01/25 Lucha Underground results (airing 03/18 & 03/25)

This taping includes shows which will air on March 18th and March 25th. The “matches only” listing is still being updated but they’re far enough in the future that it’s hard not to figure out results based on the matches they’re doing. Reader beware. These are the 19th and 20th episodes and the most recent one to air was the 11th.

The Lucha Underground championship was defended on this show – and surprisingly, so was the AAA Mega Championship. You may come across spoilers if you’re looking around on Wikipedia.

LU (SUN) 01/25/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Shane Strickland & Willie Mack b Jeff Cobb & King Cuerno and Mariachi Loco & Ricky Mandell
dark match
2) Aerostar b Drago
Start of 03-18 [ep 19] show. This is now a Best of Five Series (so Dario meant next guy to win two MORE matches.) Drago dominated, but Aerostar snuck out a win to go up 2-1.
3) Big Ryck b Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro, Bael [elimination, no DQ]
Ryck beat Bael. Cortez & Cisco decided to make a run for it, but Sexy Star cut them off and herded them back to the ring. Ryck beat them both. Seemed to be end of this story.
4) Fénix b Mil Muertes [casket]
officially a Grave Consequences Coffin Match. A lot of scenery for the match, including people in Dia Los Muertos/calavera makeup and gear carry the casket to the ring. Catrina was with Fenix. Amazing match, MOTYC caliber, lots of blood and spots and Fenix getting his mask ripped but hanging on to win. Seemed to be the end of the story, because there was no way they were topping this. End of 03-18 [ep 19]
5) Alberto el Patrón b Texano Jr. [bull rope, AAA HEAVY]
Start of 03/25 [ep 20] Texano unhooked himself from the bullrope to cheat at one point, and used his own lasso at others. Tables came back in to play, and Alberto used his armbar for the win (not a touch the corners match.)
6) Son of Havoc b Angélico
Ivelisse was back with Havoc again here, but they were not getting along at all. Ivelisse yelled at Havoc to win match and Havoc actually did! Havoc dumped Ivelisse after the match. Angelico tried to slide right in and Ivelisse kicked him in the head.
7) Prince Puma © b Cage [street fight, LU CHAMP]
They had a new belt – the original design was destroyed back on episode 12 and this might be the new appearance of the first one. Konnan was at ringside, and Cage attacked him during the match. Cage kept trying to make Puma quit but he would not, playing off the towel thrown in finish. Hernandez was in the crowd watching the match and had a face off with Cage during the match, which may have been the distraction allowing Konnan to clock Cage with his cane. Puma rallied back and won. Third defense. End of 03/25 [ep 20].

and this is how it airs

March 18th
8pm ET
1×19 (01/25)
Aerostar vs Drago
Bael, Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro vs Big Ryck in a no DQ 3 v 1 elimination match
Fénix vs Mil Muertes in a Grave Consequences Coffin Match
March 25th
8pm ET
1×20 (01/25)
Alberto el Patrón © vs Texano Jr. in a bull rope match for the AAA Heavyweight Championship
Angélico vs Son of Havoc
Cage vs Prince Puma © in a Boyle Heights street fight for the Lucha Underground Championship

Essentially, this set of a shows are a two week PPV. Big feuding ending matches all over the place. Aztec Warfare was essentially the end of Season 1 Chapter 1. These shows appear to be the end of Season 1 Chapter 2, as they reach the midpoint (20th episode) of the season. These also reach the midpoint of the 39 episode season. It’s as if they’re building to four big shows a year – the first 7.5 episodes are build, the last 2.5 episodes are the resolutions.

Fenix vs Mil Muertes was the match people at the show were going nuts about vaguely on Twitter, but many of the other matches got good reviews. Attendance/celebrity cameos did appear to be down from Saturday’s show, which probably had a bit to do with the Rumble.

A lot of stuff is resolved, which means feuding partners get swapped around. Aerostar & Drago have at least one more match. Maybe only one more, you never know in Lucha Underground. Pentagon’s mystery mentor is out there, and maybe all those people Pentagon is crippling will rise up for revenge (and all be destroyed.) Hernandez has escaped from dark match purgatory and may be set up to face off with Cage.  Episode 21 is the next start point of the cycle, a logical point for the Cobb/Mack/Strickland tier to start being integrated into things.

It’s kind of strange to think about long stories starting, going thru a twist or two, and ending before anyone’s seen them. Some of the stuff happening here – Cage/Puma, Fenix/Muertes come to mind – really don’t get rolling on TV until Wednesday. It’s no different than the first batch of episodes and everything seemed to work pretty well with those, and they do have the live reactions. Still, you’ve got to have a lot of trust in your own ability and a good feel for your audience. This crew seems to have a good feel for what their audience will like.

I have nothing useful to say here. Matches looked good! I can’t wait to see them. They’re off this upcoming weekend but looking to be back 02/07 and 02/08.

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