AAA on Televisa: 2015-01-03

mini triple rotation headscissors


slow motion trip

taped 2014-11-30 @ Explanada del Parque Bicentenario, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas
Mini Drago, Octagoncito, Pasion Kristal vs Mamba, Mini Murder Clown, Mini Murder Clown: [OK] People who don’t get on TV much (and Mamba) looking generally fine. This was the surprising best match on the show, probably a Good if I wasn’t such a miser. Pasion Kristal fell in love with taking purposefully slow motion bumps at random times. It worked the first time, not so much the second. Kristal is still willing to take scary falls to the floor. Mini Psycho is a really good base and looked good with Mini Drago here. Rudo section of the match didn’t really last long, this was a showcase for what the tecnicos could do.

Monster tope con giro
Zorro clearly would’ve won the Rumble

Angélico & Jack Evans vs Hijo del Fantasma & Zorro: [OK] Not actively bad, but so far below the usual level for the champs that it was actively disappointing. This felt like a mailed in match or something designed to be lower impact as to save themselves for the title next week, but it was really more about the rudos not doing anything than técnicos. When is doing nothing a good way to set up a reaction for a tag, and when is doing nothing just doing nothing? There was a lot of nothing in this match, with the long heat segment only working because Jack is able to do crazy things. Enrique Torres was nearly as active as Fantasma and Zorro, and Enrique Torres is a stick horse. Beatdown also went on for about seven minutes, which is really long for no momentum change in a regular TV match. Crowd did get into it a bit when Angelico made his clothesline comeback, but the timing seemed off on the offense that followed. (Cameras also had a hard time catching the action, missing a few different shots.) It wasn’t just the beatdown – there’s no reason to start watching this before the break, nothing happened – but they never came back from that. Fantasma teasing a break up with Zorro (who hit with a stick for no reason) and Fantasma threatening to break up with the stick horse was more entertaining than the match.

Los Hermanos Dudley
just nothing going right for Jack or Angelico
630 senton
Demon bugs bunny bump

Blue Demon Jr., El Elegido, El Mesías vs Averno, Chessman, Cibernético: [OK] slow paced chair brawl in usual AAA main event form of everyone getting their moves in. Of little interest, not just to me but the bored cord puller sitting on stage for no reason. Zuniga was doing some heavy wikipedia reciting during this match, just bringing up random facts which didn’t seem to have anything to do with the story they were trying to tell here – Cibernético vs Blue Demon; Chessman and Demon have forgotten their issues. Demon might have forgotten everyone too, because he sneak cradles Averno in a finish that doesn’t make sense for anyone. I’m unsure how Averno become a MMA master when he jumped to AAA, but he got good comedy out of his gloves this match. The video package before the match reminded that Cibernético had started this journey by deciding AAA was not rudo enough to beat La Sociedad, and he’s kind of feuded with AAA itself ever since. He’s not helping even if he’s right! It’s possible Cibernetico just wanted to be a jerk, which I’m not sure I can fairly argue against.

WBC champion Averno
this goes less well for Averno