Lucha Underground 1×13: Unexpected Guests

great moments in being Angelico

the matches

Angelico defeated Son of Havoc (6:31, inside cradle after Havoc collided with Ivelisse)
Pentagon Jr. defeated Famous B (1:30, modified kimura)
Drago defeated Aerostar (4:12, flipping DDT)
Johnny Mundo defeated Cage (6:34, disqualification for King Cuerno interference)
— match was restarted by Dario Cueto–
Cage defeated Johnny Mundo (3:26 – 10:00 total, “Weapon X” Gori Special into a STO)

the developments

A lot of things going on this week.

Pentagon Jr. : no fear of breaking your arm

Announcers played up Son of Havoc’s poor win/loss record. Ivelisse defended Son of Havoc against the Twitter haters, but the crowd was actualy more behind him than the relatively unkinown Angelico. Ivelisse got on the apron to congratulate Havoc with a kiss during the match, which lead to a lot of near collisions (and a near Angelico kiss) before Havoc and Ivelisse bumped into each other. Ivelisse was sent to the floor, Havoc was sent backwards into Angelico’s cradle for the win. Ivelisse was not happy with the situation or Havoc after the loss.

Johnny Mundo and Dario Cueto met in Cueto’s office, with both men offering to put the past in the past. Mundo seemed to really mean what he said, happy to face Cage as a path to the title. Cueto, as usual, was less sincere. He seemed to see Cage as a tool to gain revenge on Mundo and restarted their main event after it was Cuerno attacked Mundo with a chair shot to the knee. Mundo fought for a while but Cage took him out. It seemed like King Cuerno got involved for his own purposes – he declared the Hunt Begins Again while attacking Mundo – but Dario seems to be behind a lot of things.

Cage is in possession of the remains of the Lucha Underground belt, carrying it around as if he is the true champion.

Another Pentagon Jr. vignette aired, with Pentagon speaking in Spanish about his lack of fear. He broke Famous B’s arm with his submission hold, then Pentagon told his mentor that Pentagon was ready for him. It’s not clear who the mentor is – or really even if Pentagon actually has a mentor.

Aerostar & Drago both wrestled as tecnicos and shook hands after the match.

Aerostar in flight

Fenix, training backstage, was visited by Catrina. She flirted with him and seemed to be setting him up for the Lick of Death, but instead kissed Fenix and told him not tell Mil Muertes. It’s unclear what Fenix thought of all of this.

Dario also revealed he did know “matanaza” and it was related to his mystery monster. Dario mentioned the mystery lady is named Black Lotus and whatever happened occurred when she was a young girl. Dario suggested letting her find the mystery guy (and let him take care of it), but said he had to protect the temple from matanza. The Mystery Area must be relatively close to the Temple, or inside it somewhere, because Cuetro was able to get from his office to his mystery man and back over the course of the house.

Dario was talking to someone on the phone about the situation, wanting them to deal with Black Lotus, when he was interrupted by a surprise visitor. “My name is Alberto. El Patron. But you already knew that.”


The show visually looked pretty similar to the one the previous week. The only way you would’ve seen it was the start of a new batch of tapings would’ve been by all the stories which just got kickstarted. There were also more direct statements on those storylines: Catrina explicitly pointing out the life/death symbolish in Fenix and Mil Muertes, Striker & Vampiro talking about Aerostar & Drago being a great rivalry even before they both go to the ring, Cage more loudly pointed out as the anti-luchador member of the roster. There was a lot going on here but they made what was going on very obvious. Making it very obvious makes it easy to follow.

Both the Dario’s Monster and the Mystery Lady plotlines got some needed momentum by being linked up. So glad Black Lotus got a name, makes life so much easier. I’d now be surprised if we got all the answers about the situation before the end of this season, but it does now feel like they’re heading somewhere with both.

King Cuerno with the drive by trip

The Alberto teaser was perfectly done. Lucha Underground’s really created a neat trademark with those less than minute scenes to end the shows. Everyone’s always looking forward to that last little kicker, and this one was their best. They got the surprise points for Alberto this week, and they can spend the next seven days hyping his actual debut, best of both worlds.

Pentagon Jr. is the best possible LA Park.

There were matches on this show too! Mundo/Cage was the closest to great, but everyone thing was good or effective for what it needed to be (Pentagon/Famous B.) Aerostar/Drago was the one I wish lasted longer, but they made it clear we’re getting more of them to come. (Plus, Aerostar seemed a little shock up in this one so maybe it’s good it ended when they did.) Angelico & Havoc got more time than I was expected, and Havoc looked good enough in the match that he’s more a guy who doesn’t win and not just a jobber, if that makes any sense.

Not sure I can wait a whole week to watch more Lucha Underground…

5 thoughts to “Lucha Underground 1×13: Unexpected Guests”

  1. Probably the best episode yet, in terms of being a total package. I’m pretty damn intrigued by Dario’s monster. Could that be Aztec Dragon? Hm. And who might play it/him?

  2. thought the same as you!!! that pentagon jr is the best la park!!! or in a team !!!or against themselves would be an awesome match !!

  3. How cool would it be if the caged monster was Gran Apache… xD Might be Rey jr? If Dario is the embodiment of evil, from his perspective, Rey “quintessential good” would look like a monster? The cage being wwe…

    The way the post credits played out, looked as if El Patron is above Dario (and the guy he was talking on the phone). A year ago they were saying there would be 5 territories with 5 stars protecting each one, might be dropped or maybe reworked. Instead of going to 2 hours of LU, I would rather get a new 1 hour show, something like ” Lucha Outlaw” based in San Antonio with El Patron running it, have each “promotion” with its own storylines but also feuding each other.

    LU could be more strikes and kicks oriented while “Lucha Outlaw” (set in a biker bar room like set) go for a submission style – which of course, would mean that, as someone said, El Patron is Pentagon’s Jr’s master… O.o

  4. Holey s… JMundo speaking Spanish!!! (Phonetically or dubbed whatever, Iveliss did her promo in Spanish (overdubbed?)) They obviously are working harder for the U+ version…

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