third fall. Referee Bestia Negra declared the third fall over after Fuego was pinned, then counted Triton down anyway. Fuego and Hechicero feud, but it came off as Hechicero took Fuego & Triton’s mask after the match just to give something additional to a finish than what they had doe.

yep, he’s there

Dragón Rojo Jr., Super Porky, Titán vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Niebla Roja: [OK] More Dragon Rojo/Niebla Roja build up, but the Sunday match trios they had came off better than this minimal match. They really didn’t do nearly enough, and the finish coming off a one move sequence was particularly weak. Super Porky is a bad fit for a match trying to build up a feud. They really should’ve swapped him with one of the técnicos in the previous match, though it didn’t seem like Ephesto & Mephisto were that into it anyway. Mephisto tried to give Super Porky La Rosa, realized he just couldn’t get it to work together, and just fell forward. That worked enough, I guess. Porky brought back the fake heart attack spot and looked gassedmost of the match. Ephesto completely bailed on Titan’s headscissors on the floor spot.

maestro Ephesto
Dragon Rojo uses the enviorment