Mistico in Arena Mexico, Myzteziz in Arena Naucalpan

Tonight’s Mistico’s return to Arena Mexico, his first match there since being hit by a car in May. The full match is Mistico, Volador and Maximo (two of the most popular tecnicos) vs Ultimo Warrior Guerrero, Terrible and Rey Bucanero. It’s no coincidence that Mistico I’s old rivals Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero are on the other side. CMLL’s preview pushes it as a rare teamup of one of the best tag teams from the last decade. Their peak was built around helping young high flyers look good, and that’s the same job description here. Mistico looked fragile and hampered in Japan but still was very over with the crowd. The hope is the same here. The Bucanero/Voaldor feud might return, for lack of anything better to do. The semimain is the Ingobernables vs Negro Casas, Shocker and Thunder. The matchup which feels run into the ground, but they continue to push Thunder/Marco as the new twist.

AAA TV tapings haven’t been gone quite as long as Mistico, but it nearly feels that way. They’re back in action tonight in Arena Naucalpan, the first of back to back Fridays with shows and the second of three shows in five days at the building. While Mistico II returns to Arena Mexico, Mistico I (Myzteziz) appears on a TV taping in Arena Naucalpan for the first time in since 2007. Myzteziz teams up with Psycho Clown to take on Perro Jr. & Texano Jr. in what should be a heated main event. The Rey de Reyes qualifiers start up with Aerostar vs Monsther Clown vs Super Fly vs Hijo de Pirata Morgan, where the first participant is the favorite. This is Super Fly’s first TV match since losing his mask; he’s teasing a new look.

AAA always fills IWRG’s home building at tonight should be no different. My hunch is it’s just a coincidence the Mistico return and AAA in Naucalpan happened on the same day.

CMLL in Guadalajara has Atlantis teaming with youngsters Blue Panther Jr. & Super Halcon Jr. to take on Gran Guerrero, Neibla Roja and Mephisto. A tag team tournament gets underway in the fourth match.

CaraLuchas has announced Flamita & Aeroboy’s opponents on the 01/31 show will be Dragon Lee & the Panther. That should be great. The women’s match has been changed to indy luchadoras Starfire & Diosa Atenea against rivals Estrellita & Zeuxis. Estrellita did a promo for the show.

Laredo Kid told SuperLuchas he had a tryout wiht WWE when they went thru Dallas earlier this week. He says he was told he’d be invited back for another tryout in April (assuming he doesn’t get in trouble for revealing that.) Laredo’s been working as much or more north of the border the last few years, so I suspect his English might be pretty good.

ACH has been added to the 03/22 ChilangaMask show. Match to be announced.

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