CMLL Torneo Incredible de Parejas begins, Niebla out of CMLL

Today’s CMLL show starts the the annual incredible pairs tournament, with one rudo and one tecnico getting along just a bit more than the other team. The teams, ranked vaguely in the chances they have to advance

  • La Sombra & Negro Casas
  • Mistico & Ripper
  • La Mascara & Mephisto
  • Rey Bucanero & Volador Jr.
  • Dragon Lee & Kamaitachi
  • Barbaro Cavernario & Titan
  • Euforia & Valiente
  • Delta & Misterioso Jr.

Any of the top four teams winning would not be a surprise. It actually works better for CMLL’s short term goals for Dragon Lee & Kamatiachi to actually advance, but their conversation on Informa indicated that’s not going to happen. CMLL tournaments are interesting to see who wins, but the matches themselves are scarcely any good. Matches where partners don’t get along are just as bad. This tournament has been successful in highlighting feuds that’ll end up in the Anniversary show, but the in-ring quality is abysmal. The next two weeks of the Fox Sports 2 show are going to be unwatchable (more than usual.)

The only other notable match on the show is Atlantis, Marco and Maximo taking on Terrible, Thunder, and Ultimo Guerrero. It features the Maximo/Terrible rivalry, and it might a preview of next week’s teams.

Mr. Niebla acknowledged he’s out of CMLL for the time being in an interview with Mexico City’s Metro. They’re not online, but there’s a photo of the article on Facebook. Niebla doesn’t mention why he’s out – Niebla tries to frame this as his decision (it’s not) and does mention he’s got a meeting with CMLL about his status in the middle of the March. In the meantime, he’s very very open to indy bookings or even returning to AAA. It’s extremely unlikely he’ll be picked up by AAA. It’s actually kind of amazing CMLL would be willing to talk to him that soon (but then, Niebla’s story on this situation has changed frequently so there’s no reason we should be believe this story either.)

Amapola is headed back to Japan for REINA, working on 03/13 and 04/05 shows. She’s the current REINA International Champion and will likely defend the title while she’s there. No challenger named. That also means she’ll be in Japan while Syuri comes to Mexico (so she’s not likely to be the one to beat Syrui for the CMLL’s title.)

This week’s Bauer & Pollock podcast briefly mentions AAA contacted Samoa Joe about coming in. It’s one of many offers Samoa Joe has gotten since announcing he was leaving TNA. He’d previously appeared in AAA a handful of times in forgettable TNA invader roles.

Monterrey’s Hijo del Ninja, Rico Rodriguez and Ultimo Ninja will appear on the ChilangaMask 04/12 Coliseo Coacalco show. That’s also a handy announcement that there is a 04/12 ChilangaMask show.

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