02/14-15 lucha times

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I’m not sure what’s going on with the Sunday shows. Claro Sports would normally air last Sunday’s show and there were definitely cameras taping the show last week, but who knows if CMLL will actually air it. There’s been no advertisement on Terra for the usual CMLL show to come back, and it did not air the week before All Elite. Maybe it’ll air, maybe it won’t.

Thinking of changing this format: why I am writing what’s already on this same page?

== AAA ==

Second show in Toluca. Remaining matches are the minis, a mixed trios, and Fenix/Myzteziz/Psycho vs Perro/Fantamsa/Pentagon

== Lucha Underground ==

An Eye for An Eye

Cueto announces a Trios Tag Team match; Big Ryck seeks revenge; Chavo and Mil Muertes finally face off.

Texano gets a bigger introduction. Chavo might be getting a farewell. Ivelisse takes matters into her own hands.

== CMLL ==

FOX2: Negro Casas & Shocker vs La Mascara & Sombra headline.

Azteca: A two match show, with Maximo vs Terrible for the belt.

52MX: Sky Team vs Euforia/Felino/UG.

Claro: The big matches from All Elite – or maybe something completely different. They are still recording Puebla…

C3: Angel de Oro, Dragon Rojo, Voaldor vs Hechicero, Polvora nad Ultimo Guerrero

Terra Sunday: If it airs, Marco, Maximo & VOlador vs Cavernario, Euforia, Thunder is the main event, and Guerrero Maya has the first of two lightning matches.

== IWRG ==

IWRG (LAS/AYM): The El Protector tournament.


9 thoughts to “02/14-15 lucha times”

  1. Did Noches de Coliiseo ever return?As I’m watching Leyandas de la lucha libre I wonder does anybody know of any other small lucha promotions with a tv show?

  2. “anybody know of any other small lucha promotions with a tv show?”

    CMLL? They got several shows on FOX and MVS…

    nah, just kidding… guess CMLL out of Terra means they might show the live Sunday show on a REAL tv network (once they have more REAL tv networks)

  3. Noches was supposed to return soon. I’m skepitcal.

    La Lucha Se Le Hace seemed to lose it’s TV. Don’t know of any more that have been added.

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