02/21-22 Lucha Underground match results (episodes airing 04/29 to 05/20)

This is not a rerun. There are now results. I decided to just do a separate post. Everything is weird, just roll with it.

Sunday results are from the WON. Saturday results are from…elsewhere. Yep.

FWIW: Observer says the next taping is on 03/21 (29-32) My impression is they’re dark on WrestleMania weekend, so that’d be the only shows for March. They’d only need to tape two weeks in April to be done for the season.

LU (SAT) 02/21/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Mil Muertes b Jeff Cobb
dark match
2) Fénix b Kill Shot
start of episode 25 (April 29th)
3) Famous B NC Ricky Mandell, Argenis, Vinny Massaro
no contest when Texano immediatly hit the ring and beat up at everyone before doing a Spanish promo
4) Hernandez b King Cuerno, Cage [LU CHAMP, #1 Contenders]
Cuerno & Cage worked together early, but their partnership fell apart. Hernandez beat Cuerno
5) Prince Puma b Drago [LU CHAMP]
Hernandez seemed to attempt to spear Puma, but Puma moved and Drago got hit instead. Puma won but was not happy about what had happened. Crowd gave Drago a standing ovation; he’s now banned from the Temple. Also, somewhere in this episode, Marty Martinez interrupted a match, yelling about a conspiracy theory, before being thrown out. End of episode.
6) Texano NC DelAvar Daivari
Start of episode 26 (May 6th) DelAvar Daivari is oil-money rich. Match never really got started, with Texano attacking Daivari before the bell.
7) Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco b Angélico & Son of Havoc
Ivelisse was in a cast and on crutches. Havoc and Angelico were still not getting along.
8) Cage & King Cuerno b Hernandez & Prince Puma
Hernandez fully turned on Puma, giving him a Border Toss on the apron to give the rudos the win
9) Alberto el Patrón b Johnny Mundo [LU CHAMP, #1 contender]
In between shows, and probably only for the live crowd, Dario explained there were so many stars in Lucha Underground that more should be able to fight to be a #1 contenders, so the winner of this match would face Hernandez for the title shot. Both wrestled as tecnicos, though the crowd was more behind Alberto. End of episode.

LU (SUN) 02/22/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Disciple Of Death I, Disciple Of Death II, Disciple Of Death III b Big Ryck, Famous B, Jeff Cobb
Disclipes are white masks people with Catrina – and actually Ricky Mandell, Argenis, and Mariachi Loco. Dark match.
2) Aerostar ?? Jack Evans
Start of episode 27 (May 13th). result unknown
3) Fénix b Sexy Star, the Mack, Killshot, Cage, King Cuerno, Pentagón Jr. [Azteca Medaillion]
4) Hernandez b Alberto el Patrón [LU CHAMP, #1 contender]
Johnny Mundo turned on Alberto, throwing him thru the office. Hernandez got the win. End of episode 27.
5) Prince Puma b Marty Martinez
Marty Martinez is ex-Martin Cassus. Hernandez appeared to tease the match with Puma afterwards, with Konnan getting involved.
6) Delavar Daivari b Texano
Big Ryck came to the ring with Texano (?) but ended up allied with Daivari.
7) Angélico, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc © b Bael, Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco [LU TRIOS, Ladder]
said to be great. Angelico did another dive off the office. Havoc put Cisco thru a table, but it took three tries and will have to be edited. Ivelisse was in a cast for this match and did not react well to something that went wrong.

Mundo turning is a surprise, but fits his arc. He came up short to get a title shot yet again. The only reason he’s came back to wrestling was to be the champ, and failing to do it once again could cause him to rethink things.

I wouldn’t read too much into those three guys being the Disciples of Death yet – they could be it, or Lucha Underground could’ve just been trying out the gimmick and grabbed the three people who happened to be around and not used. You can’t take away Drago and Mariachi Loco in the same weekend, that’s just much too cruel.

I really thought Ivelisse’s injury was part of the trios tournament storyline – it fit well with Dario making her team have one more match – but it sure doesn’t appear to be an injury if she’s in a cast. Thinking back, it was a lot of three fights going on in different places. I paid attention to Havoc’s fight (because there was that weird spot) and Angelico’s fight (because it became clear they were setting things up), but not as much to Ivelisse because not as much was happening. That’d make sense if her leg was really injured.

The Jack Evans/Aerostar match happened, even if it’s missing from the Observer recap. I trust my source on that one. (Not Jack or Aerostar.)

The Big Ryck thing is one big thing that’s not coming together in these results. My best guess is Ryck’s made it clear he works for $$$ before and Daviari has $$$, so they came to an arrangement.

12 episodes left.

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