CMLL shows tonight, All Elite in Arena Mexico on 02/08

Tonight’s CMLL card, follwing the title tournament of the last couple weeks, has no particular rivalries going on. The makeshift Ingobernables – Mascara, Sombra and fill in Marco – face Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas and Shocker in the main event. The man who beat Casas last week, Mascara Dorada, teams with Atlantis & Maximo to take on Mr. Aguila, Rey Bucanero and Terrible in the semimain. The best match of the show might be the lightning match between Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi, which seems to be placed higher than usual for those level of guys. It’s the 4th match here (and so will almost surely air on TV), up one spot from when they held this match back in October.

Misterioso Jr. posted that this show will air on Terra. I’m assuming he’s confused or just doesn’t know they took it off months ago, because CMLL and Terra haven’t announced anything about this. (Not planning on being around to record it, either way.)

Over in Guadalajara, the Friday show is a one time team up of three generations of Infernales, with Satanico coming out of retirement too team with Ultimo Guerrero and Euforia. They face Blue Panther, Volador and Draogn Rojo.

All Elite announced they’d be returning for a 3rd show on 02/08 in Arena Mexico with Dr. Wagner Jr. & La Sombra vs LA Park & Volador Jr. That would mark both Wagner & Park’s first match in Arena Mexico in half a decade. It wouldn’t be officially for CMLL, though casual fans wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The event is on Sunday at 5pm, the traditional time for CMLL’s Sunday shows, and it’s unclear if this means the All Elite show is replacing the weekly CMLL show for the week or if they’ll run an opposition show in Arena Coliseo. It’d be absurd for CMLL to run their own show in Arena Coliseo, but CMLL can be very absurd. If this is the regular Sunday show, this match would also likely air live on Terra.

An AAA show at Arena Coliseo Monterrey on 01/25 includes Lolita on the poster; that’d be her first known match since becoming a mom. La Parkita is in the minis match and seems to have been booked more of late. Main event is Psycho Clown/Fenix vs Texano/Pentagon, which suggests those guys would not be on the Lucha Underground tapings that day – or this lineup is getting changed late. I’d bet my money on someone else being in their spots in Monterrey.

Tercera Caida posted a ‘100’ teaser last night. They’re usually doing the 100 moves of the year shows around this time and that seems a hint that they’re still planning on releasing one this year, maybe just on +LuchaTV. Meanwhile, the Gladiatores posted a 40 minute video interview with Jose Manuel, Bernardo and Monje.

ChilangaMask has added Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Hechicero vs Black Terrry vs Aero Boy to their 03/22 Coliseo Coacalco show.

I never got around to watching the Super Crazy/Pesadilla TLC match in NOAH, but R de Rudo notes Pesadilla wrestled a portion of the match unmasked. The rudos pulled his mask off, but it’s no DQ so the match just kept going. He had some facepaint on.

Estrellas del Ring interviews Pantera I. Pantera says the name came from when the (IWRG) Morenos were promoting shows in Auditorio Aguascalientes, noticed the local basketball team was named Los Panteras, and thought that would be a good luchador name. Pantera I explains his long abscence from the ring as retiring due to problems with alcoholism. Pantera says he overcame alcoholism and decided to return to the ring, though Pantera II did not give him permission to keep using the name. There’s obviously issues between those two that neither guy wants to talk about.

Estrellas del Ring has the same Octagon interview Octagon has done with a couple dozen outlets. Octagon keeps saying he owns the name. If you actually go to the trademark office site, it lists AAA as the owner. That can be fought and dragged out, but no one seems to win those arguments with AAA. No one else likes bringing it up to the luchadors.

Titan says his title match versus Barbaro Cavernario was great and he’d the caveman another shot any time he wanted. The newspaper notes no video of the match exists. (I kept my $100.)

LuchaWorld has a recap of this week’s CMLL Informa and KrisZ’s news update.

Segunda Caida reviews Héctor Garza, Shocker, Toscano vs Rey Bucanero, Shigeo Okumura, Taichi. Don’t watch CMLL Taichi.

Kcidis draws a defeated Cholo & Ramstein.

La Catedral argues Star Jr. & Soberano Jr. defeating Cholo & Ramstein will not shoot the tecnicos to immediate superstardom.

SuperLuchas looks back at Shibata vs Blue Demon.

Taya says she’ll be even better in 2015.

The contract signing for Syrui’s first title defense happened early today. The challenger, Shuu Shibutani, , has said she’ll retire at the on May 3rd, which doesn’t sound like her mind is in this match. The semimain is now Goya Kong & Muneca de Plata vs Kana & Arisa Nakajima for the REINA Tag Team Championship.


LLB (SAT) 01/31/2015 Deportivo Pavón, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal
1) Bracito De Plata, Bracito De Platino, Fantasma De La Opera II vs Super Brazo Jr., Super Pinochito, Voladorcito
2) Demasiado, Diva Salvaje, Estrella Divina vs Halcón 2000, Kid Jaguar, Shadow
3) Rayo Tapatío I & Rayo Tapatío II vs Guerrero Del Bronx & Oficialito and Ojo De Halcón & Ojo De Halcon Jr. and Mike Segura & Pantera I and Arez & Belial and Porro I & Porro II
4) Impulso vs Freelance [super libre]
5) Cerebro Negro, Dinamic Black, Fantasma de la Ópera vs ?, ??, ???
6) Fuerza Guerrera & Mr. Niebla vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Octagón

Last show Lucha Libre Boom did air on AYM, this one is promoted as the same and I have unexplained access to AYM again, so there’s a chance you might see this. Tag team tournament is so random, super libre is going to have many spots.