03/20 CMLL Arena Mexico Lineup: 2015 Homenaje a Dos Leyendas

CMLL (FRI) 03/20/2015 Arena México
Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, 2015 (El Faraon)
1) Dark Angel, Estrellita, Marcela vs Amapola, Dallys la Caribeña, Tiffany
2) Blue Panther Jr., Stuka Jr., The Panther vs Hechicero, Vangellys, Virus
3) Mistico, Titán, Valiente vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas
4) Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi [mask]
5) La Máscara, La Sombra, Rush vs Euforia, Thunder, Último Guerrero
6) Máximo & Volador Jr. vs Rey Bucanero & Terrible [hair]

This was revealed near the end of today’s CMLL Informa show.

Air Date: 03/28 in Mexico on Fox Sports 2, 04/04

There are good matches on this show, but there’s nothing interesting to the card besides the two apuesta matches. And the outcomes in those are not in any doubt. This is far from an exciting card.

CMLL’s run the Ingobernanles/Guerreros feud into the ground; this is the third time they’re bringing back that exact trios match. It’s about 10 TV matches from those TV. It’s never been over or produced some great matches or been interesting. It made sense to take advantage of Ultimo Guerrero’s support after the mask match, but it’s not a feud that makes since now. And it’s probably not the last time we’ll see that match, with everyone figuring a trios title tournament is just around the corner.

The rest of the matches are the usual big match show undercard: mostly good workers randomly thrown together, with bigger names than usual. Felino continues his role of being in every match that might be good without him (though he’s more likely to be good this show.) Vangellys, out hurt for months, is rewarded with being on a big show. Women get to be on this big show, but they’ve recently gotten to have an apuesta match on this show and there’s nothing much going on with them at the moment.

This show should be good. The main event guys will go all out in that spot, and Dragon Lee and Kamaitachi will be a success as long as they don’t get hurt druing the match. At least one of those trios, maybe the segunda, will a pretty good match (that will likely never air on TV.) It’s still very dry.

The TV show covering this needs to be just the two apuesta matches, or they’re crazy.

Lucha Underground 1×17: “A War Started in Mexico…”

Fenix somehow continued

the matches

Mil Muertes defeated Fenix (5:45, flatliner)
Big Ryck b Sexy Star (1:52, two hand press)
Texano Jr. defeated Alberto el Patron (12:18, disqualified for weapon usage)

(all the gifs are here)

the developments

This was one of those shows that sort of started without a main event. Dario kind of had one: Alberto was going to debut on this show and Dario offered him the likes of Ricky Mandell or Famous B. Alberto demanded Texano, tonight. Dario wanted a week to build that up, but Alberto forced the issue and got what he wanted. Alberto later ran into Puma, urging him to be more aggressive in his title match with Cage – and to be ready for Alberto coming for the title soon. There was also an Alberto profile, which was much the same speech he did the in the ring for his debut, but with AAA clips to re-enforce his point. Alberto came off as a having a slight heel edge in these, or at least a sizable ego.

Alberto did not win the main event, but was the man left standing. He took more of the match than Texano, but Texanot took advantage by using his lasso on a distraction. Alberto caught Texano trying to use it again and – with some urging by the crowd – whipped Texano with the lasso many times. The referee disqualifed Alberto. Striker emphasized that this feud was not over, but that Alberto got some revenge.

Fenix twists around on Brillo dive

Muertes got his revenge on Fenix, beating him clean. Catrina appeared midway thru the match, not interfering but looking sad when Fenix lost. Mil Muertes demanded Catrina lick Fenix after the loss, but she refused. Mil dragged Catrina in, with the earthquake stone dropped on the mat in the process. Fenix grabbed the stone and smacked Muertes in the face with it, then knocked him out with a spinning kick. Fenix offered Catrina escape, but she took the Stone and licked Mil first, then kissed Fenix.

Big Ryck did not want to fight the much smaller Sexy Star. Sexy Star got some very brief offense, but was held down on the mat for three. The Crew attacked both Sexy Star & Ryck as soon as the match end, and tried to put out Ryck’s other eye. Ryck rallied and got The Crew to back off. That match is happening in the future, but not next week.

Dario met with Angelico, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse. Ivelisse demanded to be #1 contender based on her one win over Angelico. Dario disagreed, and instead set up a Ivelisse/Angelico rematch for next week with Havoc as referee.

To end the show, Dario met with a cowboy hat wearing King Cuerno, offering him a cage match to settle the issue with Johnny Mundo. Cuerno accepted, promising to cut off Mundo’s head and mounted it on Cuerno’s wall.

my thoughts

double stomp

Fenix/Muertes was more exciting than Alberto/Texano in some ways, though some of it might have had to do with actually having less time and needing to cram more in. Both left the ‘loser’ standing at the end of the confrontation and the main event had an inconclusive finish for the second week in a row. That’s a bit frustrating as a viewer, even if they tried to give a little extra to make up for it. They’ve taped 11 shows after this one and, quickly looking thru them, I think every one of them ends with a conclusive winner or loser. There’s some controversy, because it’s wrestling, but there’s pinfalls. It gets better, though that’s impossible to tell from watching.

