02/21-22 Lucha Underground match listings (episodes airing 04/29 to 05/20)

For reasons I’m not going to explain as to seem mysterious, I have only match listings for last weekend’s shows and not results. I’ll update this post if those turn up, and you’ll be able to figure out some results based on the match listings.

Again, these are matches for two months from now. You can see the match listings, but spoilers are inevitable at this point. Go read something else if you don’t want to know.

matches taped on February 21st 

Dark Match: Jeff Cobb vs Mil Muertes

episode 25 (04/29)
Fenix vs Killshot
Famous B vs Ricky Mandel vs Argenis vs Vinny Massaro
Hernandez vs King Cuerno vs Cage, winner gets a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship

Puma (c) vs Drago for the Lucha Underground Championship, with Drago’s Lucha Underground career on the line

episode 26 (05/06)
Texano vs DelAvar Daivari
Son of Havoc & Angelico vs Mr. Cisco & Cortez Castro
Prince Puma & Hernandez vs Cage & King Cuerno
Alberto El Patron vs Johnny Mundo – winner faces Hernandez for his title shot

I do not have this confirmed, but my impression is Drago lost the title match. I don’t know there is an out for Drago to keep him around, but he did not wrestle the rest of the weekend. I’d be surprised if the person wasn’t kept around in some way, even if it meant him getting another character (though it’d be surprising for them to give up on the Drago one.)

The second match on the first taping, the four way, are four people who’ve all been put out of action by Pentagon Jr. returning at the same time. Pentagon didn’t wrestle on this show, but he’s was around…

The matches from Sunday confirm Hernandez won the title shot three way. That follows up with the tension he and Puma had on the earlier April shows.

Episode 26 is Daivari’s in ring debut. He and Texano fought outside the ring on episode 24. The Havoc/Angelico vs Crew match also follows up on the trios title match from that episode.

matches taped on February 22th

Dark Match: Jeff Cobb, Big Ryck, Famous B vs The Disciples of Death (w/Catrina)

episode 27 (05/13)
Aerostar vs Jack Evans
Fenix vs Sexy Star vs The Mack vs Killshot vs Cage vs Cuerno vs Pentagon Jr. for an Azteca Medallion

Alberto el Patron vs Hernandez, winner gets a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship

episode 28 (05/20)
Prince Puma vs Marty the Mouth Martinez
Texano vs DelAvar Daivari
Son of Havoc, Angelico, Ivelisse (c) vs Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro, Bael for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship in a ladder match

The Disciples of Death were three men in white masks. One person who was there suggested one looked like Ricky Mandell, but that was unclear. It does not appear as if Catrina stays with Fenix.

The opener on the first show is Jack Evans debut (and probable victory) on this show. He appeared to be wearing the outfit that matches Angelico and I keep expecting them to be put together here, but it may also just be the gear that’s always in the bag.

No idea about the Aztec Medallion. On a podcast – I’d link to it but I’ve lost track – Chris DeJospeh said Lucha Underground might be doing different things for championships, so I’m wondering if maybe that’s going to be the informal secondary championship.

Again, I think Hernandez probably won since his match with Puma is the one they’re laid the groundwork for, and they’re good at setting things up well in advance. It’s tough to imagine Alberto losing clean, but there’s no clear indication of who might cost him the match. Texano’s clearly moved on to other things.

Marty Martinez is the fellow who jumped the rail after Super Fly lost the mask match and demanded Super Fly live up to stipulation. It would fit his personality to do the same thing again after Drago lost the title match, and that could set up the match with Puma.

Ivelisse does not wrestle this entire month of shows until the final match, and they’re playing up the ankle injury she suffered in the title tournament. All three belts were hung above the ring, which might mean special rules for the show.

Again, no sign of Black Lotus in the ring, and no sign of Matanza. You’re going to have to wait for it.

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  1. Guess Drago could go to be Dragon Azteca?

    After the fact, guess they could have worked it differently, as having Fenix “from Mexico City”, loosing a casket match to Muertes, Drago “from State of Mexico”, losing as to Cuerno via rope choke, etc, and then reintroducing them as “from inframundo… Fenix Dorado” “from inframundo… Dragon Azteca” or whatever… while Catrina being the Inframundo master-ess -_-

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