CMLL preview for tonight, Lucha Underground notes

CMLL, as it tends to do, has randomly shifted into activity. Last week saw Maximo beat Terrible for the heavyweight title to push in motion a possible double hair match for Dos Leyendas. Tonight’s show has Negro Casas & Shocker once again defending the tag team titles against an Ingobernable team, this time La Sombra & La Mascara. The tag team championship has been solely devoted to the those sides since Casas & Shocker won them last June; it seems like time for both sides to move on to something else, but that’s not how CMLL usually works. Casas & Shocker seem likely to retain.

The trios match is a rematch from last week, with Valiente, Voaldor Jr. and Mistico facing off Euforia, Niebla Roja, and Ultimo Guerrero. That’s likely to set up a trios title match soon. The double hair match feud gets touched on with a Rey Bucanero & Maximo lightning match, which might see Volador & Terrible both get involved. (Terrible and Bucanero getting involved in the semimain is an option if they’re the trios title bit is a fakeout.) CMLL’s heavily promoted the All Elite shows, pushing it hard on their TV shows this past week, and this would be time for one more cameo two days prior to the show. Maybe it’s something as benign as Super Crazy or Extreme Tiger walking out to the ring and waving to the crowd, but there’s a chance tonight’s a night Dr. Wagner Jr. says hello and causes havoc.

Guadalajara has a main event of Atlantis vs Gran Guerrero. The (maybe) semifinals of the Occidente Tag Team title shot tournament continue. It sort of has to be a three way next week, only no one’s said as much yet.

Lucha Underground is back taping this weekend, with episodes covering the first four weeks of April. Many of the stories being told right now on TV wrapped up at the end of March, so this weekend should start a few new stories and maybe debut some people who’ve only been in dark matches so far. The usual luchadors have checked in on Twitter as heading to Los Angeles. Not all the usual ones: Alberto el Patron is heading to Europe. I don’t know his schedule, but he’s mentioning six destinations so it’s likely he’s going for a while.

Speaking of Alberto and other likely commitments, this week’s Wrestling Observer mentioned Alberto is “apparently going to fight.” It reads like the offers have gotten high enough that it’s going to happen, though he hasn’t committed to anyone yet. It’s not even necessarily MMA, since there’s a kickboxing group also bidding. Alberto mentioned previously he’d need to take two months off to train properly (or he at least desired enough money to take two months off), which would take him away from AAA and Lucha Underground. TripleMania should be built around Alberto but that’s going to be tough depending on when the fight happens. The quicker the decision is made, the better for everyone involved. The newsletter also mentions Alberto is finished or close to in ROH after the April San Antonio appearance; ROH’s going thru some budget issues.

The newsletter also calls the dark match appearances by Shane Strickland and Willie Mack as tryouts, successful ones which got them both signed. Jeff Cobb is supposed to start soon (again, this weekend is a logical time for new people to start.) Also, Jack Evans is supposed to be “in a few months”, as they’ve already written stuff for him.

Maybe Jack Evans is matanza! Jack Evans is probably not matanza.

Vampiro posted on Facebook this morning that he’s “writing my skits for my new web series for Lucha Underground.” The only web series we know of for Lucha Underground is the reality show contest one and it was supposed to start this week.

Fenix talks about his Lucha Underground experiences.

Quick programming note: I’m headed to Los Angeles this weekend to get out of the cold and to watch Lucha Underground tapings. I don’t know what I’m doing as far as updates the next three days. I don’t know what I’m doing as far as posting Lucha Underground results when I’m required to sign a NDA. I know I have absolutely no plans besides going to see a TV show being recorded, but I also don’t have as much time as I’d like. I know everything that’s normally recorded (except CMLL on Terra) will still be getting recorded, but I also know it’s likely the normal video update won’t be Tuesday morning since I won’t be getting back home until Monday night. I know I’m fitting everything I need in a bookbag to carry on and I’m going to work out everything else as I go. Normal service should resume by midweek.

The Santo family held their annual press conference at the El Santo statue in honor of the original passing away. Santo Jr. (the grandson) was spotlighted and handled the interviews for the first time. El Hijo del Santo was not there at all – he went to the unveiling of Julio Cesar Chavez’s statue instead. He said the spirit of El Santo will never die and he’d still like to debut as a team with his father. There’s still no date for Santo Jr.’s debut, saying he’ll not start until he’s sure he’s ready. An article header mentions the possibility of debuting in NOAH, which was the original plan, but there’s no quote about in the body.

There’s still no announced date of either of them wrestling in Mexico, but maybe there’s one coming soon in London. A group named Lucha Libre World says they’re bringing El Hijo del Santo there sometime this summer, with more news coming within a week.

CaraLucha says a big show is coming on March 7th.

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Eterno says he hasn’t been told he’s out of AAA, but he’s just been not used by AAA at all so he’s working more indy dates.

Zorro likes his chances of advancing in the Rey de Reyes tournament in Ecatepec.

Ultimo Guerrero interview from Wednesday’s All Elite press conference.

This channel has clips of the unaired Averno/Titan title match from January 5th, 2014. It’s in a lot of small parts.

Dorian Roldan’s presentation on AAA’s US strategy, from a conference back in October. Most of this was talked about in a text interview last month.