CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2015-01-03

Kamaitachi and Casas resume their AJPW feud


taped 2014-12-26 @ Arena México

there are easy ways to get eliminated, TItan

Máscara Dorada & Negro Casas vs Rey Cometa, Tritón, Sangre Azteca, Delta, Pólvora, Titán, Kamaitachi, Fuego for the CMLL World Welterweight cibernetico match: [great] really enjoyed this cibernetico. Lots of great action all the way thru, with everyone having good matches and the required odd ball match ups. Kamaitachi versus Negro Casas was really good, and add Kama to the long list of people who need to face Casas in a singles match. Crowd loved Casas as always and they event subtly worked the finish around him being cheered and sneaking out a finish to live another day. Triton had a bunch of new offense for the occasion, which was surprising, and the random teams really stuck together in the outside the ring brawl. Thought this was good but exceeded expectations.

Dorada tope con giro
Fuego tope
Brillo Cometa
the power of Polvora!
double springboard headscissors
feud of the year
ref flop!
Santa splash

Máximo, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero, Shocker: [OK] Standard match to continue the Bucanero/Volador feud, with Máximo and Mr. Niebla doing their bits in the background. Santa seasons seems to be shorter than usual for Niebla. Really formulaic match, but the crowd did react to Volador like they were supposed to, and that always seems like a surprise in Arena México. The break in the middle of the third fall felt really odd, especially leaving it with Bucanero and Volador facing off and coming back with Shocker and Volador instead. Niebla’s spit getting edited out suddenly is always strange. Bucanero went down awful easy, even if he was coming back in.

Volador tope con giro