03/14-15 lucha times



(as a webpage)

  • Everyone who was at that Lucha Underground taping raved about the casket match as if it was a match of the year. Not simply a Lucha Underground match of the year, but worldwide. The reactions for the Lucha Underground matches lean positive, but this was mentioned as being a notch above everything else that’s been raved about.
  • The 5:15 start time appears to be the AAA start time going forward. It’s been that way for a few weeks now. It’s a lead to LigaMX coverage, so it seems to be an upgrade in exposure and means they’re unlikely to be starting late (as they had been on the old spot.) It would be even better if Televisa would just give them that extra 15 minutes so they could start on the hour.
  • AAA’s also the second week of a two week taping, so those are locked in as the matches.
  • Best bet is Angel de Oro vs Hechicero is CMLL’s free lightning match of the week, but no idea. That’s 2 Angel de Oro singles matches in a week.
  • IWRG Wedneday shows haven’t been airing of late.
  • Leyendas Inmortales should be on the remainder of the 02/02 show, w/Casandra & Rossy Moreno vs Miss Janeth & Tania and Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Hijo del Fishman, Mr. Jack vs Canek Jr., Hijo del Solar, Solar I. They’ve listed way too many shows as TV tapings to actually air them all, so they could skip around at any point.
  • Lucha Azteca is listed at 4pm today. Tomorrow, who knows.