Lucha Underground 1×10: Law of the Jungle


the matches

Cage beat Aerostar, Argenis, Angelico in a four way elimination match
Cage flip powerbomb on Argenis (5:08)
Cage spinning clothesline on Aerostar (5:53)
Cage spinning clothesline on Angelico (5:59)

King Cuerno DCOR Drago (3:20)

Prince Puma (c) b Fenix for the Lucha Underground Championship (12:09, 630 senton)
– first defense for the championship

Angelico corner tope con giro

the developments

Dario gave Fenix a title match in hopes he’d embarrass Konnan & Puma. Fenix didn’t seem interested in allying with Cueto, but Dario just wanted him to win. They aired a Fenix vignette and Fenix fought well for the title before losing cleanly.

Aerostar, Argenis, Angelico and Cage debuted in a four way. Argenis was introduced by Striker as a mix of Dr. Wagner & Silver King. I have no idea. Angelico played a bit rudo. Aerostar and Angelico both hit their big dives, but everyone ended up losing to Cage in the end. Cage used a discus clothesline and a double powerbomb as his big moves in the match, then used them again on Prince Puma after the main event. The only iffy moment in Cage’s debut was a post win speech, where he declared “They call me Cage, because I’m not a man, I’m a machine.”

Chavo Guerrero Jr. called out Blue Demon to apologize, but it turned out he was apologizing he didn’t do more to Demon. Chavo tried to cheap shot Demon with knucks, but Demon knocked him out and hit him with chairs. Striker said this was the end of the feud.

Drago & King Cuerno went to a double countout of the ring when Drago dived from the top of Dario’s office to splash Cuerno thru a table. Neither man could continue, but it seemed the feud would.

Mystery Woman was seen spying on Fenix and Dario in their meeting; Striker suggested she was interest in the title picture.

all my gifs from the show are here: and probably on tumblr next.

Drago Jack

the questions

  • when will Cage get a title shot? will they explain why they call him Cage again?

  • what’s next for Chavo & Demon now that they’re not feuding? Is there a next?

  • where did Striker come up with that Wagner/Silver line? Did he just get Argenis’ family confused?

  • how did Dorian Roldan score those front row seats? He must know someone.

stray thoughts

Fenix tries to pull a Flamita and Puma isn’t having it

If last week was the end of the first chapter, this felt like a strong opening to chapter two. Cage debuted, won strongly, and immediately got himself into the title picture. Cage looked impressive and a huge threat. Dario was already trying to recruit Fenix, so maybe he’ll move onto Cage. Some of the regulars (Mundo, Muertes, the Crew) did not appear on this show to give other people the spotlight. It was really a show about three guys, Fenix (who got the vignette and the skit with Dario before the title match), Cage (who got the win and the beatdown after the main event) and Puma (who kept his title.) Everyone came out looking better than before, including Fenix impressing in a great match.

The other guys from the four way looked good, though there wasn’t any clear direction for them. Striker didn’t mention Myzteziz in relation to Argenis, which I found at least interesting.

The Cuerno/Drago match was really short. Live, this was a three falls match, so they must’ve really cut it down. The spot at the end was enough to make it memorable.

Demon’s attack on Chavo looked weak, but it was over so that was nice.

I can not imagine Wednesdays without this show. It’s too fun.


FantasticaMania Day 2, Blue Panther/Satanico, Lucha Underground

CMLL (FRI) 01/09/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara[Fuego en el Ring]
1) El Tapatío & Índigo DQ Gitano (Jalisco) & Relampago
Tecnicos took 2/3, Relampago took Tapatio. Gitano’s debut.
2) Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno b El Divino & Explosivo
3) El Cuatrero & Sansón b Sky Kid & Smaker
4) Exterminador, Maléfico, Niebla Roja b Leo, Magnum, Omar Brunetti
Rudos took 1/3. Leo and Exterminador continue to feud.
5) Blue Panther, Dragón Rojo Jr., Volador Jr. DQEuforia, Satánico, Último Guerrero
Satanico fouled Blue Panther, setting up a singles match the next week.

Friday results on Wednesday are much better than Friday results on never-day. Sky Kid & Smaker are tag team champions, losing should set up a title match but I have well found doubts since they’re not on this Friday’s cards.

