Lucha Underground 1×10: Law of the Jungle


the matches

Cage beat Aerostar, Argenis, Angelico in a four way elimination match
Cage flip powerbomb on Argenis (5:08)
Cage spinning clothesline on Aerostar (5:53)
Cage spinning clothesline on Angelico (5:59)

King Cuerno DCOR Drago (3:20)

Prince Puma (c) b Fenix for the Lucha Underground Championship (12:09, 630 senton)
– first defense for the championship

Angelico corner tope con giro

the developments

Dario gave Fenix a title match in hopes he’d embarrass Konnan & Puma. Fenix didn’t seem interested in allying with Cueto, but Dario just wanted him to win. They aired a Fenix vignette and Fenix fought well for the title before losing cleanly.

Aerostar, Argenis, Angelico and Cage debuted in a four way. Argenis was introduced by Striker as a mix of Dr. Wagner & Silver King. I have no idea. Angelico played a bit rudo. Aerostar and Angelico both hit their big dives, but everyone ended up losing to Cage in the end. Cage used a discus clothesline and a double powerbomb as his big moves in the match, then used them again on Prince Puma after the main event. The only iffy moment in Cage’s debut was a post win speech, where he declared “They call me Cage, because I’m not a man, I’m a machine.”

Chavo Guerrero Jr. called out Blue Demon to apologize, but it turned out he was apologizing he didn’t do more to Demon. Chavo tried to cheap shot Demon with knucks, but Demon knocked him out and hit him with chairs. Striker said this was the end of the feud.

Drago & King Cuerno went to a double countout of the ring when Drago dived from the top of Dario’s office to splash Cuerno thru a table. Neither man could continue, but it seemed the feud would.

Mystery Woman was seen spying on Fenix and Dario in their meeting; Striker suggested she was interest in the title picture.

all my gifs from the show are here: and probably on tumblr next.

Drago Jack

the questions

  • when will Cage get a title shot? will they explain why they call him Cage again?

  • what’s next for Chavo & Demon now that they’re not feuding? Is there a next?

  • where did Striker come up with that Wagner/Silver line? Did he just get Argenis’ family confused?

  • how did Dorian Roldan score those front row seats? He must know someone.

stray thoughts

Fenix tries to pull a Flamita and Puma isn’t having it

If last week was the end of the first chapter, this felt like a strong opening to chapter two. Cage debuted, won strongly, and immediately got himself into the title picture. Cage looked impressive and a huge threat. Dario was already trying to recruit Fenix, so maybe he’ll move onto Cage. Some of the regulars (Mundo, Muertes, the Crew) did not appear on this show to give other people the spotlight. It was really a show about three guys, Fenix (who got the vignette and the skit with Dario before the title match), Cage (who got the win and the beatdown after the main event) and Puma (who kept his title.) Everyone came out looking better than before, including Fenix impressing in a great match.

The other guys from the four way looked good, though there wasn’t any clear direction for them. Striker didn’t mention Myzteziz in relation to Argenis, which I found at least interesting.

The Cuerno/Drago match was really short. Live, this was a three falls match, so they must’ve really cut it down. The spot at the end was enough to make it memorable.

Demon’s attack on Chavo looked weak, but it was over so that was nice.

I can not imagine Wednesdays without this show. It’s too fun.