AAA on Televisa: 2015-01-24

how did they live?


taped 2014-12-07 @ Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco

It’s March and I’m just putting up a Guerra de Titanes recap.

Dinastia moonsault

Dinastía © vs Mini Charly Manson for the AAA World Minis Championship: [OK] Just barely out of good for me, and I kept rethinking it. It was definitely not as good as a match as it seemed like on paper. Psycho & Mascarita interference spots happened way too early and were obviously designed as to give to Mascrita Sagrada a showcase to the point where they should’ve just had him in the title match if that was the idea. It wasn’t just a Sagrada match but they didn’t serve this match. (Sagrada interfering to break up Charly’s clean German suplex was really unhelpful. Match itself never got into a rhythm of back and forth, just abrupt big move near falls. Camera work wasn’t so great either, as Dinastia’s early dive was missed live, Dinastia dropkick on Psycho Clown was later missed. Hard camera set up to frame advertisement and not the ring, which was a bit disappointing but not all that unusual.

Manson double springboard plancha
middle rope Spanish Fly
Sagrada gets in his own dive
one more Spanish Fly


Angelico thinks there’s nothing odd about this man walking on his hands

Fénix & Myzteziz vs Angélico & Jack Evans © and Joe Lider & Pentagón Jr. for the AAA World Tag Team Championship: [GOOD] Action packed match where the high spots were the story itself. All three teams fought, and there was no let up in the match. They used single elimination rules, which meant all the pinfall breakups made sense. The change could’ve used more emphasis but maybe the announcers explained it and I missed it. Rules are not a big thing here anyway, as Pentagon walking around and hitting people to set up Joe Lider taking one to the head demonstrated. Fenix and Myzteziz had great stereo spots up until their death via tope con giro into a (unbreaking) table. Their interactions with Pentagon (of course) and Jack & Angelico were very good. It’d be nice if there was a straight up match between the two técnicos at some point. Angelico and Fenix didn’t get to take over the match as much as some others, but Jack Evans and Myzteziz fighting was interesting, and Jack giving Myzteziz La Mistica was surreal. I didn’t understand why Myzteziz brought out the thumbtacks – he might as well just have handed them to Lider. Lider’s style doesn’t really fit this match and having the thumbtacks laying around for most of the match without people selling it after the first bump was kind of pointless. (It did give us Piero being totally ineffectually in brushing them out of the ring with his feet.) When they weren’t doing that sort of thing, they kept up a good pace and did a lot of stuff that felt unique to this match and not a repeat; they were trying to have a great match without doing Great Match Spots. Myzteziz helping the Perros set up the table was a bit odd. Evil anti-AAA Joe Lider going to thank Marisela Pena after the match was a bit odd.

dives everywhere
Reyes del Aires tope
Jack never has an easy time on DDTs
back suplex double stomp doom
Fenix Phoenix Splash
La Mistica on Myzteziz!
ah, that’s better
new champs, Lider literally in the right place at the right time


you’re not supposed to exit that way!

Aerostar vs Súper Fly, mask vs mask: [GREAT] Biggest match of both guy’s lives and they pulled it off. They bled a ton to get a drama over, but it also didn’t stop them from hitting on their big spots and looking sharp thru the match. Crowd was totally into them and the stakes of the match, living and dying on every two count. Niño got in his big spot, but he and Fantasma were much more secondary figures than the other seconds in other matches, and necessary to catch the 30 foot dive. I would’ve liked to see them get more time build more drama; they could’ve worked in more near falls at the end. The dive from the top of the light standard was crazy but it worked the best it’s ever worked, and they need to show that every week on TV for the next six months. Aerostar came up big in his big match, and they need to follow up on it from here.

hamburger roll
aerostar is crazy
there’s a moment here where Super Fly thinks he’s going to stop Aerostar’s progress, and then gravity kicks in