01/17 Lucha Underground results (02/04 & 02/11 episodes)

There’s Lucha Underground results for the first two shows in February after the break.

Originally, it was important to get the Lucha Underground results out so we could get an idea of what this show actually was going to be, and even that took at least half the season to figure out. I’m putting results up because it’s what I would want to read if I was a reader to this website, and it doesn’t detract from enjoyment of the show. I know that’s not the case for everyone, some people would rather just not know anything and just be surprised. I’m going to try to do this in a way to make it workable for all

  • Lucha Underground results will only be posted on the blog portion of the site until they air. I’m not going to keep them in the database until after the show airs. It’ll always be after the break, so you’ll have to click on something to see it.
  • non spoiler match listings will continue to be posted on the non spoiler match listing page
  • please limit your discussion of unaired results to the Lucha Underground results posts.

If this doesn’t work, we’ll try something else. Please remember I can only control how they appear here – if you go to wikipedia, someone may have them up.

The one ‘spoiler’ that’s already out is Alberto el Patron making his first appearance on Lucha Underground on these shows. Alberto had said he was going here for months, then said he wasn’t two days ago, so either he was lying for effect or something got done at the last second. (The LAW says the deal was only done on Wednesday, so perhaps Alberto was telling the truth at the time.) He appeared to close the tapings with the AAA World Championship, and Lucha Underground sent out a press release confirming at the same time since it was obviously going to be the thing that got out. The press release is wrong; Alberto did not actually wrestle, but spoke to the crowd. Unsure if that’s confusion or changing plans.  If nothing is moved around, Alberto will debut on the 02/11 TV show.

None of the other well known US based names appeared on the shows and no one jumped from CMLL. There was one other new non-Mexico name (which has been mentioned before and didn’t make TV) and one other AAA luchador debuted in a non-match segment. That one’s gotten out on social media but hasn’t been written about yet.

LU (SAT) 01/17/2015 Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) Hernandez & Jeff Cobb b Beal, Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco
dark match. 2 vs 3.
2) Angélico b Son of Havoc
Havok and Ivelisse are not getting along by the end of these tapings
3) Drago b Aerostar
4) Pentagón Jr. b Famous B
Pentagon talks mysteriously about sacrificing his love or for his love. Unclear who/what that might be. This speech might be after the other match.
5) Cage b Johnny Mundo
end of episode 1.
6) Fénix b Argenis
Catrina licks Argenis after the match for unclear reasons.
7) Johnny Mundo b Son of Havoc
great match
8) Pentagón Jr. b Ricky Mandell
to end episode 2, Alberto el Patron appeared with the AAA belt and said a revolution was coming to Lucha Underground. Texano Jr. made a surprise appearance to attack Alberto with the lasso. Chavo ran in as well, but got put in the armbar

It’s worth remembering

  • there’s vignettes taped which the live crowd does not see. I’ve got a lost of “unclear” up there, which means those bits are answered elsewhere.
  • it’s a taped show so they can move and change things around as they’d like. Not much has been moved, but matches and segments are edited.

Building was packed and everyone seemed very excited to be there. The buzz is strong.

Mundo/Havoc sounds like the best match on the show, but Drago/Aerostar looks very interesting too. Pentagon Jr. is getting Mil Muerte’s old victims and squashing them, so they’re looking to fix his win/loss record after impressing in the first set.

Son of Havoc also gets a chance to show what he can do in a normal match. Lucha Underground Ivelisse might be syncing up with AAA Ivelisse.

Cage & Mundo seems like a virtual #1 contender match, and the first Cage/Puma match suggested they weren’t done with each other.

For all the concern about Lucha Underground going forward, someone agreed to pay Alberto. That sort of investment means they’re still be pretty behind it. They’re going to get the first 39 episodes, that seems pretty likely.

Texano was one of those names rumored to be coming here. The original plan was for AAA and Lucha Underground not to cross over until the far far future, but plans change. Getting another Alberto/Texano match in a new environment is perfectly fine.

No Dario Cueto, Prince Puma, Blue Demon Jr., King Cuerno, Mil Muertes or Sexy Star in front of the crowd on these shows. Puma/Ricochet and Cuerno/Fantasma seemed to indicate they were in California, so they stand a good chance of being on today’s shows. Super Fly also mentioned he was there so he might get a match as well. Hernandez, the Blue Monsther of Lucha Underground, keeps getting dark matches but can’t make the big show quite yet.

Tapings continue today.

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