AAA on Televisa: 2014-11-08


taped 2014-10-12 @ Domo San Luis, San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosí

super fly salida

Angélico vs Jack Evans, Joe Lider, Hijo del Fantasma ©, Bengala, Aerostar, Súper Fly, Steve Pain for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship: [GOOD] Not nearly as good as the TripleMania match; the ladder stipulation didn’t hurt but it didn’t help them put together a story and the ladders were of bad quality as always. This time, they used ones that are really supposed to be leaned on walls and not climbed on both sides. That meant ones of the sides of the ladder slide back and forth, and it was harder to manipulate. It also messed up a standing on the ladder spot with Joe Lider which seemed to leave him hurt. The ladders were so wobbily that Super Fly took a bump off the ladder when no one was even touching and they were easily damaged. It’s good they had a lot of them because Pain couldn’t find one in decent shape for a while (and didn’t seem to trust it when he finally found one.) The belt also seemed to be way too high, where guys couldn’t reach it unless they were on the top rung. Kind of killed the near falls until the end, when suddenly Jack and Fantasma could easily reach it.

the Aerostar missed dive that wasn’t supposed to miss

The action itself was a lot of two or three or rarely four people in doing ladder spots while a mass of people laid/half fought on the outside. They had some ideas for ladder spots, but there was no real story besides Fantasma being dominant. The eliminations forced a story upon the TripleMania match, while there were no really consequences to the ladder bumps except having to go to back of the invisible line and wait your turn like it was a theme park ride. It’s tough to put story into this sort of match, but some of the ladder bumps should’ve meant more than the others, and the only thing that really seemed to hurt anyone was Aerostar’s missed dive. (Maybe the announcers were selling the damage more and I missed it?) The action is good, I’m dismissing it a bunch here, but it was a ladder match which will just remind you of a lot of other ladder matches.

Fantasma tope
“fired up” doesn’t work against Pentagon

Myzteziz vs La Parka, Blue Demon Jr., Australian Suicide, Zorro, Pentagón Jr., Fénix, Villano IV for the Copa Antonio Pena and in a lumberjack rules match: [OK] pretty much useless for the first two thirds, as both lumberjack matches and battle royals generally are. The last six minutes, where they essentially did the last six minutes of a Myzteziz/Pentagon lightning match, were a lot better. They worked as well together as you’d imagine and hopefully will work together more. There were some good spots earlier but a lot of felt like a filler, and I’m looking forward to matches without 8 or 10 guys tripping over each other. This could’ve been much better if they cleared out some of the other guys earlier on.

rope walk dropkick
one punch KO
Myzteziz surfs Villano V to the ground
weird Zorro
package piledriver as battle royal elimination
Myzteziz tope to Pentagon
Myzteziz giant spinning DDT