CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-12-06

strike exchange


taped 2014-12-02 @ Arena México

counter wrestling

Goya Kong, Marcela, Skadi vs Dalys, La Seductora, Zeuxis: [OK] Average woman’s match, where the best parts where the Zeuxis/Goya Kong sections of all things. Skadi had moment where she couldn’t remember which way to fall on a kick. She is very green. Dalys trying a code Red on Skadi seems like a really bad idea but they managed to do it without either breaking. Dalys’ punches later looked far worse, and their third fall exchange was slow. Seductora is very expressive without her mask. I’m not sure if she would’ve been better off being unmasked, because she’s still Seductora and it probably wouldn’t have made a difference either way, but she’s definitely not hurt by losing it. Marcela had quiet match for her.

Zeuxis is all about the knee smash
Skadi is so green
I’m probably about done with package piledriver GIFs but this one was good
Blue Panther Jr. is so green

Blue Panther Jr., Hombre Bala Jr., Súper Halcón Jr. vs Puma, Sangre Azteca, Tiger: [OK] There was a lot of effort here – the stacked up superplex is the midcard signal of “we are really trying for a memorable match”, even if it’s forgotten every time it’s used – but it didn’t come completely together. Blue Panther Jr. was the focus but had a rough match. He screwed up taking a snap mare among other things. The boost into the ring shoulderblock spot is a good idea for him but needed much more force to make it work, and going all that way for a DQ finish seems a waste (though I’m at least willing to believe they might be following it up.) Sangre Azteca’s outfit was better than his balance, and he did the same dropkick spot four times. I liked the story of Puma & Tiger screwing around too much and Halcón & Bala unleashing one of their usual deluge of moves to kill Sangre Azteca. You can not let them get rolling, they’re tough to stop.

Bala tornillo
HSN apron tope con giro

Angel de Oro vs Hombre sin Nombre: [OK] Forgettable lightning match where it appeared they blew the finish and tried again right away. Hombre sin Nombre is still struggling. He’s still making an effort not be Hooligan, but he hasn’t figured out something else to be. He’s a guy who’s lost his creative outfits and wacky performances, now looking like a generic wrestler and wrestling a generic match. If he’s comfortable enough breaking out the Hooligan Crash, he needs to give up the pretense and just go back to being Hooligan in slight different gear. If he’s just not allowed, he’s got to find something else quick. The middle ground is not working. It may already be too late, CMLL feels like they’ve given up on him, but he’s a man in desperate need of an identity.

Hooligan Crash
Virus dropkicks Dragon Lee into a full backwards roll

Dragon Lee, Fuego, Valiente vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Virus: [OK] A professional match building up Virus/Fuego, getting better as it went along. Virus seemed to genuine dislike Dragon Lee, preferring to destroy him with chops and taunt his inability to make a tag in the first couple falls and only resorting to wrestling him in the third when he needed the win. Maybe he’s still angry about Guerrero Negro Jr. not getting out of the first round. Next week’s title match should be a lot of fun. Ephesto broke up the amusing bottom rope elbow drop, but he’s running a low success rate on his trademark cradle of late.

Dragon Lee tope con giro
Valiente tope
Cavernario is a good friend

Bárbaro Cavernario, Hechicero, Negro Casas vs Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Máscara Dorada: [good] Fun buildup for the tag feud, but it was just as fun with Mascara Dorada & Negro Casas. They both looked sharp and worked over each other well, and I wanted to see that match as much as the one they were actually building up. The other four guys were good too. Cavernario being a crazy rudo who won’t back down, even when he should, makes him stand out among the rudos. Hechicero paying the complete opposite, a guy who decides he’s just going to walk out and stop fighting Guerrero Maya Jr. in the middle of the work, makes for a good weird mix. Third fall finishes, especially Maya paying the price for one too many quebradoras, were well done. I thought it was really interesting how Hechicero was directing things (at least at the end of the first fall) even with Negro Casas in there. Hechicero’s post match promo was good too.

odd angle tope
Hechicero is done with this wrestling thing
loco Mascara Dorada
cavernario out of nowhere