It didn’t really relate to anything, but there was a “Konnan is coming for revenge” vignette that was really good. No sign of Black Lotus, Dragon Azteca (the mystery guy from last week), or Matanza.

I don’t really have much to say about today’s show (or I’m distracted by other stuff to say.) I do notice this this next week’s starts a trend of big blowoff matches. Mundo/Cuerno in a cage, one more Fenix/Muertes stip match and one more Texano/Alberto title match are the next three main events, with other issues sprinkled in. After that, it’s the shows I saw, which should be interesting to see again as a final product. Excited for what’s coming up.

03/15 AAA TV Lineup – 2015 Rey de Reyes

AAA TV (SUN) 03/15/2015 Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso, Guadalajara, Jalisco
Rey de Reyes, 2015
1) ? & ?? vs ??? & ????
2) ? & ?? vs ??? & ????
3) Bengala, Drago, Súper Nova vs Daga, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Súper Fly
4) Fénix vs Hijo del Fantasma © [AAA CRUISER]
Fantamsa’s third defense.
5) Angélico, Blue Demon Jr., Jack Evans vs Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
6) El Patrón Alberto vs Brian Cage
Non-title. La Parka & Hijo del Fantasma will be seconds
7) Aerostar vs Psycho Clown, El Mesías, Texano [Rey de Reyes]
8) Myzteziz & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Pentagón Jr.

Air Date: should air live on 03/15. Looking like TV starting 03/28 and onto 04/04. Still no iPPV details; I’ll share them when I know.

Main event is exactly what seemed to be teased Monday night, the duo of Myzteziz & Rey Mysterio against Hijo del Perro Aguayo and arm murderer Pentagon Jr. Misterio & Myzteziz are currently riding a 3 match win streak, though it’s been a little bit of time since their last win. Rey on this show, his first match back as a member of AAA, is the draw they needed.

Texano’s was originally my bet to win the Rey de Reyes, to boost him back up to set up a rematch with Alberto for the title at TripleMania. They seemed to be moving towards Perro/Myzteziz at the moment and Alberto needs someone to work worth. However, Alberto not putting the title up against Cage suggests they’ll still be together for some time to come, and so the Rey de Reyes outcome is a bit unclear. You can flip a coin between Texano and Psycho Clown, both have reasons to win. The hints have been pointing to the (curiously missing) Electroshock/Pirata/Kronuz trio getting in line for the trios title, and them getting involved could point it back towards Texano. Mesias wins enough big matches that he doesn’t need this and Aerostar seems lucky to even get this far, but I also don’t think either of them can be ruled out because there’s no strong favorite.

Disappointed Alberto/Cage is non-title. I’d like to see the Mega title defended more often than once every six months – every three months doesn’t seem like a big ask if we’re meant to care about it. I’d like to see Alberto just run thru people for a while and being in a non-title match suggests he’ll continue to go 50/50 on major shows. I see the value in Cage and even a longer program with him in some cases, but I also the value in just giving Alberto wins right now.

Hell Brothers trio is a near repeat from TV, with La Parka moved out to being a second and Angelico & Jack getting to team. It looks like they’re running in place and the title match should be above that one, but not sure Demon would be so thrilled about working in the (virtual) second match. Having him in the tercera probably took some convincing – though with Rey, Myzteziz, Alberto and others here, Demon’s value to AAA is not as much as it used to be.

Opener should be really good. There’s problem that Super Nova’s already been announced as working in IWRG that day, but I think that’ll figure itself out.

My hunch is the two other matches are locals, but it’s always possible they could sneak more AAA wrestlers on here. (I’d be surprised if Taya didn’t have a role on the show somehow, for one.)

It’s surprising AAA didn’t announce all of this yesterday and it’s coming out other ways. They wanted the Rey/Myzteziz/Alberto trio to be the peak of the press conference, but they could’ve handed everyone the card as it came out, or made some other big public announcement. It did seem like that was the plan at one point – the iPPV announcement and the teaser for the main event both suggested they’d be talked about at the press conference and neither was mentioned. More info should be coming soon enough.

Assuming the iPPV price isn’t crazy high, and assuming the tech is okay, this seems like an easy buy for AAA fans and people who just know the names from elsewhere. Fenix/Fantasma and Cage/Alberto play off perfectly for people who just watch Lucha Underdground (assuming they know Fantasma->Cuerno), and that’s a pretty good match for Rey’s return.