La Comandante splash on Lluvia (photo by Alexis Salazar/CMLL)

CMLL (TUE) 01/13/2015 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Angelito & Stukita b Pequeño Nitro & Pequeño Universo 2000
2) Canelo Casas, Disturbio, Metálico b Flyer, Magnus, Oro Jr.
Rudos took 1/3
3) Raziel b Súper Halcón Jr. [lightning]
Super Halcon Jr. replaced Soberano Jr. on Monday.
4) La Comandante, La Seductora, Zeuxis b La Vaquerita, Lluvia, Marcela
Rudas took 2/3.
5) Blue Panther, Super Porky, Titán b Misterioso Jr., Pierroth, Sagrado
Tecnicos took 2/3. Comando Caribeno are 0-2 as a trio since getting a name.
6) Kráneo, Olímpico, Rey Bucanero b Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Valiente
Rudos took 2/3.

Olimpico winning Arena Mexico main events in 2015 while the new trio can’t get a win. CMLL! No sign of the lightning match on YouTube.

CMLL (WED) 01/14/2015 Takamatsu-city General Gymnasium, Kagawa, Japan [NJPW]
***FantasticaMania 2015, Day 2***
1) Okumura & YOSHI-HASHI b Ángel de Oro & Kushida
9:06. Mima Shimoda, who appears to be on this tour to help translate, was with the rudos. Okumura won with a foul kick and a Michinoku Driver on Angel de Oro.
2) Jushin Liger & Stuka Jr. b Gedo & Mephisto
11:00. Liger beat Gedo.
3) Bárbaro Cavernario & Mr. Niebla b Sho Tanaka & Stigma
7:38. Sho Tanaka replaced Rey Cometa (right knee injury) Cavernaria on Stigma for the win.
4) Kazuchika Okada & Pólvora b Mistico & Tritón
9:53. Okada Red Ink on Triton. Triton did complete his dive today.
5) Gran Guerrero, Shinsuke Nakamura, Último Guerrero b Atlantis, Captain New Japan, Volador Jr.
11:04. Nakamura Bomb Ye on Captain New Japan.
6) La Sombra, Ryusuke Taguchi, Tetsuya Naito b Hiroshi Tanahashi, Máscara Dorada, Tiger Mask
13:49. Naito beat Tiger Mask with a Stardust press. Sombra continued to attack Dorada after the match. Naito & Sombra thanked the fans.

This is the first FantasticaMania show in Kagawa and the sole show which is not being taped. They’re building up Sombra vs Dorada as something big.

RealHero on DailyMotion has all of Day 1’s matches up. I’ve only watched the opener so far. Mr. Niebla misaimed his top rope splash and came down badly on Triton’s knee, which caused his knee injury. He tried to keep going, but that was a bad idea. Triton came up way short on a tope and was done for the match, which wrapped up quickly after. Triton posted a photo of his knee in ice pack, but did a promo for CMLL before this show today saying he was feeling better. Rey Cometa seemed to finish the same match fine, and it’s very surprising to see him miss today’s match.

Among the many, many pieces of merchandise being sold at these shows are Barbaro Cavernario plastic bones and clubs for 4000 Yen. That’s $34 USD or 500 Mexican Pesos. I saw at least one person on Twitter mention they bought one. The real money on this tour is made not by the attendance, but off the merchandise. (Kushida, who posted that blog, also seems greatly entertained by Mistico out of the ring.)

Lucha Underground has announced all the matches from today’s show

All the matches look interesting.

This is the first “normal” show since December 10th, and even that had the extra long ladder match. If you’ve missing the outside the ring interactions, I’d think they’ll start to turn up again this week.

CMLL Informa has a lot of people listed for it’s show today: Rush, Dragon Lee, Maximo, Princesa Sugehit and Zeuxis.  I had Negro Casas listed, but it’s actually just Maximo talking about his match with Negro Casas. Plus, people seem to disappear from when they’re announced and when the show happens. Rush’s interview could bring some news: he hasn’t been seen since breaking his leg. The timeline laid out after surgery puts him two to four weeks away from returning now, but it’s been a while since there’s been an update. (Then again, Informa is not so good for explaining when people are returning.)

