AAA on Televisa: 2015-01-17

new champ

recap – I watched the entire Guerra de Titanes from the PPV broadcast months ago.

taped 2014-12-07 @ Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco

Sexy Star catches two on one tope con giro

Faby Apache & Ivelisse vs Sexy Star & Taya Valkyrie: [OK] Sexy Star landed on Faby Apache for a silla, Tirantes counted a totally fair three count, and I thought it was so weird that AAA was doing an elimination match. And then the music started to play and it turned out the match was actually over. That was weird! This match was weird! I don’t know what this match was intended to be but it almost certainly was not what it was planned to be. The rudas had control, the técnicas came back, it was kind of mish-mash of stuff for a while that wasn’t good (Ivelisse felt like a foreigner unused to the style here more than her first match) and just as it seemed the rudos were getting together a beatdown to set up one last comeback and the end game, it just ended. Time cue? Someone forgot the plot? No idea. The post match brawl got more reaction than most of the match and distracted from the outcome, but this was just strange and not very satisfying.

silla for the win
Murder Clown splash to end it

Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown © vs Averno & Chessman for the AAA World Trios Championship: [OK] Inexplicable match #2. I have to come up with weird theories to find an explanation for this one, because none was even offered on the show. (Announcers were very much “we have no idea what’s going on” and seemed very truthful.) Perhaps Cibernético wasn’t cleared by a commission and wasn’t allowed in this match, so they sent out the Perros to kill some time before it and then had Cibernético missing during it? They didn’t do anything physical with him after the match and Cibernetico’s partners didn’t act upset (or even surprised) about Cibernético missing it. They instead worked the smart match if you knew Cibernetico was going to be unavailable happen – take out one of the tecnicos (and the lesser guy) off the other team to make it 2v2, then have him return to set up the comeback and win. There was nothing special about the match, but it made sense, which was more than anything around it.

you know people don’t like you when they’re throwing things at you before the match even starts

El Patrón Alberto vs Texano Jr. © for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship:[GREAT] Best match in the feud, and they put Alberto over strong in the end. Texano’s title reign is going to be tough to evaluate until it’s clear where he ends up after, but he’ll definitely be remembered for delivering in the really important matches during his feud and he lost the way he needed to lose. This is an obvious thing, but Alberto is so much better than Dos Caras was every been. It was a strange journey to get to this point, but 2006 Dos Caras can’t pull off the drama or the punches of this guy, and the crowd was crazily into everything Alberto did. They did the best job possible telling the story they wanted to tell, and the crowd was really happy with the match. I’d prefer something with less outside stuff, but it was an AAA main event.

Alberto tope
Alberto crushes Texano with a double stomp
Texano’s superbomb thru the table looks good, never seems to win for anyone