01/10-11 lucha times

box. It’s after the jump too.

== AAA ==

Tuxtla Guiterrez part 2! Aerostar vs Super Fly prior to the mask match, Joe Lider & Pentagon Jr. vs Fenix & Myzteziz. This is the last show with first run 2014 AAA matches – the Guerra de Titanes show has aired on PPV already, and is up on YouTube if you look around.

== Lucha Underground ==

Law of the Jungle

Prince Puma puts his title on the line and fights Fenix; Drago fights King Cuerno; Chavo confronts Blue Demon; Cage, Angelico, Aerostar and Argenis fight.

The Demon/Chavo confronation does not appear to be a match, but the other three will be. Drago/Cuerno is a best of three falls match.

There’s two more episodes after this one in this first batch of episodes.

== CMLL ==

FOX2: Mascara Dorada vs Negro Casas.

Azteca: The Welterweight Cibernetico that set that up.

52MX: Mephisto vs Mascara Dorada. Unless Puebla makes a surprise return, this is the last show with first run 2014 CMLL matches.

Claro: Atlantis, Maximo, Valiente vs Niebla, Casas, Bucanero.

C3: Pequeno Reyes del Air, double mask match, Volador/Bucanero

Terra Sunday: Maximo/Casas

== IWRG ==

IWRG (LAS/AYM): probably rerunning the show from the 4th alot; hoping the show from the 8th turns up on Monday but there’s a decent chance of no new IWRG this week.

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