Friday previews for AAA, CMLL DF

AAA has it’s second taping of the year tonight in Toluca. Fenix, Myzteziz & Psycho Clown take on Perro Jr., Hijo del Fantasma, and Pentagon Jr. in what sounds like a pretty good main event. Fantasma made an open challenge for his title last Friday, AAA’s been setting up matches for Rey de Reyes already, and there’s a couple possible challengers on the tecnico side. They could get a match out of that. The second Rey de Reyes semifinal match with La Parka, Parka Negra, Mesias, and Cibernetico. La Parka & Cibernetico appear tied up (and Cibernetico’s got a long proud history of losing out of this tournament by double countout draw) and Parka Negra barely exists, leaving Mesias as the favorite. The show is listed as a five match card, with the opener still to be announced. Show starts at 9pm local.

Tonight’s CMLL Arena Mexico show has a Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia and Niebla Roja. CMLL sent out a press release where Mistico explains he’s got pain in his leg but he rather be hurt than stop wrestling. This is a selling point, apparently. Terrible defends the heavyweight championship against Maximo. Maximo has been really good in big matches of late and this should be no different. Maximo seems unlikely to win the title, but it’s a more interesting match than they’ve been running on Fridays of late.

Guadalajara has Atlantis & Stuka Jr. versus Gran Guerrero & Mephisto as the main event. They appear to be building towards a Atlantis/Gran Guerrero match. Really. Semimain is Hombre Bala, Super Halcon and Magnus vs Ephesto, Tiger, and Puma, which is probably going to be a lot of fun. Tag team tournament continues in the undercard.

Estrellas del Ring has a nice piece about the history of Arena Aficion. It turns 63 years old tomorrow.

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