Leyendas Inmortales: 2015-01-18


taped 2015-01-13 @ Arena Aficion

exciting action!

Chicano, El Fantasma, Pantera vs El Indómito, Histeria II, Mr. México: [OK] I’m trying not to grade this on a sliding scale, but this very barely makes it back to OK. The thing you get with trios matches on this show is there are some people who can still go and some people who clearly do not belong in the ring; it’s the kind of vastly different levels only seen in some women’s matches. Surprisingly, Mr. México was on the better side of things, looking more spry than you’d expect considering how long it’s been since he’s been in CMLL and not actually being that good when he was around. He was the third most entertaining guy here (Chicano didn’t quite fit in and had better matches elsewhere, and I might put him ahead of Histeria too.) Fantasma and especially Indomito did not look like people who should be wrestling. Indomito had Super Porky levels of difficulty getting up and down in the first fall, did get better later on, but never seemed that safe. Pantera remains great and his moments were the highlights, but this match really didn’t have a great flow to it, with the first fall being really slow mat work and the last having a dead period between the comeback and the finish.

Pantera rudely interrupts Mr. Mexico’s posing
Canek skills

Canek © vs Mr. Jack [IWL HEAVY]: [below average] Canek looked worse the guys who looked bad in the previous match. He can go for 30-45 seconds spurts and then he’s just done and tired and it’s kind of sad, like this match. Mr. Jack looked to be much better but we didn’t get to see much of him because of what the match they had to see. Setting up a Mr Jack/Canek mask match, which it appears to be what’s happening here, seemed like a bad idea. Pantera and Fuerza kept fighting, that was the match Ir really wanted to see out of this. This had a crap finish – Canek didn’t even get fouled by the guy in the match, he got fouled by a second while the referee was looking – but it’s a normal Canek finish at this point. Canek tried a slingshot move. It failed badly. Canek should never try that again or he should do it in every match, I can’t really decide.

no idea what Canek was thinking