Lucha Underground 1×18: No Escape

landing is the worst part

the matches

Pentagon Jr. b Argenis (5:03, standing surfboard armbar)
Angelico b Ivelisse (6:12, spinning kick to the head)
Johnny Mundo b King Cuerno in a cage match (13:40, top of the cage tornillo moonsault)

the developments

Dr. Striker updated us on the injury status of Pentagon Jr.’s past victims
Famous B – UCL reconstruction
Ricky Mandell – humerus, clavicle, scapula reconstructed
Vinny Massaro – no info known yet

Argenis controlled the early portion of the match, but Pentagon came back to destroy him and broke his arm.

Ivelisse makes head spin

Announcers were unaware Son of Havoc would be referee until he appeared for the match. Ivelisse got in some nice offense, but was helped by Angelico not wanting to hurt her adn Son of Havoc blatantly helping her. In the end, Iveisse got annoyed by the help, and an Angelico kick meant for Havoc got her instead. The story seemed more about Angelico foiling Havoc & Ivelisse’s plans than any breakup between them.

Mundo and Cuerno destroyed each other in the cage. Cuerno had a chance to escape, but it would’ve taken falling out of his mask to the floor and he did not do it. Mundo had a chance to escape, but instead pulled off the moonsault to win.

Catrina warned Fenix that the only way to get rid of Mil Muertes would be to bury him. In a separate segment, Catrina reminded Mil Muertes that they first met on the day of the earthquake, the day Mil embraced the persona of Mil Muertes, but told him all must come to an end. Catrina told Mil Muertes she would have Fenix put him in a coffin in a Grave Consequences match next week, trapping him again like he was in the earthquake. Catrina seemed to appear and disappear like a phantom in these segments

Another Konnan Vengeance promo aired.


just craziness

Argenis actually looked better with Fenix than Pentagon, which is not something I would’ve ever bet on. He was still fine and they got the purpose of the match over.

Angelico/Ivelisse was not near as bad as suggested in the reports. It was also definitely edited; they left a little bit of Angelico flirting in there, but played down or edited out other elements. (His suggestive cover on Ivelisse was about partly got the far away video camera treatment.)

Main event was Great, easily among the best matches they’ve had on this show. Putting them in a cage would seem to take away some of their usual offense, but they did a lot of fun side of the cage spots that made it worked. They took advantage of the environment and the tight spaces to pull off moves that wouldn’t normally work. It was worked as a completely even match where either man could’ve won. Mundo is clearly on a higher tier than Cuerno and did decisively won in the end, but not before both men looked great.

that needs to be on the King Cuerno all time highlight reel

The Grave Consequences match was played up in a special commercial for the episode. All the reports from the show suggested this was a big deal match and we got to see a little tease of it.

This was another quality show.