01/18 Lucha Underground Results (02/18 & 02/25 episodes)

Non-spoiler listing of all unaired matches is here. These are the shows for 02/18 and 02/25.

No significant roster notes. Pretty much everyone who wasn’t on the last taping made it on here.

Results are below. This has been a long day, and I’m crossing my fingers on coherency.

LU (SUN) 01/18/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Argenis, Hernandez, Jeff Cobb b Mariachi Loco, Ricky Mandell, Son of Havoc
dark match. Said to be the best match of the first half of the taping.
2) Mil Muertes b Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Start of 02/18 taping, probably. Chavo again used a chair but lost. Catrina was involved, and she and Mil are no longer together. Mil is about to take her out when Fenix makes the save – it’s Catrina and Fenix who are now together! (This fits with Catrina’s involvement on the 02/11 show, so the pairing probably happened earlier.)
3) Ivelisse b Angélico
Angelico had defeated Son of Havoc on the 02/04 episode and Ivelisse wanted to prove she could do better. Angelico tries to flirt with Ivelisse and gets beat. Angelico does not give up, suggesting Ivelisse ditch Havoc and go out on a date with him.
4) Texano Jr. b Súper Fly
Super Fly is still a masked man in the Lucha Underground universe. Crowd did not know Texano. El Patron ran in after to brawl with Texano, and Texano gets a reaction by the end of it.
5) Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, Sexy Star b Beal, Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco
No DQ match, with the Crew injuring Mascarita & Pimpi. Big Ryck, wearing an eye patch and having long ago broken up with the Crew, distracts them to help Sexy Star win and then threatens the Crew ‘an eye for an eye’. End of 02/18 taping.
6) Cage b Prince Puma
Start of 02/25 taping. Konnan threw in the towel to stop the match. Puma was not happy with Konnan. Stipulation was Cage would get another title match should be beat Puma, and he now will at some future date.
7) Aerostar b Drago
Rematch from the 02/04 episode, with Aerostar reversing the result. Aerostar & Drago are both staying tecnicos and showing respect after the match – which Dario Cueto decides he doesn’t like. Cueto announces a tiebreaking match where the winner gets a special opportunity (in hopes they betray each other next time.)
8) Pentagón Jr. b Vinny Massaro
debuting Massaro is a California indy guy and was squashed. Pentagon destroyed Massaro with a loud painful chops and dedicated the win to a mystery mentor. Crowd starting to Cero Miedo chants.
9) Johnny Mundo DCOR King Cuerno
great crazy match, which had them brawling all over the arena and came off as the start of a feud. Mundo did a promo after the match. End of 02/25 taping.

Was told second show came off stronger than the first. Mundo/Cuerno sounds super, a great looking feud I wouldn’t have considered. Reports differ if that or Puma/Cage was the best match on the taping.

Big Ryck smokes a cigar. Big Ryck ends up with an eye patch. I think I got that one. The Crew battling Sexy Star’s trio sounds amazing, a different sort of only in Lucha Underground match. The breakup with that group might have been started with the Crew’s failure in Aztec Warfare; they’re definitely not on the same page by the last couple tapings of the first set.

The Mil Muertes/Catrina/Fenix stuff might have also started when we weren’t looking. Mil blamed Mundo for the errant kick to the head in Aztec Warfare, but Catrina may not. That match seemed like the culmination of some stories but may have quietly started just as many.

Konnan throwing the towel seems to be save Puma from being murdered by Cage. I don’t think Konnan and Puma are ever destined to totally get along.

Super Fly, in Lucha Underground, was said to still be part of Fuerza Aerea which isn’t true in AAA – but Texano/Alberto is kind of playing off their current AAA storyline? Or maybe there’s a slightly different AAA in the Lucha Underground universe? I’m over thinking this already, and I’ll probably just be amused if Super Fly someday betrays Aerostar for the fourth time. In actual important news, they’re going to make you wait for Alberto’s first match.

I might be misreading something; unsure if Aero & Drago have to get two wins (which would mean next one settles it) or if one guy has to win twice in a row (which means Aero can win it and Drago can’t), but they definitely have another match coming. Dario Cueto’s special opportunity didn’t go so well for everyone involved last time.

Amused that there’s all these stories and there’s also Pentagon just destroying fools regularly. My crazy (and probably not happening) idea for Pentagon’s mentor is Jake Roberts, just because Jake Roberts doing skits on this show would be amazing. I don’t know if Jake Roberts is employable at this point, or even looking enough like Jake Roberts enough to make it work. I have no idea what it’ll be – it doesn’t seem like Vampiro took Pentagon up on his offer or we’d know it by now, but it’s got to be someone important if they’re teasing it out.

In more realistic thoughts, these appear to be the big matches they’re heading to

  • Cage vs Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Title
  • Alberto vs Texano Jr. for the AAA Mega World Championship
  • King Cuerno vs Johnny Mundo, probably in a stipulation match (falls count anywhere?)
  • Fenix vs Mil Muertes
  • Aerostar vs Drago, with the mystery of what the winner will receive
  • Angelico vs Son of Havoc

There are surely other matches, but those are the clearest ones.  Lucha Underground is not planning on running PPVs any time soon, but an imaginary PPV with those matches and whatever else they’d put together (Big Ryck vs the Crew in some form? Pentagon vs Ricky Ataki?) would be a pretty fun PPV.

There’s been a fair discussion about Lucha Underground having better female characters than other wrestling shows. I think they definitely do but, at the same time, that’s a low bar and there’s still some things which read as iffy. Ivelisse got the win, but at least in a partially goofy way where she’s not taken totally seriously. Sexy winning because Big Ryck ran in serves a bigger story they’re telling with the Crew, it wasn’t just an excuse, but it does continue the pattern of Sexy Star needing/getting an assist from a man every time she wins. I want to see how it looks, not just how it reads and Catrina seems to be driving her own storyline.

No Demon. That’s OK. Mystery Asian Lady has not gotten mentioned much but is still around. We don’t know anything more about Dario’s monster either, come to think of it.

They’re back in front of the crowd on Saturday, though they might be taping more stuff during the week. Next weekend’s shows will take Lucha Underground to the half way point of the first season.

2 thoughts to “01/18 Lucha Underground Results (02/18 & 02/25 episodes)”

  1. Interesting that non of the other registered characters seem to have been used, guess Drago might turn into Dragon Azteca, and SuperFly, Argenis and Aerostar would have a brighter future in LU if they had been repackaged. So far it seems they just brought them in to made up for the lack on local indy guys.

    If they want the UniMas show to improve, they need to have the commentary team live, no mention about it but who knows. Maybe have Striker and Hugo doing the El Rey version and a Univision Deportes (or Televisa) guy + Vampiro the U+ version, with Vampiro doing backstage segments for El Rey and Hugo for UniMas…

    Might need to rewatch the shows, but for a storyline it would have been good that Bael was sent by Konnan in the ladder match, and by the Warfare match Konnan had “bought” the others in, so they were actually helping Puma in there, making it one of those “twists” Hollywood loves and giving reason for PP to leave K’s wing…

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