Lucha Underground 1×9 (2015-01-07): “Aztec Warfare”

King Cuerno aims, fires

the matches

Just one, the first ever Aztec Warfare…


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the developments

this was not the hardest hit Sagrada took

Not a lot. The existing feuds (the Puma/Mundo/Crew triangle, Cuerno/Drago, Pimpi vs Havoc & Ivelisse?) were touched on. Cuerno beat Drago again.

Mundo accidentally took out Catrina with a kick, so Muerte’s going to murder him later.

Blue Demon Jr. returned just in time to not be in the match, but still beat up Chavo and give Sexy Star a win. Demon told Chavo it wasn’t over with them.

Mystery woman found a seat. Good for her.

Match came down to Puma and Mundo, in an echo of episode 1. This time, Puma won. Mundo gave him credit for winning and Konnan turned up to clap for his protege. Unlike episode one, Puma got the belt without any post match incident.

No sign of Dario’s mystery guy. Dario himself was only there to introduce the match, and there were no vignettes. There haven’t been many of those the last few episodes, maybe due to the format.

Mundo misses, seals his death sentence

the questions

  • who challenges Prince Puma first?
  • so do we really have to see a Chavo/Demon match again?
  • will that woman ever find what she’s looking for?


630 senton for the title

This was nonstop action all the way thru with a bunch of highlight moments. Lucha Undergound is doing ~40 episodes a year, but this came off as the end of Act 1 of Season 1. They got to the title, now they have to set up for something else next.

There were other guys I would’ve been happy to see win, but Prince Puma came off as a worthy champion. The layout of the match benefited all – pretty much everyone got to get about a minute worth of Hot Tag like offense on the entire field as soon as they got in. Even Ricky Mandell and Mariachi Loco went on runs. (Poor Famous B.) Even with only one match on the show, Lucha Underground continued it’s trend of having a stellar match each week. (I think I’d rate this as Great, FWIW.)

(Since Lucha Underground puts the best match of the week online, are they putting the whole episode on line this week?)