Mr. Jack beat Canek to win the IWL Heavyweight Championship last night in Arena Aficion. They continue to build towards a mask match between those two, though there’s no hint as to when it might be happen. As much as I mock Leyenda Inmortales, and probably will continue to, they seemed to draw better in this arena than CMLL did last time around.

Titan says his Sabado Retro title match against Cavernario was the best match of his career.

Pentagon Jr. was named AAA 2014 Rudo of The Year. They say it’s because of his votes and achievements but I think AAA was just too scared to give the award to anyone else and face the consequences.

The new management of Arena Coliseo San Luis Potosi says rumors in December that the building was going to be torn down were never true, and the building will reopen for lucha libre on February 15. The new ownership is claiming the old ownership spread the rumor to draw a big gate. They did draw a big gate, though it’s unclear why the new ownership didn’t say something until now. Anyway, new ownership is doing some remodeling and that’s why they’re not running shows now.

Terra’s transcribed Konnan’s comments on Octagon from TV y Noticas, which are exactly what you’d expect – “Octagon has a substance abuse problems, he got fat, and they wanted to get rid of him for many years.”

DoradaFan has a Triton music video.

BxB Fly has a 12/25 Lucha Libre Boom music video.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

ChilangaMask added Keira vs Vaquerita to their 02/15 Coliseo Coacalco, after their post match brawl on this past weekend’s show. They’ve also announced Negro Navarro vs Fulgor I to the 03/22 show, billed as The Final Test. Not sure what Navarro is being tested on. (Oh, wait.)

The Neza Kings talk about their 01/31 match vs the Indystrongibles.

SuperLuchas looks back at shows from January 13th. Current Japanese star Polvora was working the openers with Zayco 9 years ago. Zayco was still working the openers, but he has been seen since July (and might have had an injury?)

Segunda Caida looks back at the 2010 Gran Alternativa final. The answer to Matt’s question is YES, in all caps.

Ohtani’s Jacket reviews some 1994 CMLL and Negro Casas vs Maximo. I also did not have much problem with Maximo not selling the knee later on, mostly because I believe in the power of the magic spray wholeheartedly.

Soberano & Star talk about their mask win.


CMLL (TUE) 01/20/2015 Arena México
1) Metatrón & Robin vs Akuma & Camorra
2) Shockercito, Stukita, Último Dragoncito vs Mercurio, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito
3) Estrellita vs Zeuxis [lightning]
4) Blue Panther Jr., Dragon Lee, The Panther vs Misterioso Jr., Raziel, Sagrado
5) Delta, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Ephesto, Felino, Hombre sin Nombre
6) Blue Panther, Dragón Rojo Jr., Titán vs Euforia, Hechicero, Niebla Roja

Still killing time, but in more amusing ways. They’re going to program Estrellita/Zeuxis all week, hoping one of them actually happens. Raziel is the best possible Pierroth. Main event and minis match look promising.

CMLL (TUE) 01/20/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) El Divino vs Infierno
2) Flyer, Magnus, Star Jr. vs Demonio Maya, Évola, Ráfaga
3) Arkángel de la Muerte, Cancerbero, Puma, Tiger, Virus vs Esfinge, Gallo, Leo, Magnum, Omar Brunetti [cibernetico]
4) La Máscara, Super Porky, Valiente vs Kráneo, Rey Bucanero, Terrible
5) Marco Corleone vs Shocker

Ah, they’re actually doing the singles match. Cibernetico could be interesting.

great match roundup, week of 2014-11-22

Good/Great/Excellent matches

Lucha Underground: 2014-11-26
taped 2014-09-27 @ Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
Big Ryck vs Prince Puma in a street fight match: [GREAT]

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-11-22
taped 2014-11-11 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
Delta, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Hechicero, Hombre sin Nombre, Virus: [EXCELLENT]
Máximo vs Negro Casas: [GOOD]

CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-11-22
taped 2014-11-18 @ Arena México
Shockercito & Stukita vs Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro: [GREAT]
Hombre Bala Jr., Star Jr., Súper Halcón Jr. vs Canelo Casas, El Rebelde, Nitro: [GOOD]

Shows Watched But Nothing Worthwhile
AAA on Televisa: 2014-11-22
CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2014-11-22

Matches To Watch Later