01/24 Lucha Underground Results (airing 03/04 & 03/11)

Non spoiler match listings are still being updated here. These results are for episodes 17 and 18th.

Some details via @WrestleChatNet, who did live results last night.

Matches were taped out of order. This is how it took place live:

LU (SAT) 01/24/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Johnny Mundo b King Cuerno [cage]
actually the main event of the 03/11 show, done first so they could set up the cage prior to the taping. Great match. Mundo won, but it didn’t seem to be the definitive end – Mundo said something along the lines of ‘when you’re ready for more, come find me’
2) Hernandez b Shane Strickland, Willie Mack, Martin Causas, Jeff Cobb
dark match.
3) Pentagón Jr. b Argenis
Pentagon broke Argenis’ arm – he may have been doing this with other recent opponents/victim. He continues to dedicate the wins to an unseen mentor
4) Angélico b Ivelisse
rematch, with Son of Havoc as manager. Love triangle storyline continues with Havoc and Ivelisse officially being done. Final match taped from 03/11, though the cage match will air after this one.
5) Mil Muertes b Fénix
Opener of the 03/04 show. Catrina does not show up into midway thru the match. Mil Muertes orders her to lick Fenix, but she instead drops the earthquake stone and Fenix hits Mil Muertes with it after the match. Catrina licks Mil Muertes and kisses Fenix, but does not appear to leave with Fenix.
6) Big Ryck b Sexy Star
winner gets to fight the Crew. Ryck was not interested in hitting Sexy Star, instead just trapped her on the ground and pinned. The Crew jumped Ryck, with Sexy making the save.
7) Texano Jr. DQ Alberto el Patrón
Great match. Texano kept using the bull rope, Alberto got it away from him and kept hitting Texano unti he was DQed. Alberto didn’t let the DQ stop him from attacking Texano some more. Appeared this feud was not over. End of 03/04 show.

And here is how it breaks down in episodes

March 4th
8pm ET
1×17 (01/24)
Fenix vs Mil Muertes
Big Ryck vs Sexy Star
Alberto el Patrón vs Texano Jr.
March 11th
8pm ET
1×18 (01/24)
Argenis vs Pentagón Jr.
Angélico vs Ivelisse
Johnny Mundo vs King Cuerno [cage]

Main events of both shows were said to be the best matches on the shows. Fans were chanting “brokeback” at Texano, which is not a chant I’m used to hearing on lucha shows (they’re usually less creative on that note) and cracked up Alberto. Alberto was said to look very good and like he was having a good time.

Dark match were the debuts for Mack and Strickland. It was also Casuas’ first known match since being hurt in a dark match versus Cuerno on the first set of shows. Good to see he’s back. Hernandez is 4-0 in dark matches, or at the least the ones we have results.

I’m not totally following the Catrina/Fenix/Mil Muertes storyline, but I probably just need to read thru it. The order of events are very jumbled in my mind and I think we’re missing pieces or I’ve just written them wrong. The farther the matches go out in the future, there’s more gaps missing by skits/vignettes/interviews/others and just by little things in matches which didn’t seem important at the time. Thinking that may apply even more to the Sexy Star/Big Ryck/Crew storyline; that seems likes there may be one or two Dario office segments to fill in the gaps (and maybe make this tapings match.)

Vinny Massaro disagreed with the recap of his match with Pentagon, suggesting he got beat up a lot more by Pentagon than reported. I regret the mistake. Argenis got the same treatment as the ninjas in the Pentagon origin vignette, and Famous B, Ricky Mandell and Massaro all have not appeared since facing Pentagon, so maybe he’s been putting everyone out of action.

Looking back at the list from last Sunday of matches being set up, Cage/Puma is obviously left and surely is one of the next two main events. Other one is not sure. Aerostar/Drago and Angelico/Havoc still could happen but neither seem great bets to be a main event (though any match here could be a main event.) Alberto/Texano is happening again at some point but they’ve spaced out Alberto appearances – it’s possible he’s done in the ring already for this weekend. Maybe the Big Ryck/Crew match as the other main event? (DeJoseph just mentioned there will be 2 title matches, so maybe there you go..)

Along with the MMA types and retired basketball celebrities in attendance was (Cheerleader) Melissa Anderson. Many years ago, she was in AAA as Alyssa Flash, though she’s known better almost everywhere else. She would fit in this promotion, but it reads more like she was there just to watch the show with friends.

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  1. im not a huge fan on the men vs. women matches, lucha underground could have a good womens division by starting with sexy star and Ivelisse

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