Lucha Underground 1×11: Last Luchador Standing

the results

Cortez Castro [O] & Mr. Cisco (w/Bael) b Mascarita Sagrada [X] & Pimpinela Escarlata (4:47, flapjack/frontcracker combo)
Pentagón Jr. b Súper Fly (5:10, package piledriver)
Sexy Star b Mariachi Loco (3:49, small package)
King Cuerno b Drago (11:23, ten count) [falls count anywhere]

the developments

Big Ryck appeared after the Crew’s match, declaring anyone who stood in his way would get beat up. The Crew shared a glance about this and attacked Ryck with his back turned. Ryck’s eye was burned by his own cigar. A later skit revealed Dario had paid The Crew off to attack Ryck, upset he’d failed to win, and they were now his henchman.

superkick party

Vampiro interviewed Cage, who was arrogant and didn’t want to wait in line for a title shot – he wanted one now.

Mystery woman was glimpsed so quick during the Pentagon/Super Fly match that I’m not sure we were supposed to even notice here. She was wearing a Lucha Underground crew shirt instead of her usual outfit, and the announcers didn’t acknowledge.

Announcers pushed Super Fly/Pentagon Jr. as two midlevel guys looking to get to the top and spent the match speculating about what Pentagon needed to get to the top. Pentagon Jr. declared Chavo not a legend, but a fraud for turning on him, but he knew of a real mentor who’d help him get to the next level. (On the tapings, Pentagon was said to have asked for Vampiro to be his mentor, but that was edited out.)

flecha de la infierno

No plot line in Sexy/Mariachi. Maricahi & Super Fly were clearly the lesser important people in their matches, but both got significant offense (more so Super Fly)

Drago survived a Thrill of the Hunt off the apron thru a table to the floor. Cuerno ultimately beat Drago by tying him down in the corner, holding onto the ropes as the referee made the 10 count. Striker pushed this as the end of the feud, though Vamp said Drago would one day get his revenge

the questions

  • When will Cage get his shot?
  • Who is Pentagon’s mentor?
  • What’s next for King Cuerno & Drago?
  • why do you chant WHAT at a show in 2014?

stray thoughts

thrill of the hunt

Saying this is the weakest show of the run so far is too hard, but it’s the one where I was least into the matches. The main event was somewhat the opposite of Fenix/Prince Puma. King Cuerno continues to fight purposefully slow and the pauses for 10 counts reduced the pace farther. They went to the 10 count near falls almost right away, and it didn’t really get going until the end. They didn’t tease a repeat of last week’s Drago dive. The Thrill of the Hunt thru the table would’ve been enough to end it for me, but they did the rope tie bit instead. It sort of looked goofy and sort of protected Drago, a sort of trade off. This is definitely one where some people are going to feel very different about the match and it was good by any means, but not quite at the level as the other main events for me.

The opener was maybe the most fun match, with the Crew bumbling well for Pimpi & Sagrada before taking the wins. The other two matches, even in the anyone can win Temple, were a bit obvious in the outcome and the matches weren’t great enough to make up for it.

Matt Striker’s picks for the best women wrestlers ever were Trish Stratus, Lita, and Fabulous Moolah. Matt Striker’s nerd skills failed him there.

Fans were so annoying doing the WHAT chants during Big Ryck’s speech.

Sexy Star won clean without help, which shots a hole in my point from a couple days ago. It was a rare match with no story, but maybe that was the story.

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  1. Just watched this show – was like a TNA crowd had invaded the tapings. The ‘Lucha, Lucha’ chants were replaced with ‘Holy s***’ and that annoying ‘What?’ chant… ugh

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